Dynaudio Emit 20 Speaker
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Dynaudio’s new Emit series of amplifiers, on paper, in any event, advantage a considerable amount from the stream down tech. They’ve been conceived out of the organization’s Evoke, Contour I, and Confidence series. Indeed, even Dynaudio’s Core proficient reference screens have had an impact on their design. That is an amazing rundown of supporters and it just serves to increase our assumptions. All things considered, this Dynaudio Emit 20 stand mounter has some huge strides to fill. We were huge fanatics of the past, Dynaudio Emit 20, and gave them five stars.

Dynaudio Emit 20 Specs

Sensitivity86dB (2,83V / 1m)
IEC Power Handling150W
Impedance4 Ohms
Frequency Response(±3dB): 50Hz – 23kHz
Box principleBass Reflex Rear Ported
Crossover2 way
Crossover Frequency2600Hz
Crossover Topology1st/2nd order
Woofer17cm MSP
Tweeter28mm soft dome
Weight7.5kg / 16lb
Dimensions (W x H x D)215 x 355 x 265mm8.5 x 14 x 10.4in
Dimensions with feet/grill (W x H x D)215 x 355 x 280mm8.5 x 14 x 11in

Dynaudio Emit 20 design

The Dynaudio Emit 20 unpacked and roasted on top of two or three appropriately durable stands (every speaker gauges a heavy 10kg/22.8lb), the Dynaudio’s look perfect and tasteful, and construct quality is strong. That smooth facing is helped by the way that any mounting screws are stowed away from sea and inserted in the outer layer of the speaker. 

The main component of the Dynaudio Emit 20 is a somewhat calculated top edge of the front astound. It’s an extremely unobtrusive plan component, however, and coordinates with the top edge of the dark attractive grilles should you decide to utilize them. 

Dynaudio Emit 20 side design
(Image Credit: dynaudio.com)

Somewhere else the completion is up to the guidelines you’d expect at the cash. The Dynaudio Emit 20 cupboards are produced using 18mm MDF and accessible in three diverse custom overlay wraps up: Black, White, and Walnut. 

The drive units probably won’t be just about as eye-getting as those utilized in rival speakers like the KEF LS50 Meta, however as I’ve effectively referenced, there’s a lot of great design above and underneath the surface. 

Dynaudio Emit 20 ports
(Image Credit: dynaudio.com)

Taking it from the top, the Dynaudio Emit 20 begins with a 28mm delicate arch Cerotar tweeter lifted from the organization’s Evoke series.

A vital element of the Dynaudio Emit 20 tweeter is the Hexis internal arch, which sits simply behind the fundamental vault. It controls wind current back into a back chamber which diminishes undesirable resonances behind the texture arch. As per Dynaudio, this assists with conveying even cleaner, better high-frequencies. 

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Underneath the tweeter

The Dynaudio Emit 20 utilizes a one-piece 18cm MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) mid-bass woofer (up from 17cm on the old M20), in view of the one found in the Evoke series. The driver utilizes a double stacked ferrite-fired magnet framework so its development can be better controlled. 

The mid/bass driver and tweeter cooperate utilizing a hand crafted hybrid from a similar group behind Dynaudio’s Heritage Special and Core speakers. The Emit 20 utilizes a half breed first-and second-request plan for the tweeter and woofer individually. 

On the rear of the Emit 20 you’ll discover single-wired associations and another double erupted bass-reflex port. A back terminating port course of action makes speakers more touchy to position, so I’d attempt to cease from tucking the ’20s facing a back divider or into the sides of a room. I have additionally tracked down a little toe-in towards our listening position to help give the sound system picture more noteworthy concentration.

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Dynaudio Emit 20 Sound

Adventure higher up the recurrence range and the Dynaudio’s show they’re likewise truly complex speakers.

Highs are a specific feature when I play the end credits from Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. String instruments sound sweet and refined with it.

You’re left in no question these are a genuine move forward from passage level, spending plan speakers. 

Dynaudio Emit 20 speaker design
(Image Credit: dynaudio.com)

I change hardware and trade out our Burmester intensification for something somewhat more costly.

In this case, it’s the Naim Nait XS3. I likewise continue on to Mountains by Bat For Lashes and the Dynaudio’s surf that retro ’80s synth-wave easily.

The highs, the lows, the broad vocals, and the fresh rings all provoke our curiosity.

The speakers uncover an amazing degree of detail in all cases and figure out how to adjust examination and diversion.

They’re fit for giving you a lot of data without draining the life out of the music.

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Along these lines

it’s all up-sides up until this point, yet the more you tune in, the more clear it becomes that something’s absent. Every one of the components are there and sound great by their own doing, however with regards to sticking them together and catching the embodiment of the music, the Emit 20 can’t exactly coordinate with the absolute best at this level. For instance, the KEF LS50 Meta offers something else altogether of sound. This in itself is no terrible thing, however the KEFs impart the elements and the circumstance of the track in a somewhat more regular and trustworthy manner. 

Playing The Streets’ Blinded By The Light, the Dynaudio’s aren’t as persuasive in the manner in which they convey Mike Skinner’s portrayal. As his night advances and there’s an unexpected change in state of mind and frenzy sets in, the unique change in conveyance isn’t exactly as obvious. The KEFs, then again, simply figure out how to impart what’s happening all the more obviously.


A few speakers will in general restrict their appropriate playing style to explicit music sorts, while Dynaudio Emit 20 isn’t. From customary huge scope ensembles to contemporary and fomented electronic music, M20 is by all accounts an ideal match with any style of music. The M20 is consistently communicated in a somewhat wonderful and delicate manner, further upgrading the music similarity and hearing obstruction of the M20 speaker. 

In addition, Dynaudio Emit 20 can strikingly show the contention and touchiness of the track, and can even observe to be some fit and solidarity at the most perplexing and conflicting minutes. The sound’s understanding is better in equilibrium and thickness, and the feeling of order is clear. Thus, without the assistance of any outside power, cadence drums, guitar backup behind the scenes, these apparently clashing components are precisely introduced.

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Speaker Buying Link Price Store
Dynaudio Emit 20 Check Price $1,049.00 Amazon


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