EarFun Go Speaker review
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EarFun Go, is a portable speaker that is water and dust resistant with an IPX7 and not like most of the portables. This speaker allows the connection of two units for a better sound experience. Also comes with an integrated battery that could last for almost 24 hours. And for better music experience and better sound quality it comes with 12W drivers. 


Wireless Range100 Feet
Voice AssistantYes
Built-in MicrophoneYes
Bluetooth ProfileA2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
Transducer2x 40mm
Output Power2x 6W
Signal-to-noise Ratio≥80dB
Battery lifeUp to 24 hours
Charging TimeAbout 4 hours
Dimensions58 x 171 x 62mm

EarFun Go Design

EarFun Go Speaker design
(Image credit: myearfun.com)

EarFun Go comes with dimensions of 58 x 171 x 62mm allowing you to put it wherever you want. You could even put it in your car cup holder. Not only that but also the Earfun go weighs around 430g which makes it very easy to carry and move it wherever you want. 

When you look to it, you will find it in the cylindrical usual shape of most portable speakers. The front of the speaker has a grill with the Logo on it. While the back of the speaker got a USB-C port for charging and 3.5mm jack for wired connections ( aux cable). In addition to small handlers in the back allowing you to attach a strip and go wherever you want with it. Leaving the left and the right of the speaker blank.

While the top of the speaker got the controllers, the controllers in order from left to right are. Power bottom, bluetooth pairing button, play/pause button, (-) for decreasing the volume and (+) for increasing the volume. 

While between the Bluetooth and play/pause bottom you will find a LED small light. The whole speaker is coated in silicon to keep it safe as much as possible from accidents.

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When I started testing the EarFun Go, I compared it to the Tribit Stormbox Pro. The  Earfun sounds very smooth and decent in lower and mids. While the high ranges compared to the tribit feels rusty and noisy. Yet it is tuned to be bass weighty, however this isn’t especially observable when paying attention to generally pop/rock/club remix music. I saw the bass-substantial tuning while at the same time paying attention to old style music.

EarFun Go Reception and call quality 

EarFun Go Speaker sound quality

Staying aware of Bluetooth forms, EarFun has included the most recent age of that innovation, Bluetooth 5.0, to keep the reach and gathering consistent contrasted with speakers that might use Bluetooth 4.2. 

With Bluetooth 5.0, you can get the reach up to 100ft without any impediments in the manner. While that is long-range, I couldn’t test it out to that degree. I gave a shot hauling my telephone around the loft while leaving the speaker in my room playing. I had the option to move around 35 feet away before it began to separate, which was going to one more space on the opposite side of the spot. 

As I typically say with regards to remote speakers, I don’t suggest holding telephone discussions, regardless of whether it’s only you in the room paying attention to music or watching a video. The call quality was alright since I had the option to hear every other person obviously, however those on the opposite end made some extreme memories hearing what I was saying, relying upon how close or distant I was from the speaker.

Battery life

While hefting a remote speaker around with you, you’ll need the battery life to keep going to the extent that this would be possible particularly in case you’re out holidaying at the ocean side or setting up camp in the forest or even in your own home. EarFun has stuffed a 2200mAh battery, surrendering you to 24 hours of playback time contingent upon the climate. 

Throughout the span of testing out the battery life, it drew near to hitting the 24-hour mark. The initial time didn’t get to the expressed time period because the battery just have a little rate left yet any remaining testings after that got around 20-22 hours. That consisted of having the volume shifting back and forth among higher and lower volumes relying upon where I was and what I was doing.


The EarFun Go is very fun to listen to the mids and the lows are very enjoyable to listen to. With a 24-hour battery life will give you the experience you need as long as you need. And most of all it is very easy to carry and move wherever you want easily. 

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Speaker Recommendation Buying Link Price Store
Ortizan Portable Check Price $31.44 Amazon
INSMY C12 IPX7 Check Price $35.99 Amazon
INSMY C12 IPX7 Waterproof Check Price $22.99 Amazon


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