Edifier TWS5 wireless earbuds
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I am reviewing today’s Edifier TWS5 true wireless earbuds. Edifier TWS5 offers a huge list of features to enhance your listening experience. Some of them are Bluetooth 5.0 which reduces the usage of the battery. Also it is featuring aptx, not only that but also comes with IPX5 water resistance.

Which means you don’t have to worry from water splashes or from friend’s pranks throating your earbuds in the water. The battery offered in the Edifier TWS5 could last for 32 hours.

Before you could think of charging the case again. A while ago there was an article released about Edifier neobuds pro.

You can check it out for comparison. As for now and as usual let’s start with the Specs of the Edifier TWS5.


Bluetooth Version5.0
Frequency Response20Hz~20KHz
Impedance16 ohms
Bluetooth ProfileHSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
Effective Distance10m (30 ft)
Input• DC 5.0V 60mA (earbuds)• DC 5.0V 500mA (charging case)
Battery Lifeup to 32 with included charging case

Edifier TWS5 review Design

When you first look at the Edifier TWS5. You will first recognize its special glossy black colour. Giving you the image you desire, while the outer sides are coloured in matte grey colour.

What is special about the matte colour, is that it helps keep the look of the gadget. As in the case of most glossy earbuds, it is easily scratched as of its exposure to too much figure print.

Edifier TWS5 Earbuds design
(image credit: edifier-online.com)

Meanwhile comparing the sizes of both the Edifier TWS5 and the Edifier TWS1. You will find the TWS1 smaller in size. With that being said I didn’t face any problem with fitting the TWS5 in my ears.

(earbuds fit size, changes from one person to another. That’s why you need to put that in consideration when making your purchasing decision)

On The Other Side the earbuds are very comfortable for your ears, and fits perfectly. I didn’t have to worry every now and then that it might slipper away while exercising or moving around.

Outer side of the earbuds

Looking to the outer side of the earbuds you will find the malfunction button, and right beneath it you will find the LED light indicator. You will also find the logo of the Edifier on each side of the earbuds.

Charging case

Meanwhile the charging case has the logo of the Edifier on the top of the LED. while in front of the charging case you will find 3 LEDs.

These three LED lamps show you how much power you have left in the charging case. Regarding the color of the charging case, It kinda has the same style of the earbuds with greyish matte coloured coating.

Edifier TWS5 Earbuds battery life
(image credit: edifier-online.com)

While reviewing other earbuds I have noticed that the led of the charging case closes while getting the earbuds out of it. Actually this isn’t the case with the Edifier TWS5 as the build and the material is quite strong.

Looking to the back of the charging case you will find a micro USB port, which is I’m not a fan of. I appreciate Type-C more.

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Edifier TWS5 Sound quality

The Edifier TWS5 gives a fabulous listening experience, the bass, mid and high pitch frequencies function admirably with one another and don’t overpower each other.

Bass frequencies sound controlled at this point actually figure out how to sneak up all of a sudden when required with a lot of and the mid and high pitch frequencies, for example, percussion and vocals have great lucidity. 

These sound attributes are my favored kind, so I am unbelievably satisfied with how the earbuds sound and I have viewed the listening experience as extremely charming all through a scope of various melodic types. 

The uninvolved sound separation presented by the elastic ear tips is acceptable and there are three sizes of ear tips remembered for the container.

The volume presented by the earbuds is acceptable, I wound up paying attention to music at simply more than half which furnished me with an open to listening volume – I have no bad things to say.

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Reception and Microphone 

Reception isn’t that awful all things considered. With Bluetooth 5.0 ready, Edifier claims a scope of around 10 meters or 30 feet. During our testing, we got very near that in regions where there were dividers.

In more open spaces, we most certainly got the full 30-foot range, if not somewhat more. That being said, Bluetooth 5.0 is appraised for a lot further distances which I would have gotten a kick out of the chance to see executed with these.

The microphone of the Edifier TWS5 has a very good feature. Which is the cVc which helps reduce the surroundings noise to make your sound stand out during calls and while recording memos.

Edifier TWS5 review Battery life 

On a single charge Edifier TWS5 provides you with upto8 hours of listening without the need to charge it again. Meanwhile you can charge it 2 more times. Giving you a total of upto 32 hours without the need to charge the case.


Edifier TWS5 offers a huge list of features to enhance your listening experience. Some of them are Bluetooth 5.0 which reduces the usage of the battery. Also it is featuring aptx, not only that but also comes with IPX5 water resistance.

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