Elon Musk wants everyone to undergo brain surgery (Neuralink)

Neuralink – As we all know in the news released by Elon Musk earlier, that he wants everyone to undergo brain surgery.

He explained at the conference that he wants everyone to have a brain implant,

which is the interface to the brain and machine that his company, Neuralink, has created.

In his speech, he stated that he would be able to solve any number of medical conditions,

including paralysis, anxiety, addiction, and many human-associated infectious diseases.

The machines connect to the human brain and translate all electrical signals into a computer that has been around since 2006.

Since that time, many neuroscientists and engineers have made gradual improvements to this new technology.

Then Musk’s Neuralink gets into the business:

The company developed a system of thin wires that penetrate the brain,

which would cause somewhat less damage than the usual hard nails.

But given what Musk made clear at the conference,

his ambitions go far beyond simply changing the architecture of robotic brain systems.

Aside from treating brain-based medical conditions,

he also said during a recent press event, that ultimately,

Neuralink can enable many things like human telepathy or interactions between the brain and artificial intelligence.

But so far, these goals are considered very far-fetched, as to achieve them,

scientists need to know more about the brain and how it works (Neuralink)

in order for any of these ideas to become reality and no disasters or any side effects occur.

The brain is still a mystery to her despite all the science,

and the neurological causes of things like anxiety and addiction remain unclear.


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