DJI Pocket 2
DJI Pocket 2


Pocket 2

Good Stuff

  • 4K video is extremely smooth
  • Pocket design
  • Slow motion made easy

    Bad Stuff

  • Acc cost is additional
  • HDR video not ready
  • The DJI Pocket 2 is a very good quality camera when it comes to capturing smoothly stable 4K videos.

    It features a compact design with new features, as it contains a larger sensor size, a wide lens and better sound.

    Fast Talk

    The DJI Pocket 2 camera is great in terms of stable 4K video recording quality at 60 frames per second,

    it also has a larger sensor that provides better video than any new smartphone camera,

    and it has a much wider lens that makes bloggers and video editors very happy,

    it has zoom modes. And a 4x / 8x video zoom, which brings things closer to you.

    The DJI Pocket 2 camera features a smart and fluid design. It’s easier than ever.

    You will finally be able to attach a tripod or microphone to the base, as it has very handy accessories.

    The camera has around four microphones on the body, all placed very strategically, and has a directional sound to amplify where the camera is aimed.

    The DJI Pocket 2 is available for $ 349 / £ 339 (about $ 623).

    Key Specifications

    Dimensions124.7×38.1×30 mm
    Weight117 g
    Controllable RangePan: -230° to +70°
    Sensor1/1.7” CMOS
    Effective pixels64 MP
    LensFOV 93° f/1.8
    Electronic Shutter Speed8-1/8000 s
    Max Image Size9216×6912 pixels
    Specifications Table

    Features, Specs, Controls, Battery Life

    Beautifully designed DJI Pocket 2 looks like a miniature crane that can capture smooth video holding it in the palm of your hand, it is incredibly cinematic at 4K 60fps.

    To use it properly, the moving and tilt camera head adjusts automatically with the vibrations of your hands, essentially putting the entire process on the rails.

    You can also do editing on your phone as well, and the new AI editor on the device in the DJI Mimi app helps speed things up.

    dji pocket 2 Connected with your phone
    dji pocket 2 Connected with your phone

    The camera has many different features, as it has a 1 / 1.7 inch sensor

    and a 20mm f / 1.8 lens, which provides a great image that is slightly better than the original image that can be taken with your smartphone.

    As for the video, it records 4K 60fps video at 100 Mbps, and there is also an HDR video mode on the way.

    It also has very smooth controls, so you can mess around with shutter speed, EV, and adjust focus position and ISO from 100 to 6400.

    It also gives you the ability to set the following focus speed and pause the recordings as you like, making this more than one video creator store.

    As for the zoom modes, it allows you to hit 4x losslessly with 16 MP and 1080p resolution; 3x on 2.7k video; And 2x on 4K video.

    As for battery life, the DJI Pocket 2 has a 140-minute battery,

    and there is no user-replaceable battery, so long camera monologues require external power, such as a power bank.

    Design, Easy Setup

    The DJI Pocket 2 camera is designed very differently from the previous version.

    It comes in the shape of a stick, and the reason is to put this portable camera stabilizer in your pocket, it is really useful.

    The three-axis design has a camera head and looks small on top, and it also has a free one, to cancel the movement of your shaky hand while holding the base.

    It also has a small one-inch screen, it is very lightweight, with only 117 grams.

    dji-pocket-2-Design shape of a stick

    The beauty of the DJI Pocket 2 camera is its ease of setup, it will not affect your valuable smartphone, as the camera used here is integrated and you only use your phone when you want a larger viewing lens for more precise controls.

    The camera contains the mode and recording buttons located at the bottom of the reference screen in the form of a square, and there is also a new power button around the side.

    In terms of ports, the USB-C port is located at the bottom. You can operate the gimbal via the mode button, but it can only be turned off with the power button installed on the side.

    But it is easiest to connect the gimbal to a phone via the universal port adapter located between the display and the buttons. The camera also has Lightning and a mini USB-C that fit into this hole for easy connection of the phone.

    And the case itself is a very narrow DJI Pocket 2 this time, which means it’s not your usual bulky camera bag that you’ll never use.

    One of the most important features of the camera is the Drop Aware feature. It detects a drop and closes the axis to prevent damage.


    The DJI Pocket 2 is great for blogging creators, as it has many different features, such as using a wider lens and larger sensor size on the original Osmo Pocket.

    dji pocket 2 Camera
    dji pocket 2 Camera

    It features an unusual and ergonomic design, and has a small holder that is easy to put in a pocket.

    It is also very affordable, suitable for people who suffer from camera shots shake on a smartphone, or need professional video quality without having to learn new tricks, as the 4K anti-flicker video of the Pocket 2 is great by all standards, and the holder is much more difficult Use from a smartphone.

    But if you also look for additional accessories, the cost will go up.



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