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The Dell Precision 5750 is packed with impressive power and a stylish body, providing an exceptional user experience with a desirable power curve.

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The shifting power balance between mobile and desktop solutions encouraged both laptop makers to provide an alternative to office-related workstations.

The new Dell Precision 5750 is a prime example of the new portable power generation,

which delivers a desktop-like experience for those who need performance on the go.

It doesn’t come at a reasonable price, but the Precision 5750 may be the most subversive laptop Dell has ever acquired.

 And you can customize the actual specifications of the device according to your exacting needs, as the Dell Precision 5750 starts at around £ 2,029, with the following specs (1080p screen, Core i5 processor and RAM are good)

And with a choice of the best CPU, most RAM, and the best 4K screen, it costs more than £ 4,458.21.


  • Stylish design
  • An amazing screen
  • Decent handling performance


  • Expensive
  • Difficult to upgrade
  • USB-C ports only
  • Poor battery life

Dell Precision 5750 Key Specifically

CPUIntel Core i9-10885H CPU
GraphicsNVIDIA Quadro RTX 3000 with Max-Q Design
Display17-inch, WLED UHD+ resolution 3840 x 2400, 60 Hz, Touch display
ConnectivityIntel Wi-Fi 6 AX201, 2 X 2, 802.11ax with Bluetooth 5.1
CameraInfra-Red Windows Hello compliant
Battery97 WHR, 6-cell, Lithium-ion polymer
Weight4.70 lb (2.13kg)
Size374.48 x 248.08 x 13.5 mm

Durable and lightweight design

The Precision 5750 is lightweight and thin, but it is not the lightest device as it is over 2 kg without the necessary accessories.

it has a very slim design. Our model has a 17-inch 4K screen with minimal borders, plus one of the largest touchpads we’ve ever seen on a laptop.

Precision 5750 durable and lightweight design

On the outside, the device is made of brushed aluminum leather, while the interior has a black carbon fiber finish.

Inspired by the ports on the Dell Precision 5750, there is a mini USB-C dongle that provides a single USB-A and HDMI output.

You should be aware that this device requires a Thunderbolt dock, and Dell is happy to sell you one of these.

We recommend Thunderbolt because the four available ports are Thunderbolt 3 specifications,

since only one port is always required for charging and / or connecting to a docking station.

There are also four USB-C ports, one 3.5mm audio jack and a standard SD card reader, and there are no other ports, but overall this device will require a lot of Thunderbolt or USB-C adapters to return all the ports most people need.

Dell Precision 5750 mobile ports
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And if you want to upgrade your device in the future, you will be disappointed, as there are no memory or storage access panels.

Bright Display , Specs

We found that not all Dell Precision 5750 is equal, for example a user who uses a Core-i5-based system and a 1080p projector will not have the same powerful experience as a model with a Core-i9 CPU and 64GB RAM And a 4K panel.

As for the screen in the Dell Precision 5750, it is impressive as it has excellent color representation and brightness, and this panel is rated to output 500 nits of backlight.

Dell Precision 5750 mobile Display

The screen provides about 100% of the AdobeRGB range and is certified for HDR400, it is one of the best features in this device.

CPUs are available for the Dell Precision 5750 10th Generation Intel.

Dell also offers the Xeon W-10885M as an option, as it has nearly identical specifications to the Core i9-10885H, but the choice is yours.

And if you need computing power, this device can include the Nvidia Quadro GPU, with options for the T2000 or RTX 3000 mobile GPUs.

Intel’s UHD Graphics 630 integrated graphics look icy, but they have faster options for those who want more graphics and computing power.

All in all, the Precision 5750 is a compromise between feasible and feasible, as it may be significantly better than a Dell Inspiron.

Performance: We were hoping for more

In terms of performance, the Dell Precision 5750 has an Intel Core i9-10885H processor,

but it is not a big performance beast although it offers excellent multi-core scores, but they found that its single-core performance is average.

We compared it in our GeekBench test with the Gigabyte AERO 17 1290,

which achieved an Intel Core i7-10870H processor, which is more than the 1056 that the Core-i9 achieved.

We were hoping that the Dell Precision 5750 would use the AMD Ryzen 5980HX CPU that appears in some new devices.

And upon battery life tests we were disappointed, given that our worst test numbers are battery scores,

as this machine consumes a lithium-ion polymer WHR 97 6-cell battery very quickly.

Dell also offers cheaper versions of this device with a 56 WHR, 3-cell battery, and how long you might keep the system on its feet would be a concern.


In the end, we can say that the Dell Precision 5750 is a neat choice

that provides many of the performance features that seasoned users want.

It has an Nvidia Quadro GPU option, which is great as any of the potential Quadro options is better in size than the integrated Intel UHD 630 GPU.

The Precision 5750 also has a clean purpose many business devices lack, and it’s refreshing to see it from Dell.

However, this device requires a Thunderbolt 3 docking station to handle multiple port deletions.

The Dell Precision 5750 is also more expensive for a device that cannot run for long periods of time on battery and cannot easily be upgraded.

Laptop Buying Link Price Store
Dell Precision 5750 Check Price $4,999.00 Amazon


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