Dynaudio Emit M30
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Dynaudio as a company has more than 40 years of experience when it comes to high-end speakers, and here we are again with a new era of Emit loudspeakers, but let’s recall the Emit series and what was before the Dynaudio Emit M30 , Emit M10 and M20 were standmounts, while Emit M25 was for those who love home theaters, but for Dynaudio Emit M30 is a floor stander.

Dynaudio Emit M30 is to be considered the only floorstand AKA tower speakers in the Emit series, It is characterized with stunning performance and quality compared to other speakers within the same price range, and as all Dynaudio produces it is designed and engineered in Denmark yet manufactured in china “as labeled” on the speaker, and as all Dynaudio speakers it’s made out of MSP (magnesium silicate polymer) and this material the company it self developed to be used in the manufacturing of the woofer cones but what makes it different than the other speakers of the  Emit series? 

What is different about Emit M30?

The Emit M30 has more control over the dynamic, its sound is pure and has great precision, that’s because its 17cm bass drivers that have 75mm aluminum voice coil and most of all the tweeters have rear damping chambers of 28mm, all of these components gives a perfect sound that could never expect from such speakers with that price at all, The base mid-range drivers are mode of aluminum voice coils coated with rubber, which makes the speakers light and easy to be moved from one place to another.


The M30 comes with 2×6.7 midbass drivers and one soft dome tweeter, the wide frequency response of 40Hz to 23kHz which is ideal for large to medium size rooms, In the back there is 1 base port and a single set of binding ports, has out trigger feet to keep it stable, so if you have children or pets it will be less likely to fall

Dynaudio Emit M30 Speaker Design
(Image Credit: dynaudio.com)

The diaphragm is the same as in the Evoke series yet it was designed with more thickness closer to the center to provide better control, behind the diaphragm, there are double ferrite magnets for a more punchy and control base.

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Sensitivity:86dB (2,83V / 1m)
IEC Power Handling:200W
Impedance:4 Ohms
Frequency Response (±3dB):40Hz – 23kHz
Box Principle:Bass Reflex Rear Ported
Crossover:2 way
Crossover Frequency:1800Hz
Crossover Topology:2nd order
Woofer:2 x 17cm MSP
Tweeter:28mm soft dome
Weight:18kg / 40lb
Dimensions (W x H x D):204 x 960 x 275mm
8 x 37.8 x 10.8in
Dimensions with feet/grill (W x H x D):204 x 960 x 290mm
8 x 37.8 x 11.4in

Dynaudio Emit M30 woofer

What’s special about the woofer is that is not made of separate glued dust caps, it is made of one-piece molded and infused, the balance ribs all around the edge are connected directly to the voice coil in behind which gives fine control over the performance of the woofer, you will feel it in the strong, tight bass and the clear instruments and vocals.

Every woofer is composed of double magnets that give more control over where the magnets’ energy should go. The perfect usage of aluminum instead of copper as it’s lighter means more windings and more windings means more control over the finest movement.

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Sound performance 

Dynaudio Emit M30 Speaker sound performance
(Image Credit: dynaudio.com)

Listening to classical music from the M30 is like listening to a live orchestra, the depth, and the stability of the sound is awesome not only that but also a very noticeable degree of transparency make you hear every instrument clearly, the solid midrange of the speakers and the very quiet background that is free of distortion and noise is incredibly mesmerizing even the high frequency of wind instruments very pure makes your body shiver.

Emit M30 unboxing

They came in pair each in a different cardboard box that me personally not a fan of the packaging of such product, each box is wrapped with three plastic bandages, not much info about the quality of the product, except an A5 paper glued to the top and the bottom of the box

I used a sharp tool to cut the bandage and for me, that’s thumbs down, the cardboard was glued with strong glue, so there was no decent way to open it, except by forcefully pulling of the top cardboard

I do recommend afterword to fold the sides and carefully  turn the box to one side first then one more time to make it upside down so the opened part of them will be facing the floor, then carefully slide the box upward leaving the speakers on the floor 

Inside the box, you will find the speaker covered with plastic and stuck between two white foam pieces remove the foam and try to see if the part you remove, expose the speaker 4 holes ( the holes are for fixing the feet of the speakers) if yes then stand the speakers on the holes part, remove the other foam, then slide the plastic wrap 

Please notice that: there are two boxes, one has one speaker only and the other has the other speaker, legs and some other parts.

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My Experience regarding the Dynaudio Emit M30

If you are the kind of person that listens to classical music, jazz or blues… etc, then definitely these speakers are made for you, the purity of the sound, the transparency, the quietness of the background everything will make you feel like attending a very decent live orchestra, but if you are like me who is more likely to listen to rap, reggae, hip hop, and funk then I recommend subwoofers.

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Speaker Buying Link Price Store
Dynaudio Emit M30 Check Price $1,599.20 Amazon


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