Fitbit Inspire 2 Smartwatch
Photo Credit: Fitbit
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Fitbit inspire 2 Check Price $78.95 Amazon
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The Fitbit Inspire 2 watch is distinguished by its simplicity of design, good battery life, in addition to heart rate monitoring,

so if you are interested in recording workouts and staying healthy, we don’t think you will be disappointed.

Fast Talk (Fitbit Inspire 2)

The Fitbit name is known and popular in fitness trackers, the Inspire entry-level model is now in its second version, and the Fitbit Inspire 2 watch now allows everyone to monitor the cursor, in addition to all the standard activity tracking features you’d expect.

For example, the Inspire 2’s heart rate monitor lets you provide some additional insights into the effectiveness of your exercise and your overall health.

As it will provide you with knowledge of the heart rate, which is widely use by athletes, of how difficult your work is, it is a great training tool that allows you to beat yourself up.

It can also divide your time into your workout based on the effort you put into it.

Compared to the less intense “fat burning zone”, this will give you an idea of ​​the stress you are putting under your body.


  • Heart rate feature
  • Easy to use
  • An excellent app


  • Basic functions
  • Small screen
  • There is no built-in GPS

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Fitbit Inspire 2 Design : Very Elegant ,Waterproof

We have the Fitbit inspire 2 which offers 20 different workouts, heart rate tracking, sleep tracking and notifications from your phone for 100 dollars. 

The Fitbit inspire 2 offers quite a bit, but with so many alternatives on the market. 

If you’re familiar with the more affordable Fitbit inspire, you’ll notice the new inspire 2 looks quite similar, but it’s slimmer and it looks a little more stylish. 

Fitbit Inspire 2 Design
Photo Credit: Fitbit

it comes with a brighter display which is great, previous iterations presented some viewing issues outdoors. 

the bank comes in a variety of colours, the design lets you easily interchange them with a quick release feature. 

the display is on the smaller side, this is the case especially when you consider the thicker bezels, it’s monochromatic, and it offers a variety of watch faces. 

overall it looks a little more elegant, and Fitbit remove the physical side button

and replace it with a slight indent that’s pressure sensitive where you press it. 

This change helps with the 50 meters of water resistance, that is 164 feet. The Fitbit inspire 2 is swim proof with pool tracking. 

If you’re looking for a splash of colour on your tracker, the Samsung galaxy fit offers similar tracking at the same price, and with the full colour ammo led display. it’s great for seamless integration if you’re in their ecosystem. 

Display: The interface is very simple, and the response time is great

the display’s response is actually quite good, you get nice strong haptic feedback, it only occasionally misses the odd swipe. The interface is quite simple. 

accessing information is fairly intuitive with basic swipes up or down as well as squeezing the sights to go back. 

It does come with 20 different workouts which covers the popular activities,

but it’s not as many as some of the more expensive trackers. 

Fitbit Inspire 2 Smartwatch design
Photo Credit: Fitbit

for most people though it should do, if you’re seriously training or into a specific activity,

you may want to consider a fitness tracker that’s more specific to that activity. 

plus the smaller display may not give you all the details you’re looking for. although you do get some cute little animations.

But as we said it’s a great fitness tracker for those wanting to be more active,

or with those looking for general activity data to help with reaching general fitness and health goals.

you’ll get your basic details on steps taken, active minutes heart rate, calories burn and your sleep data.  

Fitbit Inspire 2 Features: Very Useful App and Impressive Battery Life

The App itself is pretty comprehensive, everything is nicely laid out and quite easy to navigate with easy and digestible information. 

plus you get a few more setting options for your watch, the active zone minutes is a little different than what is offer from most trackers. 

what’s great is that it will track those minutes differently depending on the intensity, so an hour of casual walking isn’t the same as an hour of trail running. 

The notifications are fairly standard, one good thing is that if you have an android phone you can preload simple replies to send directly from your watch,

unfortunately for iOS users apple prefers you just got an apple watch, but you still get the notifications. 

fitbit inspire 2 features
Photo Credit: Fitbit

The battery life is certainly impressive, it’s rate to last up to 10 days,

which is a little more than the Samsung galaxy fit, but of course mileage will vary depending on your usage. 

and for us it delivered closer to four to five days. there’s not a lot of downside to the inspire 2 provide it meets your needs.

sure, it’s not as comprehensive as the more expensive trackers, we didn’t expect built-in GPS at this price point. 

Fitbit pushes its premium paid subscription with personalize workouts and more insights which is not bad, but it’s a little disappointing all the additional insights aren’t initially include.


We liked the Fitbit Inspire 2 watch, as it featured a sleek yet simple design, in addition to good battery life and heart rate monitoring.

With all the features, the Fitbit Inspire 2 is offered at a very reasonable price,

as it comes at $ 90, but if you are looking for a watch that has similar capabilities but at a slightly lower price, there are several alternatives, such as Huawei,

which offers the Band 4 Pro, while providing GPS functionality and a lifetime.

Better battery and color display for $ 60 / £ 50 / AU $ 130.


if you’re looking for more advanced tracking with GPS, the charge 4 is an affordable option or the versa 3, which gives you a little more smart watch features. but both are more expensive. 

If you’re looking for a great fitness tracker that’s inexpensive and you want to stay active with popular activity tracking and get some great features and tools to help you reach your goals.

the Fitbit inspire 2 is a tough beat, especially when used alongside the Fitbit app.

we think you do get a more reliable and dependable performance than many of the cheaper alternatives. 

so it’s really no surprise that Fitbit is one of the industry leaders in this field,

the design is quite elegant, the interface is clean and simple to use

and overall the Fitbit inspire 2 does a great job going what it’s intended to do.

Smartwatch Buying Link Price Store
Fitbit inspire 2 Check Price $78.95 Amazon
Waterproof Smartwatch Check Price $69,99 Cliconstore
Smart Watch waterproof Check Price $49,84 – $53,84 Cliconstore
Original Nubia Alpha Check Price $200,88 – $317,24 Cliconstore



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