EZVIZ LC1C outdoor Security solution
(Image Credit: ezvizlife.com)
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This time EZVIZ has solved the night vision problem in a very smart and practical way unlike the EZVIZDB1C with that glowy reflection in the night vision, the EZVIZ LC1C is a light bulb and a camera that not only lights your front door but also helps in the night vision.

The EZVIZ C1C can easily connect to the WIFI and with the bulbs attach to it you can see whatever moves in front of your doorstep by just looking to your phone, EZVIZ C1C can be easily installed and comes with a lot of useful features such as infrared, motion dictation, color night vision, voice control as it supports google assistance and Alex from amazon, and SD card for local video storage.


IntegrationAmazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT
Field of View121 degrees
StorageCloud, Local
Two-Way AudioYes
Mechanical Pan/TiltNo
Night VisionYes
Ingress ProtectionIP65 on camera
Power Hardwired(100v – 240v), ≤35W power consumption

Design and Performance

The EZVIZ LC1C has an IP65 waterproof rating and arrives in a dark or white finish. It measures 10.3 by 7.5 by 7.2 inches and has two round dimmable LED lights that consolidate to convey 2,000 lumens of light with a 3,000K white shading temperature. Underneath the lights is a camera walled-in area that holds the camera focal point, a receiver and speaker, a PIR movement sensor, and a little removable board that covers a microSD card opening and a reset button. The EZVIZ LC1C has an inserted 2.4GHz Wi-Fi radio for interfacing with your home organization and an implicit 100dB alarm. 

EZVIZ LC1C outdoor Security Camera Design
(Image Credit: ezvizlife.com)

The EZVIZ LC1C camera catches 1080p video at 25fps and has a 121-degree (slanting) field of view. It utilizes infrared LEDs for high contrast night vision however will convey shading night vision when the floodlight lights are enlightener. The LC1C will illuminate the floodlights and have the camera record video when the PIR sensor distinguishes movement, and it will push a movement alarm to your telephone.

You can utilize the implicit microSD card opening to store occasion set off video, yet you’ll need to supply your media. Then again, you can buy into an Ezviz CloudPlay stockpiling plan, however, they can get expensive, particularly if you have more than one camera. 

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The EZVIZ LC1C utilizes similar Android and iOS portable applications

as the DBC1 cameras. At the point when you dispatch the application, you’re given a home screen that contains boards for all of your introduced Ezviz cameras. Tapping any board dispatches a live video transfer that you can see in full-screen mode by turning your telephone sideways. Beneath the live video transfer are buttons for halting the video, quieting the speaker, changing the video goal, and review up to four video transfers all at once, and underneath these are buttons for sounding the alarm, starting two-way talk, taking a preview, manual video recording, and winding down the lights on and. The base portion of the screen contains a timetable of recorded video that allows you to see video put away in the cloud or on the microSD card.

Camera, Sound and Microphone quality

Having a camera of 1080p, the camera on the EZVIZ LC1C is respectable. At the point when set to the highest possible quality, it is fresh and clean during the day, with night vision, and around evening time with the floodlights on. I certainly didn’t have any concerns about the picture quality. if you do have issues with the brightness or contrast, you can change those after making a few alterations to a framework record with the EZVIZ Studio work area application. 

EZVIZ LC1C Camera Quality
(Image Credit: ezvizlife.com)

The EZVIZ LC1C is additionally outfitted with two-way sound. At the point when the speaker is empowered, the sound comes through quite clear when talking into the application using your cell phone. 

Then again, it was a bit difficult to hear the other party through the application. With my telephone volume maximum, the sound returning was practically ordinary levels yet I need to truly concentrate to hear them.

I do associate part with the issue is the distance the other individual is remaining from the camera. Given it’s mounted around 10 feet up, an individual is probably not going to be standing straightforwardly under it, just adding to the distance the sound needs to head out to the amplifier.

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EZVIZ LC1C unboxing

The EZVIZ LC1 comes in a white square box with the logo of the EZVIZ on the upper corner, the product itself in the middle, and the EZVIZ app logo on the right bottom corner which you can find in both app and play stores, on the back of the box you will find the highlighted features of the camera so let’s open up the box.

Once you open the box, you will find the quick start guide, A thank you card (cute) then a layer of plastic foam, that once removed you will find the product itself placed in another shaped plastic foam box to avoid product damage. 

You will also find a  small box with wire knots and screws and both Philips and Knott drivers are also included.

EZVIZ LC1C Installation

The EZVIZ LC1C is easy to install, all you have to do is to follow some simple steps dealing with electrical wiring.

  1. Turn off any electrical current feeding the front door.
  2. Remove the mounting plates from the EZVIZ LC1C using the Knotts driver (included) 
  3. Attach the EZVIZ mounting plate to the place you desire. 
  4. Connect the black and white wire, coming from the power source with the black and white wires from the LC1C using the mounting screwdrivers (included). 
  • Make sure that you have fixed them well with the wire Knotts (included)
  1. Attach the EZVIZ LC1C to the mounting plate
  2. Restore the electric circuit 

Now we have finished the hardware installation, let’s go to the software and these are also some  simple steps to follow

  1. Install the app from the store supported by your device 
  2. Register yourself on the app and Login 
  3. Tap the (+) icon in the right corner
  4. Use your mobile phone camera to scan the QR code 
  5. Confirm that the device is connected then click next
  6. Once LC1C flash blue, enter your WIFI SSD and password, which will connect the device to your network

Now you can name your device and viola installation finished 

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After using EZVIZ LC1C for a while 

In case you’re searching for a floodlight that will accomplish something other than light up your yard, the Ezviz LC1C is a strong moderate alternative.

Notwithstanding two brilliant dimmable LED lights, it contains a camera that conveys sharp 1080p video and gives shading video around evening time when the floodlights are lit.

All things considered, its help for IFTTT applets that permit it to incorporate with other keen gadgets is problematic, and cloud-membership costs run a bit high, even though you can purchase a microSD card to store video locally.

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Camera Buying Link Price Store
EZVIZ LC1C Check Price $119.00 Amazon


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