Dynaudio Confidence 20
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At the point when an organization as genuine as Dynaudio claims that the new Dynaudio Confidence 20 is the best stand mounters it can make, we can’t resist the urge to pay attention. Given the overall greatness of the brand’s endeavors, that is very much an assertion. However at that point once more, these Dynaudio Confidence 20 are very few speakers

They are a ground-up new design with state-of-the-art drive units, a sharp composite front perplex, and a shrewd coordinated stand that comes as a component of the bundle. They unquestionably resemble a painstakingly thought about recommendation.

Dynaudio Confidence 20 – Specs

IEC power handling250W
Woofer18cm MSP
Tweeter28 mm Esotar3
Weight15.2 kg/33.5 lbs
Weight including stand27 kg/59.6 lbs
Impedance6 Ω (Minimum 5 Ω @ 155 Hz)
Frequency response(± 3 dB): 42Hz–22kHz
Box PrincipleBass reflex down-firing port
Crossover frequency2325Hz
Crossover2 way
Crossover topology2nd order
Dimensions223 x 520 x 414 mm
Dimensions with feet/grille223 x 520 x 444 mm / 8 25/32 x 20 15/32 x 17 31/64 Inches
Dimensions including stand368 x 1134 x 458 mm / 14 1/2 x 44 5/8 x 18 inches

Build and design

Presently this age of Confidence series is viewed as the third era. As far as value, the C20 is more costly than the C1 platinum rendition. 

The spiked feet of Dynaudio Confidence 20 are exceptionally sensitive as far as materials and masterfulness. 

Dynaudio Confidence 20 Design
(Image Credit: dynaudio.com)

There are clear suggestions in the authority manual: utilize a damping cushion or spike feet on a delicate floor covering’s surface to improve pressure highlight point contact. The Dynaudio Confidence 20 spike feet/footpad can portray as accommodating exhaustively for the home listening climate.

The Dynaudio Confidence 20 speaker is clearly bigger than the old certainty C1. The crate structure has likewise been transformed from the stretched kind of the past age C1 to a projectile shape with a wide front and a restrict back. Besides, the trapezoidal and bend molded cross-sectional box structures utilized in the Evoke and Contour series have been additionally improved.

Notwithstanding the state of the front perplex is unmistakably recognize from the past, the more significant thing is the material distinction. 

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The Dynaudio Confidence 20 amplifier

utilizes the strange Complex composite puzzle, which is more grounded than the aluminum combination. This design decreases the weight and acquires the most appropriate super-low reverberation qualities for the speaker unit.

Audiophiles who have concentrated on sound safeguards ought to have this experience: the sound equilibrium of excellent composite material safeguards is obviously superior to that of a solitary material. That is on the grounds that intricate confusion has such otherworldly qualities.

Be that as it may, there is an essential. There should be sufficiently high R&D innovation gathering and rehashed material investigations. It can’t be fruitful on the off chance that you hit and miss it nonchalantly. Designers should have both specialized and monetary capacities. 

Accordingly, scarcely any speaker producers utilize composite materials as puzzles in the business. Dynaudio’s new certainty series is additionally whenever that Dynaudio first has taken on this puzzle innovation in quite a while items in over 40 years.

Dynaudio Confidence 20 Sound

There’s no questioning the Dynaudio Confidence 20’s impressive capacities. With regards to detail goal, control and refinement, these speakers are up there with the absolute best stand mounters we’ve heard. They sound definitive, conveying enormous scope ensembles like Mahler’s No.2 with extensive ability. 

Their show has an uncommon feeling of steadiness, that sensation of outright poise in any event when the music becomes requesting. They are never solid-focused even as volume levels rise. Quite a bit of this has to do with their refined nature. That new Esotar3 tweeter is something of a jewel. It’s a melodic unit that conveys a superbly unobtrusive and finish presentation, and it incorporates the mid/bass flawlessly to create an astonishingly well-spoken midrange. 

The Dynaudio Confidence 20 Sound Quality


have an unmistakable presence and are delivered with a satisfying level of dynamic overshadowing. The main edges of notes are portrayed with honorable accuracy, however, there’s no trace of the speakers featuring things to send the mixed signal of additional detail. Dynaudio Confidence 20 are uncommonly smooth entertainers that convey the sound in a somewhat downplayed way, which prizes in the long haul as opposed to intrigues on a short demo.

They very much made a decision about incorporation between the two drivers bringing about a fair, full-bodied, and dexterous show of vocals that is a treat to hear. Each word is freshly followed, generally ruling out questions in any event, when things get precarious. 

The Dynaudio Confidence 20 has an astonishingly expansive spread of qualities, it might come as a bit of a shock to find that we’re not completely taken with these speakers similarly as with most top-of-the-line Dynaudios we’ve tried before. 

Notwithstanding all that they do well, there is a level of hesitance with regards to conveying incredible homeless people from the midrange and upwards. It seems as if the speakers are holding back in a bid to hold that class-driving refinement and perfection. The resultant absence of verve at these frequencies denies a tad bit of the music’s energy and drive.

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The exhibition of Dynaudio Confidence 20 shelf speakers in all perspectives have arrived at another statue of Dynaudio Bookshelf Speaker. It attempts to break a great deal of our past information on shelf speakers. The prerequisites for the listening climate and the main thrust of the force speaker are fundamentally lower than those of the past age. 

Notwithstanding cautious thought of the acoustic construction, the outside plan is likewise simple to incorporate into the home living climate. It is certain that the new certainty series has for sure transformed from the past ages of certainty series as far as solid style. Be that as it may, how could we see this change? 

These progressions without a doubt cause us to be isolated from the novel feeling of union and conservativeness in the Tanner Old Confidence series.

Notwithstanding, the difference in Confidence 20 gives audience members a lot more top-notch and valuable sound qualities that were hard to acquire in the past age of Confidence C1.

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