Dell U4021QW monitor review
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Dell U4021QW Monitor comes with a curved design. It is an Ultra HD display that delivers a premium look and visual performance in any home or office, and it’s easy to adjust the screen orientation to facilitate collaboration.

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The new Dell U4021QW Curved WUHD Monitor is the kind of monitor you can create a desk around.

It’s a gorgeous 39.7-inch screen itself, has a maximum resolution of 5120 x 2160 on a 2500R curved panel, and has thicker bezels.

It provides great color quality with an 8ms response rate, which you can boost to 5ms in fast mode, in addition to a 60Hz refresh rate, and this means it is not a great screen for games.

It has multiple input channels, has a Thunderbolt 3 and RJ45 port, and supports two separate inputs for the PC.

The Dell U4021QW is a solid body that’s heavy enough to support the weight of the monitor and has a profile low enough to leave a very light footprint on the desk.

And we noticed that the body, made entirely of plastic, looked less like a premium element.

The Dell U4021QW, of course, has some downsides, for example, it’s expensive, but even so, you get a lot for your money with this monitor.

The Dell U4021QW comes with a starting price of $ 2,099 / AU $ 2,099 / AU $ 2,438.


  • fantastic screen
  • A lot of ports
  • Rich feature
  • Built-in speakers


  • Plastic construction
  • Expensive
  • The refresh rate is 60 Hz

Dell U4021QW Curved design: Very Elegant

One of the most prominent things that distinguish the Dell U4021QW monitor is the design, as it has a very elegant design, although it is still a Dell product, so it is more about functionality than the flash. The Dell U4021QW features a body made entirely of plastic – yet it is solid and doesn’t feel as weak as other plastic bodies usually do.

The screen surface itself is also plastic, so if you are looking for something made from really high-quality materials, such as aluminum and curved glass, this one is not for you.

Dell U4021QW monitor curved design
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The Dell U4021QW has decent ports and they’re all on the underside of the back panel, facing down, with DisplayPort, HDMI, Ethernet, and USB.

And tilting the screen will help you access it, although it is high enough on the back panel, you may need to pull the screen out towards the edge of the surface a little so that you can see the port you are looking for, but this is not a big problem.

The Dell U4021QW weighs 20.94 lbs, and both the base and stand are heavy for securely fixing the ultra-wide monitor in the office.

Dell U4021QW monitor ports
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The base comes very conveniently so that you can use this part of the surface for various equipment for office workers.

The Dell U4021QW extends to 37.27 inches, and the height is adjustable between 18.02 and 22.73 inches.

The base size is 9.76 inches (24.79 cm), so this monitor is best suited for open top desktops.

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Performance: Wonderful color quality and sharp

In terms of performance, we will not lie, the Dell U4021QW is a lot more screen than we knew what to do with it, for example it has the distinctive and very useful Easy Arrange application, along with the ability to display two computers in one screen.

Dell U4021QW High Quality

It comes with excellent color quality, plus 1.07 billion color depth, including 100% sRGB and Rec. 709 color coverage and 98% DCI-P3 coverage.

Dell U4021QW provides a resolution of 5120 x 2160 pixels, it is incredibly sharp and after regular use, it was difficult to return to a standard 1080p display without feeling much of a difference.

They also have built-in speakers, which are useful, but it won’t win any audio awards.

And if you have any dedicated audio device such as a speaker, loudspeaker, or headphone, then maybe you will be better than the speakers on the screen.

The Dell U4021QW also comes with plenty of built-in options for color, contrast, and display modes, as well as plenty of input and connectivity options.

PIP and PBP settings also have control, which is useful for learning how to display two different inputs for a PC on the monitor in different proportions and arrangements. In general, the Dell U4021QW will work well.

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The Dell U4021QW monitor is wonderful as it has advantages in more than one aspect. For example, it has a resolution of 5120 x 2160 pixels, this screen will destroy a lot of other screens for you.

It is feature rich, featuring multiple inputs and a Dell Display Manager with Easy Arrange, meaning that you can split multiple applications as well as insert two different computers on one screen.

With both Thunderbolt 3 and RJ45 and high-speed USB ports, the Dell U4021QW will be a central hub for your business and have the hardware to back up them.

However, Dell U4021QW has low refresh rates and response, which means no satisfactory gaming quality.

They also come very pricey, since you still spend roughly $ 2000 / £ 2000 / AU $ 2,500 on a screen with some reservations.

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Monitor Buying Link Price Store
Dell U4021QW Check Price $1,890.34 Amazon


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