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The Fitbit Sense Smartwatch is a perfect choice for those who are very stressful these days about their bodies. As it helps you with doing exercises, counting every step you are taking. Help you exercise your mindfulness and a lot more read the full review to know what more can it do 

Fitbit Sense Specs

Screen:1.58in OLED
Case size:40.5mm
Case thickness:12.35mm
Operating system: Fitbit OS 5.1
Water resistance: IP68, 50 metres (5ATM)
Sensors:gyro, HR sensor, blood oxygen, light ,altimeter, skin temperature, ECG, EDA, GPS+GLONASS.
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5, wifi n, NFC, speaker, mic


The first look at the Fitbit Sense you would realize. Its face is square shaped, the corners are rounded and the screen is very clear. The screen is made out of Gorilla Glass 3 which will help you keep the screen safe for quite a long time.  There are only 2 available colors: ‘Carbon/Graphite’ or ‘Lunar White/Soft Gold’. And both come with a colour fitting band.

Fitbit Sense Smartwatch Design
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The back is made of metal and with a fitbit logo on the top in the middle. Lines coming out of the logo framing the charging pins and the sensors. While in the bottom you will find some logos of what it can do such as heartbeat tracking and Gps.

Regarding the bands, I am a big fan of the clasp mechanism. The bands are more comfortable and more flexible than the fitbit 4. The band sometimes becomes annoying though as the clasp mechanism forms a strong grip on your wrist.

The clasp mechanism also helps to remove the band easily. All you have to do is just a small touch on the back of the watch and viola it is out. Yet my only concern is will the clasp mechanism last long?? I think a lot of issues will arise.

Fitbit Sense Display

Fitbit Sense Smartwatch display
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The Fitbit Sense Smartwatch has bezels around the screen. which will make you feel that this screen is edged. From my point of view the screen is kind of small for me. It has annoyed me sometimes to use the apps. 

Regarding sunlight i didn’t have an issue regarding it. Yet the watch brightness can be controlled which is very helpful at night. Fitbit always had this problem although they dealt with it in the right way. 

The  Fitbit Sense Smartwatch faces can be easily customized from the app. You can also choose between a lot of modes such as “always on” ( which I really don’t recommend as it drains the battery so fast). And  “Automatic Wake,” which will light up the screen once you tilt your wrist. 

You can also turn the display light on by pressing the right button. And you can activate the “Sleep mode” to turn off the Automatic wake mode while sleeping. 

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Fitbit Sense Battery life

One concern I had prior to utilizing the Fitbit Sense was battery life given my encounters with past Fitbit Charge models. The Sense has much more proceeding to burden the battery. However fortunately with the right settings and use, it did affirm. 

For a large portion of my testing, I utilized the Sense without the consistently in plain view. All things considered, the screen would turn on. When I lifted my wrist, tapped the presentation or squeezed the side button. Fitbit flaunts that the Sense can move past six days off a charge. However in my testing I just got around four days. 

6 day battery life
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Further, subsequent to investing some extra energy with the Fitbit Sense. It could reliably last four or five days on a charge without utilizing the consistently in plain view choice. Eventually, that keep going day relied upon how constant I was at utilizing Fitbit’s rest mode and how regularly. I utilized other, more battery concentrated components. 

With the consistently in plain view choice empowered. I could dependably move past two days off a charge. However I regularly needed to charge the Sense part way through the third day. All said, the battery life is OK yet it surely could be better.

The primary issue here is that assuming you need to utilize the rest of the following elements at that point. You can’t charge it around evening time. That implies figuring out how to charge it for the duration of the day. Something I found a little troublesome given my daily schedule. For my situation. I favored getting whatever number of long periods of utilization out of the Sense as would be prudent prior to expecting to place it on the charger. However relying upon your daily schedule, charging the Sense each and every other morning could function admirably.

Fitbit Sense Charging 

The previous chargers of the Fitbit came with clips which was annoying. Yet with the new charger concept, it was a mess for me at first. As i couldn’t find any indication of which pin should fit where. And I really think they should provide a longer cable.


1- Setup

The Fitbit Sense is clear to set up once you have the Fitbit application on your telephone. 

To begin with, you’ll need to charge the watch. Once charged, it will request to match with a close by WiFi organization, which requires your WiFi secret word. 

Then, you’ll have the option to modify your watch, including downloading applications and making a client profile. 

The entire interaction, including downloading the applications I needed (like Spotify and Weather), required around 30 minutes. 

