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The Edifier Neobuds pro earbuds are fully Hi-res audio certified. It is truly wireless earbuds, that has a bonus, which is active noise cancelation, to isolate you from your surrounding.

If you are a person who loves music, or if a person who hates listening to hummings in the morning. Most importantly, the noise cancellation feature is for you.

The Edifier Neobuds pro is launching on Indiegogo. With an impressively low price just 99USD.

What’s in the box

Edifier Neobuds pro box details
(Image Credit: edifier.com)

The packaging of the Edifier Neobuds Pro is stunning. When you first start opening the box, firstly, you will find the device beneath it.

Secondly, you will find a drawer in the box. Where you will find an envelope, where your pouch is inside along with the user manual and extra tips.

Meanwhile, The pouch comes in a very soft material, that will help to keep your device safe from scratches. Furthermore, Under the envelope, you will find USB-C for charging usage.

Edifier Neobuds pro Design

The ergonomic shape and small silver stems are what give the Edifier Neobuds pro the unique look. However, It looks the same as the previous versions.

On the other side, the charging case is larger than other competing devices. Yet I appreciate the idea of the cinch, which, helps to get the buds easily from the charging case.

Edifier Neobuds pro Design
(Image Credit: edifier.com)

The charging case looks very luxurious with the matt black color and the aluminum plate with the logo on it. Indeed completes the luxurious look of the case, and giving you a High-end vibe.

One of the cool things in Neobud’s design. Is the red light LED – charging indicator- in the case grove. Moreover looks cool and adds a lot to the design.

On the other side, A lack of a wireless charging feature. I find it unpleasant, as it could have added a lot of value to the Edifier Neobuds pro.

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Comfortability and Controls

The Edifier Neobuds pro comes with sizes variety of antibacterial earbuds. The pre-installed pairs felt comfortable for me, moreover, I don’t remember feeling any kind of irritation while using the earbuds. 

Commonly, Earbuds with stems prevent you from pushing it enough into your ear. However, this problem doesn’t exist with the Edifier Neobuds pro. Moreover shifting to a larger tip gives you a stronger grip. So, It will not fall out of your ears, while, exercising or workouts.

Regarding the controls. The Edifier Neobuds pro characterizes by a sensitive touch surface on the upper top of the stem. Which, will help you control the music easily throw the buds. Yet you can change the sensitivity degree from the App itself.

You can also choose the touch options on each side of the buds. Indeed you have a lot of options to choose from. However, you can choose only four ( two for every bud) as its other double touch or triple touch.

On the other side, What I don’t like about the Edifier Neobuds pro. The device doesn’t support the Auto pause feature.

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You can freely use each earbud, however, you’ll need to ensure the bud you pick has the orders you need. Moreover, call reply/end is accessible on the two buds.

The NeoBuds Pro is not difficult to connect. All you have to do is to flip open the led, search for the gadget in your Bluetooth settings. The Connection is unshakable and shockingly solid. Edifier claims a functioning distance of only 32 feet. However, I move 50 feet from my iPhone XR while talking, and sometimes I change rooms and still working.

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Edifier has situated the NeoBuds as the principal “wireless hi-res audio”, Genuinely remote earbuds. As the result of the capacity to duplicate sounds in the range of 20Hz and 40kHz.

Yet, if you end up possessing one of only a handful of exceptional cell phones that come furnished with LHDC. You presumably will not encounter these buds at their maximum capacity. Telling the truth, The main telephone record on the LHDC site is the Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro

Edifier Neobuds pro Gaming Experience
(Image Credit: edifier.com)

You can browse two preset EQ modes in the Edifier application: Classic, which offers a moderately unbiased mark.

Secondly, a dynamic pushes both the low and high finishes with bass levels that will shake your fillings. Need to transform your telephone into a private cinema? The powerful mode will do it like a chief.

You can likewise participate in an extraordinary low-idleness gaming mode. There’s slack between your screen and the sound, however, I am viewing the ordinary mode to be entirely sufficient.

Noise Cancelation

The ANC of the Edifier Neobuds pro is the best you can get with this price range. 

There are two modes of the ANC. Firstly, the Low mode: which removes a bit of the noise in the surrounding environment. Secondly, the High mode: which removes the noise entirely.

To test Edifier Neobuds pro-ANC. I started walking on busy roads, with a lot of car horns. The results were stunning as I can’t hear anything except my music. And this is quite a huge result for such a product with this price.

Transparency mode AKA ambient mode is similarly acceptable, allowing in loads of outer sounds, including your voice. Making you feel like you’re not wearing earbuds by any means. That is something that lesser transparency frameworks can battle to accomplish.

The best part is that exchanging among ANC and ambient modes. By using the tap controls are speedy and don’t drive you to go through the standard mode. 

Standard mode turns ANC and Ambient off. Which could save some battery life. You can generally draw in it from inside the application if you need it.

Edifier Neobuds pro Battery

Edifier claims that you’ll get five hours for each charge in the earbuds. Moreover, 20 hours of listening time with the charging case.

If you use ANC, and that these numbers ascend to six and 24 hours individually. On the off chance that you run with ANC off. After allowing them to play a music stream at half volume, with ANC on. I got precisely five hours of life before the earbuds turned off. 

A speedy charge of 10 minutes, Will get you an additional hour of playtime. Both the earbud and charging case can completely re-energize from the void in 60 minutes.

Edifier Neobuds pro Design Verdict

The NeoBuds Pro is truly noteworthy. The mind-boggling sound quality makes undeniably more costly alternatives flushed. The amounts to a great pair of really remote earbuds. 

Yet, the generally low value comes to the detriment of auto-stop support. Along with some restrictions with touch controls, and some availability dropout gives that I trust are quickly settle. You will get any frustration.

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