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PS5 event – A special event will be held by Sony for the Playstation 5 on Wednesday next week.

It will showcase the event by airing the company’s approximately 40-minute “digital show” on Wednesday 16 September.

This event will include various updates from Sony’s first-party game studios and external partners.

Sony said it will present the event as “another look at some of the great games

coming to the PS5 at launch (and beyond!)” Before the console launch.

It is also expected that we will get the release date and price of the PlayStation 5 soon.

Microsoft was originally planning to announce its Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X launch plans as launch dates and pricing for next week, before an estimated $ 299 S-Series price leaked.

Sony opened pre-orders for PS5 from last month (PS5 event)

but so far the company has not yet shared the date and date of official pre-orders

or information on pricing and release date.

It is highly expected that we will discover the price of the PS5 next Wednesday,

given that Microsoft opened pre-orders for the Xbox on September 22,

when Microsoft’s Xbox Series X console is priced at $ 499.

Sony has two different prices to offer for both the digital version

that does not contain the regular PS5 disc and the regular PS5.

Little is left to know some of the competitive pricing of the next generation,

especially given the Microsoft Xbox Series S.

If an event is Sony, the PlayStation 5 will take place next Wednesday at 4 PM EST / 1 PM Pacific time.


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