Fairphone 3 Plus
Fairphone 3 Plus

The Fairphone 3 Plus is similar to the Fairphone (previous version),

as it is considered one of the first smartphones to be concerned with the ethical aspect and it is also environmentally friendly.


  • Sustainable and ethical
  • Modular design
  • Very reasonable price


  • Average performance
  • One rear camera
  • Relatively small screen

Fast Talk

Smartphones these days are many and varied in terms of shapes, sizes and features,

and every person is different from the other in terms of what he prefers in his smartphone and what he does not prefer,

some of us want a strong and large screen and others prefer a small screen,

and some are interested in the camera and its quality in the first place before Everything, and so on.

We now have the Fairphone 3 Plus, which is a phone based on sustainability principles.

It is an environmentally friendly and ethically concerned phone.

For example, it is a phone that contains 40% of recycled plastic,

which is considered a standard for repair and replaceability.

Its materials are sourced from transparent institutions and processes that are fair to both their workers and individuals.

The Fairphone 3 Plus is the best choice if you are looking for a low budget phone with high capabilities and features,

it is a nice phone on the planet and the people affected

by its production does not mean that you have to bear the equal technology.

And you can get the Fairphone 3 Plus for £ 425 (about $ 555) in the UK.

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Key Specifically

Screen5.65in FHD+ LCD (427ppi)
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 632
Storage64GB + microSD card
Operating systemFairphone OS based on Android 10
Camera48MP rear, 16MP selfie camera
Connectivitydual sim, LTE, wifi, NFC, Bluetooth 5 and GPS
Dimensions158 x 71.8 x 9.9mm
Specifications Table

Design: You can easily upgrade its components

The design of the Fairphone 3 Plus is simple, with thick edges at the top and bottom of the screen.

It looks like a budget phone, as it is made from many recycled materials.

On the left side there are both volume and power controls, and the Fairphone 3 Plus has a 3.5mm headphone jack so you can use your existing wired headphones, and USB-C is used.

But the box does not contain a cable or charger in the box to reduce e-waste, as we said that this is a medical-friendly phone.

Fairphone 3 Plus Design and Display
Fairphone 3 Plus Design and Display

Speaking of environmental friendliness, the phone has a small screwdriver that you get for repairs and replacements, and you can easily use the Fairphone 3 Plus package to return your current phone to the Fairphone for recycling, that’s really cool.

The Fairphone 3 Plus is easy to open, if you want to replace or upgrade a component,

so if new and improved cameras come out, you will be able to install them;

And if the battery starts to wear out, you will be able to replace it with a new one,

as this phone enables you to easily upgrade its components without having to buy a new phone.

Display: Small, but Decent

As for the display of the Fairphone 3 Plus, it is a fairly mid-range panel that does all the tasks that you need a smartphone screen to do.

The LCD measures 5.65 inches from corner to corner, and has a decent resolution of 1080 x 2160 pixels,

but you won’t get the HDR support that it does on more expensive panels, given the price point.

 The screen has sharp details and balanced colors, so we were able to watch movies and various shows without any problem.

fairphone 3 plus display
Fairphone 3 plus display

The upper and lower edges of the phone are full, so there is no need for a crack or a hole,

and we did not notice any stutter or artifacts on the screen while we were watching some shows across the web,

and the screen resolution is comparable to other phones at this price point.

Screen bump is not a problem as some people actually prefer smaller size,

as it is less likely to break, and you will not be bothered at that point when watching your favorite movies.

Cameras: Good quality

The Fairphone 3 Plus has a very useful upgrade, which is the camera module,

and it may outperform the previous version, moving from a 12-megapixel connection to a 48-megapixel lens.

The Fairphone offers you beautiful and sharp pictures and videos,

although the camera is not perfect compared to many smartphones, it is good and beautiful.

The camera in the Fairphone 3 Plus is a great photography and photo capture tool to post your life on social media or keep a record of children, where you can take some great shots.

fairphone 3 plus cameras

One of the features that the camera has is the shutter speed,

with taking pictures at a great speed, as the 48-megapixel camera upgrade comes.

Some neat additions have been added, such as auto focus and scene optimization,

and the phone also provides you with some detailed camera settings.

We found that the camera coped reasonably well with the balance between the lightest and darkest parts of the image, due to the presence of built-in HDR processing.

We tried night photography, but we didn’t like it at all, so there is no night mode and no image processing feature.

As for the front camera, it comes with 16 megapixels, and does a decent and completely acceptable job,

as for video recording, it comes at 4K at 30 frames per second.

Battery Life: Good battery, with no fast charging

As for battery life, the Fairphone 3 Plus has a 3040mAh battery installed here, so you can have a day of use with a little bit of rest.

And in a long video playback test, and the screen was running with modest brightness and volume,

the Fairphone 3 Plus battery dropped from 100% to about 70%,

which is very good, and if you play a video with a dimmer screen and headphones, you can extend that.

The phone will give you about 20 hours of contact between charging the battery, and this seems really suitable for a phone at that price point.

But if you use the phone in video calls, for example, browsing, and using GPS, you may look for a charger by evening, but it makes sense.

As for charging, there is no wireless charging or fast charging with the Fairphone 3 Plus,

and the charging time from empty to full will take approximately three and a half hours.

Performance: too similar to the Fairphone 3

As we said, the Fairphone 3 Plus is similar to the Fairphone 3 in most respects,

for example in terms of specifications, both of them have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 mid-range chipset, 4 GB RAM,

Android system and 64 GB storage memory, which You can expand it via the microSD card slot.

fairphone 3 plus ports and size

It is a very smooth phone through which you will be able to run anything you want from the Google Play Store.

In general, the Fairphone 3 Plus handles basic tasks without problems at all.

It has Geekbench 5 scores of 272 (single-core), 1233 (multi-core) and 295,

which is further evidence of the phone’s credentials from budget to mid-range.

As for the sound quality, the audio performance is also good in the Fairphone 3 Plus,

as it can reach an impressive volume without distortion,

you may notice its lack of accuracy, but in the end, you will be able to listen to the podcast without any problem.

It should be noted that this phone does not have a protection rating of IP68 from water or dust, so be careful not to drop it in the washing bowl.

It features dual SIM support if you want to keep your work life and personal life together on the same phone, that’s really handy.

But it must be said that the phone, although it does not have an IP68 rating, does have a Corning Gorilla Glass 5, which keeps your screen protected against shocks.

The Fairphone 3 Plus comes with Android 10, it’s clean and lightweight to say the least, with all Google apps preinstalled.


Fairphone phones have been known to improve their modular designs over time,

and the Fairphone 3 Plus has proven that you can really upgrade the individual components of this phone instead of the entire phone.

Besides being eco-friendly and ethically baked into its manufacture, the Fairphone 3 Plus still has a very low mid-range price tag.

One of the great features of this company in general is that if you have got a Fairphone 3, you can pay for an upgrade of the camera unit and you will basically get a Fairphone 3 Plus.

But you should expect this secret that it will not hold up to the most advanced games and applications, or the busiest workflows.

Even though there is no Android 11 system in the Fairphone 3 Plus yet,

with Google updating its apps independently, you won’t be bothered by this issue.


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