When making your client profile, you can share as much or as little data about yourself as you like. I decided to enter my name, birthday, sex, stature, weight, and subtleties on my feminine cycle. 

The Fitbit Sense has a responsive touch screen like that of a cell phone. To get to elements and gadgets, you just swipe up, down, left, or right. 

One more closeness to a large number is that rather than an actual button. The left half of the watch has a haptic button. An indent that gives vibrational criticism when squeezed which helps make the watch more water-safe. 

The absence of a real button takes a smidgen of becoming acclimated to. Yet it becomes natural in the long run. 

Squeezing the button once turns on the screen. Twofold squeezing raises alternate routes, and one long press raises the voice right hand. However you can redo the long press to do what you’d like (mine raises my Today details). 

When setting up your gadget, there’s likewise a choice to associate the watch to either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. However I don’t have that particular component turned on. 

Concerning applications, there are many to browse. Truth be told, a few brands, including Uber, New York Times, and United Airlines. Have additionally appeared well and good, however there aren’t as numerous choices accessible contrasted with the Apple watch. 

At last. While a portion of the information is shown on the actual watch. You’ll need the Fitbit application on your cell phone to get to more point by point reports.

2- Using the application

The usage of the application is very simple and easy. You can also connect the device via bluetooth for more accurate tracking information. The Fitbit Sense Smartwatch could track your steps, calories, sleeping, blood pressure and your workout active zoons. 

If you are a person who is very stressed there are two new features in the Fitbit Sense Smartwatch that would help you. The first is the “mindfulness” that will help you. With keeping your mind clear and there is “ stress management” which will help you control your stress via the EDA scanner that measures the stress levels in your body. Which by its turn offers you access to sessions that will help you relieve your stress.

3- How to charge your Fitbit Sense Smartwatch

The Fitbit Sense Smartwatch comes with a charging cable that can be conducted to the USB port (note that it’s not included). 

For a full charge it might takes between 1-2 hours and could last for almost 4-6 days 

However if you switched the “always on” feature or kept the GPS on this will drain your battery so quickly that you might end with a dead battery within 12 hours

Metrics Fitbit Sense Smartwatch track

The Fitbit Sense Smartwatch tracks a lot of things. Most of them are  measured automatically. Yet the calories and water intake should be entered manually via the app or your watch so what are the metrics tracked by the Fitbit Sense Smartwatch?

  • breathing rate
  • Active Zone minutes
  • cardio fitness score
  • calories burned
  • floors climbed
  • distance
  • food intake
  • menstrual cycle
  • heart rate
  • SpO2 (oxygen saturation)
  • sleep stages
  • stress
  • temperature
  • steps
  • water consumption
  • weight


The Fitbit Sense smartwatch got a lot of sensors for fitness tracking, although there are three more sensors just for your health welfare. Including the Pure Pulse 2.0,temperature sensors, andSpO2.

1- Heart beat tracking

The Pure Pulse 2.0 help tracking your heart rate every 5 sec. However comparing it to the Garmin Venu Sq it’s not that accurate

2- Spo2

Responsable of tracking the oxygen saturation in the blood, while you are sleeping. Inorder to check it you have either to download the app or to download a face that supports this feature.

3- Temperature sensor

Which is responsible for tracking your body temperature when you are asleep

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Fitbit Sense Features

1- Workout tracking 

Fitbit Sense fitness tracker
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The Sense can follow more than 20 kinds of exercises, including running, swimming, yoga, weightlifting, climbing, and turning utilizing the activity gadget. 

While I need to adore this element, a few parts of the activity gadget experience could be improved. 

For instance, associating with the Sense’s implicit GPS interestingly required almost 5 minutes. Examining the Fitbit Community discussions, others have had comparable issues. 

While resulting times have been quicker, I actually feel that its GPS association could be better. 

Another slight drawback is that not at all like other watches there isn’t a choice to establish a rhythm. Caution a ready light that illuminates you in case you’re not moving quick enough to meet your put forward preparation objectives. 

The third explanation is that I’m not a great enthusiast of the Exercise work because it takes up the full screen of the watch. 

Subsequently, you can’t see your different gadgets during your exercise, except if you press stop. 

All things considered. I do see the value in that you can swipe right to see the time, time passed, steps, pulse, calories consumed, pace, distance, normal speed, and Active Zone minutes. 

Talking about Active Zone minutes, these measurements are redone dependent on your optimal pulse and age. 

Toward the finish of your exercise, the Active Zones outline shows you how long you spent in the fat consuming, cardio, and top zones. 

