Drones for the next 2020 facade world
Drones for the next 2020 facade world

Drones -Although it may look like games, high-quality drones are a serious investment, easy way to add production value to a movie project,

or get a unique world view for your travel blog. We have moved a lot,

 These are the best drones in our tests.

What is the best drone on the market?

Even if you don’t have a good reason to justify buying one,

you have to admit that drones are fantastic. Some of them are tech games glorifying them,

But most of the models we highlight here are suitable for use in both small and large imaging and film applications.

 If you think you can use an aviation camera for your next project,

There is some good news – the technology has come a long way in a very short time. There are models on the market now that put the former helicopters in shame in terms of video quality and stability.

And now the bad news.

You get what you pay for

And if you want an antenna video platform that can capture stunning shots, you have to be prepared to spend some money.

Because drones are such expensive proposals

 It pays to do your research before purchasing one. We have tested several prefabricated models on the market to determine what is important to search for and the best available models.

There are low-cost drones on the market (we’ve bundled some top-rated options under $ 100 on Amazon),

 But you’re still looking to spend a few hundred dollars to get a stable flight model with an excellent compact camera.

The drones that we are reviewing are ready-to-fly models

 So you can use it immediately. In most cases

 You will need to bring your Android or iOS device to view the camera feed in real-time

 But we have revised some models that broadcast the video directly to the remote control. We do not cover racing aircraft, industrial aircraft or corporations here – our focus is on aircraft intended for aerial photography and video shooting.

UAV safety and regulations

Almost all the models presented here have some safety features. Even DJI Spark,

 That we’re not designed for long trips,

 Includes GPS and automatic home return. If your control signal is interrupted,

 Or if the battery is too low (most drones can only fly for 25 minutes on a single battery charge),

 The drone will begin to return to the take-off and landing point.

Flights still happen,

There are horror stories on various discussion forums on the Internet. Of course, negative experiences are amplified in this context, simply because quiet flights that do not lead to a plane crashing or losing a drone are not hot topics to discuss.

If you are traveling within the United States,

You must follow the FAA Guidelines – or be prepared to face potential fines or imprisonment. There are no-fly zones with FAA,

So do not take off if you are near the airport without notifying the control tower first. And even if you are outside the home,

So the drone takes no more than 400 feet. Most are assigned to obey these regulations outside of the penalty area,

 But controlling the quadcopter is just like driving a car – even if you miss seeing the speed limit sign, you are still responsible for paying the ticket.acing and drone game

There are a number of products on the market that are selling drones,

But the invoice does not fit. Remote-controlled aircraft have been around for a long time.

 (Check out this clip from Magnum, PI if you don’t believe me, or just want to see Tom Selleck in a bathrobe.) But with the big increase in popularity,

The quadcopters that will simply be sold as RC products are now being sold. As drones. This does not include the installation of GPS,

 Home return functions, and other automated flight modes that make the drone.

We’ve reviewed a handful of these products and put them in the category of game reviews.

 If you are interested in something that you can use in the International UAV Racing Association, keep your eyes tuned in for reviews.

What are the best drone brands?

DJI models currently dominate our top picks,

 And there is a good reason for this. The company simply takes a few steps before its right to compete now,

It has a product catalog with models at different price points,

 Which takes a large number of slots in our top ten.

 You have achieved tremendous splendor through the famous Phantom series,

It now makes the best mini drones we’ve tested in the form of the Mavic Series.

DJI’s pro line is called Inspire and is currently in its second generation.

Inspiring models offer a job far beyond what you get with Phantom,

Including dual-operator support – one person flies and the other works the camera – plus interchangeable lenses and camera units,

Raw Cinema workflow, and retractable landing gear.

While DJI may be the first name you think of when it comes to drones,

It is not the only game in the city. You can also look at models from Autel Robotics, Parrot, PowerVision and Yuneec.

Others got involved in the drone space for consumers and got out quickly – GoPro pulled Karma after rock launch and poor sales,

3D Robotics tried to get involved with Solo but abandoned the fight to focus on industrial and institutional spaces.

The best drones for professionals

DJI Inspire 2 is aimed at professional cinematographers, news organizations and independent directors.

It’s priced this way – the $ 3,000 MSRP does not include a camera.

You have the option of adding a 1-inch fixed-lens camera, or a Micro Four Thirds interchangeable lens model,

 Or Super35mm ​​movie stand with its own lens system and 6K video capture support.

Yuneec also has a model with a Micro Four Thirds camera. The Tornado H920 is $ a

Amazon 799.99 is a huge drone with six rotors and a three battery compartment,

This gives it a flying time of 42 minutes. Its CGO4 camera is a customized version of the Panasonic GH4,

 Favorite of many ground video photographers. Uncompressed video doesn’t record like Inspire 2,

but it’s cheaper.

In the end

 You cannot go wrong with any of the models mentioned here. To see the latest drone reviews field-tested,

 See the drone product guide.

And if you’ve just bought a Quadcopter and you’re looking to get started,

read our guide on how to fly a drone.
The bottom line:

 If the money isn’t there,

DJI Inspire 2 is the best drone you can buy,

providing raw video capture with 5.2K quality,

great build quality,

and outstanding performance.

$ 799.00 in DJI


Very small. High 4K UHD video bitrate. HDR and Panorama still capture. Raw and support JPG. Snapshot of the asteroid. Avoid a good obstacle. Automatic flight modes.


 It does not support USB charging. No 4K DCI video. Panorama stitching takes some work. The real-world trip is limited to about 18 minutes.

The bottom line:

Mavic Air is the smallest and most mobile DJI reconnaissance aircraft,

and it’s full-featured like its older siblings.

$ 337.95 dollars on Amazon


Small. Supports gesture controls. Controlled smartphone flight. Automatic shots. Track the topic. Avoid the front obstacles. GPS stability. Safety features,

including going home.


 Battery networks are about 12 minutes from flight time. Limited range and speed when controlling the phone. Video limited to 1080p. No support for 24fps or high frame rate capture. App and app editing features can be easier to use. The dedicated remote control is an expensive add-on.

The bottom line:

DJI Spark is a $ 500 selfie drone that is controlled by gestures to the masses but is hampered by short flying time and the app can be easier to use.

Best price on amazon


 Six rotor design. Freely rotating 4k camcorder. Raw and JPG take pictures. Retractable landing gear. Remote control with integrated display. Solid operating set. Intel RealSense avoids obstacles. Supports dual player control.


Limited flight for 19 minutes. The obstacle avoidance system only works at low speeds. Big and unwieldy control. The battery life indicator is confusing to read. Spotty automatic white balance. Expensive.


Yuneec Typhoon H Pro with Intel RealSense technology has huge potential, but the aviation and video interface alike leaves room for improvement.

$ 99.00 in Amazon


 not expensive. Easy to fly. Programmable via zero. Bluetooth compatibility for remote control. Automatic flight modes.


 Low-quality video. Limited control. There is no GPS or the ability to go home.

The bottom line:

 Ryze Tello is a foldable quadcopter game via smartphone or laptop (using Scratch). His video quality isn’t something to write about at home,

but it’s a fun educational game and educational tool.


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