Dell 4K S3221QS
Dell 4K S3221QS



Good Stuff

  • Elegant design
  • Nice looking screen
  • Unique multitasking features like PiP
  • Affordable

    Bad Stuff

  • There is no USB-C
  • Slow response rate
  • Not true HDR

    The Dell 4K Monitor S3221QS is an amazingly detailed curved monitor, it is distinguished by its elegant design and having an amazing 4K picture, it is a wonderful screen despite it lacking USB-C or HDR connectivity.

    Fast Talk (Dell 4K S3221QS)

    The Dell 4K S3221QS monitor is a unique curved screen, as it has many features that really distinguish it, and it is very affordable, as it is a homogeneous screen.

    For example, the Dell 4K Curved Monitor S3221QS matches its aesthetics with a high-definition high-resolution panel, plus unique multitasking features ideal for productivity-conscious users. It also has a surprisingly decent built-in sound, so you will have a lot of fun watching your favorite movies and shows.

    However, it does come with some drawbacks, as there is neither a USB-C port nor true HDR.

    We also noticed that the response rate is somewhat slow, and this will bother anyone who thinks about this for e-sports.

    The Dell 4K Monitor S3221QS is extremely affordable, costing around $ 499, £ 462, $ 748.

    But if you’re bothered by the lack of USB-C and HDR 10 ports, there is the BenQ EW3270U at a somewhat similar price.

    Dell 4K S3221QS Ports
    Dell 4K S3221QS Ports

    Key Specifically

    Screen size32-inch
    Panel technologyVA
    Native resolution3,840 x 2,160
    Refresh rate60Hz
    Response time4ms
    Brightness300 nits (typical)
    InputsHDMI 2.0, 2x DisplayPort 1.4
    OtherFreeSync, USB 3.0 hub

    Dell 4K S3221QS: Beautiful Curved Design

    In terms of design, the Dell S3221QS monitor features a plastic casing, but what really distinguishes it is the thin edges and the white back panel, in addition to the silver stand that reduces its visual impact.

    The stand features a sturdy design and weighs approximately 3.1 kg.

    It is well designed as it does not sway easily and holds the screen firmly in place.

    You can easily adjust it in terms of its height, but anyone over 180 cm or six feet will need to support it over something else.

    You can also adjust it in terms of tilting up or down, and this is an important

    and very wonderful feature to fix viewing angles, but it does not support portrait mode.

    And if you want, you can remove the stand from the mounting area,

    which is VESA compliant (100 x 100) at the back to install different stand or monitor arms.

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    Dell 4K S3221QS: Performance: Image Quality

    The most distinctive feature of the Dell 4K S3221QS monitor is brightness, contrast and color accuracy.

    The screen supports 99% sRGB and 90% DCI-P3, making it an affordable option,

    in addition to the panel not displaying any light bleeding and the colors are consistent across the entire area.

    Dell 4K S3221QS image Quality

    During our tests, the animation in the video was fast-paced, the games were very smooth and the objects were clearly defined.

    We noticed that there was no screen tearing or distortion, but that was,

    on occasion, moving the camera shots can lead to some noticeable stuttering to some extent.

    As for blacks on the screen, you can turn on the “dark stabilizer” setting,

    which appears to increase the gamma in dark scenes of video games and movies, improving the picture slightly.

    But once you turn this setting off, the blacks will get darker,

    so it can’t be compared to a more expensive professional screen or OLED panel.

    But what we’re most disappointed with about the Dell 4K S3221QS are the viewing angles, which show noticeable contrast across the screen depending on how close you are to the monitor.

    We also found that the area of ​​the cool spot is about 60-70 cm, but some people may get in the way of accurate design or editing work.

    App (Display Manager)

    The Dell 4K S3221QS includes the downloadable Display Manager application, and it contains great features, the most important of which is the Easy Arrange menu, which allows you to customize the areas of your screen that allow windows to be captured.

    The application is very easy to operate, as all you have to do is use shortcut keys (such as ctrl + shift + D) and these keys will allow you to quickly adjust settings and features such as brightness and contrast, in addition to many features via the standard menu buttons.

    For example, you can set your screen to switch between devices by pressing ctrl + shift + L, or another combination of keys.

    The color mode is fixed but must be changed manually, but on each soldering it can be set to automatic

    and the color mode changes to the mode you chose depending on the type of application used.

    But this can cause problems when switching between programs with different windows.

    As you may be aware, the Dell 4K S3221QS monitor is not designed for gaming, but you can experiment simply with simple games.


    The Dell 4K Monitor S3221QS delivers excellent picture quality and is a great looking peripheral as well.

    One of the great features included in the Dell 4K S3221QS is the EasyArrange feature, which is used to help organize all applications and tabs.

    The screen is characterized by a very elegant design that is difficult to access at this price point.

    Unfortunately, this screen only provides a refresh rate of 60 Hz, which is not enough for e-sports, in addition to that it does not contain DisplayHDR approved by Vesa.


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