While I don’t utilize the Exercise work during my exercises. Which are normally barre or yoga classes, the watch actually tracks my time in the Active Zones. And I appreciate having the option to look down and see my pulse. 

In any case, in case I was a more devoted sprinter, walker, or cyclist. I could see the Exercise work being more valuable.

2- Fitbit Sense Sleep tracking 

sleep following is one of my beloved components of the Sense. 

Utilizing a mix of your breathing and movement designs. The gadget detects when you nod off and tracks your sleeping stages for the duration of the evening. 

In the first part of the day, you can get to a full breakdown of how the night went, including your time snoozing, time spent in profound and REM rest, and reclamation level. 

These elements are joined into a general score from 1–100, with 100 demonstrating top sleeping quality. 

Another valuable component is the Smart Wake caution. Which wakes you at the ideal time during your sleep cycle within 30 minutes of your set alert time.

4- ECG Scanner

One of the primary provisions that separates the Sense from the two contenders and other Fitbit gadgets is its capacity to play out a speedy ECG sweep to assist with watching out for your wellbeing. 

The output can likewise make you aware of expected indications of atrial fibrillation (Afib) — a genuine condition that ought to be talked about with a medical services proficient. 

To utilize the element, start by empowering the ECG gadget in the telephone application. Then, open the gadget on your watch. 

From that point, you’ll be provoked to hold the sides of the watch and keep your hand arm still for 30 seconds. Your perusing will then spring up straightforwardly on the Sense. 

Note that if your pulse is under 50, the ECG filter will not have the option to get perused, delivering the element futilely.

5- EDA Scanner

The EDA check is a pressure on the board device on the Sense. 

The sweep works by estimating electrodermal action in your palm while you go through a directed care meeting. 

During the meeting, you’ll be told to stand by and take full breaths for 2 minutes. Subsequently, you’ll be approached to log how you feel in the wake of finishing the activity. 

The EDA application will then, at that point, chart your EDA reactions over the long haul. 

For the most part, the more settled you feel, the less EDA reactions you’ll have. 

While I like the possibility of this element, 2 minutes of standing by can feel like quite a while on a chaotic day.

6- Smartphone notifications

Utilizing Bluetooth, the Sense can get cell phone warnings, including calls, messages, and scheduled occasion updates. 

Notwithstanding, it can’t download pictures sent in messages, and you can possibly react with fast answers if you have an Android telephone. 

I have an iPhone and chose not to empower message warnings since I don’t need the interruption. 

Notwithstanding, I do see the value in that the watch quietly vibrates when I’m getting a call, as my telephone is quite often on quiet. The schedule updates are additionally useful.

7- Music

The Fitbit Sense is viable with a few music applications, including Spotify, Pandora, and Deezer. 

While you’ll in any case need your telephone to play music, you can stop, rewind, or quick forward on your watch. 

You can likewise browse as of late played tunes and playlists, which I’ve viewed as especially valuable when I would rather not hold my telephone or remove it from an armband while working out. 

To pay attention to music, you’ll need Bluetooth earphones or speakers to combine with your watch.

8- Fitbit pay

Fitbit Sense pay
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The Sense accompanies the Wallet application that upholds Fitbit Pay — a cardless installment framework that you can utilize anywhere that acknowledges contactless installment strategies. 

Fitbit Pay works indistinguishably from Google or Apple Pay, however the last choices are not upheld on the Sense. 

I don’t utilize this element, as I like to convey a card. In any case, I’ve heard that the application is easy to utilize. 

In addition, you can amount to six charge cards, and most significant banks are upheld. 

To add a card. Open the Today tab on the application and explore the wallet area. Where you’ll be approached to enter your card subtleties. 

The Wallet application requires a four-digit pin to open. So your Visa data ought to be secure regardless of whether you lose your Sense or it’s taken.

Fitbit premium

Each buy incorporates a free half year preliminary of Fitbit Premium — an application that offers customized bits of knowledge, a breakdown of your rest score, exercise recordings, wellbeing tips, plans, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

It additionally gives you the choice to download a health report. Which tracks every one of your information more than 1-year, half year, 3-month, and 30-day increases. 

Following a half year, admittance to Premium expenses $9.99 each month. 

I’m as yet in my time for testing. Yet I anticipate paying for the Premium application since I like approaching more powerful information. Particularly the point by point rest following.


The Fitbit Sense Smartwatch is a perfect choice for those who are very stressful these days about their bodies. As it helps you with doing exercises, counting every step you are taking. Help you exercise your mindfulness and alot more.

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