Earfun Air
Earfun Air

Earfun Air has many specifications and features that make it among the competitors in the market, it is water resistant, good sound, inexpensive and has a strong battery life.

Just a glance

Now wireless headphones have become ubiquitous and are in great demand

by many people, for several reasons, including that they can provide high-quality sound, maintain a stable connection even over long distances,

and can also be used as amplifiers for a phone call with your friends.

The EarFun Air True Wireless Earbuds features a large number of innovative

and advanced features that make them among the best competitors in the market,

as they have advanced and great sound chips, high play time when combined

with a mobile phone charging case, high-tech and quality touch controls, and a lifetime Excellent battery.


  • Rich bass depth and bright highs
  • Waterproof design
  • Wireless charging compatibility


  • The controls on the ear are not intuitive


InputDC5V / 1A
Dimensions 53.3mm x 52mm x 34mm
Bluetooth Frequency2.402 GHz to 2.48 GHz
Earbuds Battery LifeUp to 7 hours (varies by volume level and audio content)
Earbuds Charting TimeAbout 1.5 hour
Location of ManufactureChina
Specifications Table


Earfun Air has quick charge, so 10 minutes will give you 2 hours, and it takes one and half hours to fully charge. 

The case has a simple look and it’s compact, it has a matte finish all around with the branding on the top of the lid. 

Earfun Air Design
Earfun Air Design

on the front of the case, you have the charge status LEDs. and on the bottom is the USBC charge port. 

this has wireless charging and it’s on the charger, you can see it activate. 

The lid is light and it’s easy to open and close, and the earbuds are easy

to grip and remove from the case. inside the case it has a glossy finish.

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Earfun Air has a stun design in an ergonomic shape, inside has a matte finish with the ear indicators on the bottom of the stem. 

and on the outer face it has a glossy finish with the branding along with a large surface for the touch controls. 

Each of the earbuds have interchangeable ear tips, charging contacts, microphones, touch control, and led.

EarFun Air True Wireless Earbuds
EarFun Air True Wireless Earbuds

playback and call controls is a matter of tapping a few times to get the desired functions. This also has volume controls.

the case comes in at two by one point three by two inches. 

it weighs in at forty four grams and the earbuds come in at roughly eleven grams.


EarFun Airs uses a very easy technology which is Bluetooth,

so they can communicate with each other very smoothly

and with any mobile device that you want to pair with instantly, whatever its type.

The very good thing is that these headphones are automatically paired

with any saved Bluetooth compatible device when you open the carrying case cover.

Earfun Air Case and Connections
Earfun Air Case and Connections

If you pair the earbuds with your mobile phone the first time, Earfun Air will remember this phone automatically, and the next time you take out the carrying case, they will be paired automatically.

Another advantage of the EarFun Air is that it can connect up to about 10 meters if not cut by a barrier (such as a wall). However, the connection is intermittent, exceeding 5-6 meters.


For some music samples, this will give you a sense on how they sound like,

it is not a full representation of the overall sounds, as there’s no replacements for actually having them on. 

it will then be followed by a microphone. for microphone samples in a noisy setting. 

The microphone quality was really good during calls.

there was good noise reduction and other parties were able to hear me loud and clear.

The pairing process was instant, and there were no issues.

when testing video on an iOS device, there was no noticeable latency. 

range was stable as i tested in a 1400 square feet setting.

mids and highs come in clean and clear, good separation and balance. 

and you may have picked up some of the details in the sound sample,

just crisp and balanced across the board in a very pleasant listening experience.

Battery Life

As for battery life, the total charging case can hold up to about 35 hours of playtime when fully charged, and this is great by all accounts, as the headphones themselves can hold between four to five hours on a single charge, but that also depends on your usage to her.

The charging case itself is not only small and compact, but it is also rechargeable and gives you two choices of either using USB-C cables or wireless chargers.

As for the charging time, it takes the charger 1.5 hours to recharge, and this is relatively fast compared to many other wireless earbuds on the market.

Our Verdict

I found the Earfun Air to be really comfortable and I didn’t feel a lot of pressure in my ear canals. 

They seated well, created a good seal and it felt secure. touch controls are definitely plus and it doesn’t add pressure. 

building quality is solid, simple case design that feels durable. earbuds also feel durable and have a slim profile when seated in the ears. 

touch controls are not overly sensitive and respond well to touch.

battery life is responsible, coming in at 7 hours and 35 total with the case.

I would like to see active noise cancelling integrated. 

when it comes to sound they didn’t disappoint, the bass comes in pronounced punchy and tight, and it’s not too Airy.



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