Elgato Wave 3
Elgato Wave 3

This is the Elgato wave 3 and it’s the mic for streamers, they’re making products designed specifically for streamers. 

you spent any time on Twitch you’ve probably seen a Nagato stream deck or key lights or a capture device. 

but now Elgato is getting into the audio game. this is the elgato wave 3, it’s one of a pair of microphones Elgato says was designed specifically from the ground up with streaming in mind, and i have to say after spending time with it. 


  • A very clear sound
  • Stylish and lightweight design
  • Wave Link is easy to use


  • Partial plastic construction
  • expensive

Elgato Wave 3 Features

  • Directional Patterns: Cardioid
  • Controls: Volume Control, Gain Control, Capacitive Mute
  • Recording Sample Rate: 96kHz  
  • Frequency Response: 70-20000 Hz
  • Bit Depth: 24-bit
  • Type Condenser
  • USB Yes
  • Pattern Cardioid

Elgato Wave 3 Design

Elgato Wave 3 Design

Unboxing the wave 3 is pretty straightforward inside, you’ll find the wave 3 already mounted to a desktop, stand a Quick start guide, a USB cable, and a boom arm adapter. 

physically the mic itself is really light, so i was able to move it around easily on my desk. 

but the stand is also heavy enough that it never felt like i would accidentally knock it over. 

there is a thing i did have an issue with, which is that little tiny desktop stand, in the bottom is very short and i am all 6 feet tall. 

so when you are trying to put your face at the optimal distance from this microphone i had to hunch down quite a bit. 

so i will definitely be looking into the shock mounts and getting this thing on a boom arm as quickly as humanly possible in fact.

The dial in front controls all three of the icons above it, so clicking on the dial switches between your mic gain monitor volume and your mic slash PC mix. 

Elgato Wave 3 Ports and Button

on the back there’s your USB C port and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack for direct monitoring of your mics audio. 

and lastly up top there’s a capacitive mute button. incredibly handy for coughing or when you need to yell something to someone in the next room, that your streaming audience just doesn’t need to hear. 

when you tap it, you can see it’s active by the red ring around the dial on the front, a very nice detail.

WAV Link

if you’re not quite plug and play you’ll want to grab WAV link, which is elgatos custom designed mixing software for its wave microphones, and i’ll tell you when to plug it in, it’s pretty easy. 

WAV link actually could come in really handy for streamers, because it offers two independent output mixes. 

for example if you want to play copyrighted music while you game for yourself but you don’t want to broadcast that copyrighted music to your entire stream. 

and then get a busted copyright infringement WAV link you covered. 

in case you’re wondering it also pops up in OBS as a source really easily and it has stream deck integration.

Elgato Wave 3 Frequency Response

Elgato Wave: 3 contains an audio file specifically designed for the needs of live broadcasts and podcasts. It’s basically pretty cool for the content of the words being pronounced, but it may not be the best option in a professional studio environment.

But while averages and altitudes are accurate, there is a clear focus in the bass range. This is not a bad thing for acoustics, as it resists the effect of convergence, as someone moves the microphone when approaching it – which is common when recording a podcast or YouTube video in a less formal recording environment.

 But those with very deep voices don’t need to worry too much about distortion, because most of this pressure actually occurs at a lower frequency than most of them consider the audio band.

Elgato Wave 3 Performance

When I’m speaking normally into the Elgato, I can see the waveform, it’s bouncing up and down, that’s the sound of my voice. 

but if something really cool happens or i get really excited and i yell, you can see there are portions of the track that get cut off at the top and the bottom.

that’s clipping and it can be really frustrating when you’re watching a twitch stream and then sometimes really exciting or really terrible happens, and the streamer yells and it gets so distorted, and you’re just really turned off. 

or if your streamer you watch it back and go that sounds horrible clipping is the worst. 

The wave 1 and the wave 3 have proprietary technology on board clip guard, and if i understand it correctly, it’s kind of like taking an HDR photo, but with audio. 

you have your main channel recording but there’s a second audio channel recording at a lower volume, and when the microphone detects peaking, it automatically shifts to that lower volume channel. so you never experience Distortion.


i think clip guard is actually the one must-have for anybody looking to game stream in the future. 

and he’s a really compelling reason to pick up a wave over its competition. 

over all the functionality in the control dial the capacitive mute button that clip guard technology wave link software.

it all comes together into this really compelling package for anybody who might be new to streaming and has a little bit of a budget to play with. 

or has streaming for a while and is looking to upgrade their microphone. 

It really seems like Elgato actually listens to streamers and what they want and need in devices like the wave 3, like the stream deck.



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