Fitbit Charge 3
Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit Charge 3 – This could be fitbit’s best overall general fitness tracker. but how does that compare to the fitbit versa a watch that I’ve already really liked

The fitbit charge 3 is $150 which is significantly less than the Apple watch series 4. It also has better battery life than the fitbit versa.


  • Big Screen
  • Light design
  • Fully waterproof


  • There is no built-in GPS
  • Monochrome screen
  • Proprietary charger

Fitbit Charge 3 Features

  • Image Color Disclaimer : the display product image may be a different color
  • Body Material : Aluminum
  • Max Depth of Water Resistance : 164 ft
  • Protection : 5ATM waterproof
  • Preloaded Software : FitBit Pay
  • Wireless Interface : Bluetooth
  • Size : 721 inch
  • Wearing :  Stylewrist
  • Clock Display : Yes
  • Integrated Components : heart rate sensor
  • Set Goals : Yes
  • Tracking Data : activity, calories burned, distance, heart rate, pace, sleep activity, sleep stages, steps taken, time
  • Supported Host Device Platform : Android, Windows Phone, iOS
  • DIMENSIONS : (Width :0.5 in) ,(Height 1.1 in) ,(Weight 1.06 oz)

Fitbit Charge 3 Design

Fitbit Charge 3 Design

This watch is similar to the Fitbit Versa and Ionic smart watch, as the Charge 3 has a standard SpO2 sensor to measure a person’s levels of oxygen in their blood during exercise, whether for fitness, some other way, or while they sleep.

Fitbit opens Sleep Score Beta software to qualify Fitbit users who will use SpO2 and Charge 3 chargers to assess your sleep quality.

This information is very useful, as Fitbit can alert you if you have trouble breathing while sleeping. 

Or she will be watching you soon during various exercises.

Fitbit can also use the SpO2 sensor to diagnose sleep apnea with a cleansing of the U.S. 

Food and Drug Administration, which is a very important feature of this watch and very useful for people with health problems or for people who maintain their health.

Apple has obtained FDA approval for the Apple Watch features, which in theory are very important, one of which is an EKG app that uses the Series 4 electric heart rate sensor to diagnose atrial fibrillation, or irregular heartbeat. 

Another is a feature called watchOS, which alerts users if they experience five cases of arrhythmias.

Fitbit Charge 3 App

Fitbit Charge 3 App

Fitbit doesn’t support a lot of banks of this point compared to Apple pay and Google pay. 

other than that it’ll be a pretty basic fitness tracker experience.

no GPS but it does have the step-up heart rate, that’s been on recent Fitbit models called pure pulse. 

This heart rate is supposed to give more accurate tracking and also help with more accurate sleep readings. 

so far it’s been a little bit up and down but we’re gonna keep testing it and give an update as we do. 

Even though the charge 3 has a larger screen than the charge 2, it’s significantly smaller than the fitbit versa or other smartwatches. 

and it’s not colour however it’s a pretty bright gray-scale OLED screen. 

so it looks crisp and moves smoothly and there are a few watch faces that you can pick within the fitbit app. 

but there’s no watch based store unlike the Fitbit versa and ionic. and there’s no app store while there are a couple of app like functions, there are no others that you can shop for an ad. 

the interactions with the charge 3 are done using your finger or with a really clever little hectic kind of button on the side.

Battery Life

Fitbit features a great feature which is battery life, and the Charge 3 offers a battery that can last up to a week from fitness tracking, various exercises and notifications.

After three days and three exercises, the group was swaying 68 percent. This is, in my view, impressive.

Because I was also using the range to check notifications, weather and play settings with auto brightness.

Fitbit makes several swaps to keep your battery life as long as possible, and I think for many people, a week’s battery life is a great, simple and persuasive reason to buy it.


I had a little problem pairing my Charge 3 to the Pixel 3 when it was first tested,

as I had to add it to another phone first to get the Pixel 3 to get to know it, and that was a disappointment to me

Polkin just added it, she was quite strong, but to be fair, it is not fair for the features of this watch.

Although Charge 3 notifications are technically an additional feature added to a fitness tracker, they are subject to the same whims as notifications on the more expensive Versa and Ionic. Fitbit uses certain standard Android notification notification tools to pull related content onto the wearable device.

Fitbit Charge 3 Performance

The fitbit charge 3 compared to the charge 2 has water resistance for swimming which is great. 

so you can wear it in the shower wear it while swimming. it has a larger screen and it’s really touch enabled this time. 

so it doesn’t have any of that tap to touch stuff which feels a lot smoother to operate. 

The charge 3 also gets notifications, so you can tap in all the notifications from your phone feeling a lot more like a Smart watch. 

so in that sense isn’t it kind of like a Smart watch, that’s a thing, it’s probably enough of that if you just want basic functions. 

and what it doesn’t have, no music support, and no ability to store music and there’s no music remote.



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