Fitbit Sense Smartwatch
Fitbit Sense Smartwatch

Fitbit Sense is a smartwatch that is well-suited to these stressful times,

as it focuses on mental health such as tracking physical exercises.

Just a glance

Fitbit Sense costs 329 US dollars, which is by far the most expensive Fitbit to date.  

That includes the default watch band, but as with the past,

you can buy other accessories watch bands as well and change up if you want to. 

Now of course the Fitbit Sense is essentially like the next version of ionic or the Versa watches. 

so it’s got all the same normal features you’d expect from a Fitbit.

so you’ve got of course tracking your steps, and your sleep, and your sleep stages. 

It has built-in FPS so when you go out for a run or a ride you don’t need to take your phone with you. 

It’s all built-in and of course uploaded after the fact not only to Fitbit but to Strava and other platforms as well. 

Assuming your bank is supported you can load your credit card onto the Fitbit sense

by using Fitbit pay which allows you to then use contactless payments at a store

or what not pay for things very similar again in the past to the ioniq and the versa series, you’ll want to double check your bank.


  • Detailed mood and pressure recording
  • GPS on board for exercises
  • Very comfortable to wear


  • Many relaxation guides require the Fitbit Premium app
  • Step counting is inaccurate at times
  • EKG not available at launch


Phone OS CompatibilityAndroid, iOS
Watch OSFitbit OS
Display Size1.59 inches
Display TypeAMOLED
Fitness FeaturesAccelerometer, GPS, Heart Rate Monitor
Estimated Battery Life6 days
Specifications Table


ECG is something we saw Apple introduce on the Apple watch in series 4, and then also in series 5 and 6 as well. 

we saw withings introduced it, there’s a couple others out there as well. 

but it’s not enabled quite yet, that’s coming sometime in October, they just received regulatory approval last week.

breathing rate that’s another feature that you can’t really see on the watch, but it’s something that you’ll do later on in the app itself. 

So if we go on the app, you go down into health trends and then from there,

you wait a couple seconds and you see your breathing rate.

breathing rate is measured at night on the Fitbit sense, as long as you have sleep for more than three hours. 

Advanced health Smartwatch Features fitbit sense
Advanced health Smartwatch Features fitbit sense

I can tap on this and see my breathing rate trends over time. 

there’s the heart rate variability tracking, you can scroll down in the same area

and see the heart rate variability the same overall pattern right there, as we saw for breathing rate.

heart rate variability listed there, and you can try that over longer periods of time as well. 

Now both of these metrics fall under the health metrics dashboard,

and this is something that up, Fitbit was going to require a premium membership too.

but starting at some points in the coming months, this will be available for all users free of this particular portion.

there’s a bright side which is that the GPS data is actually just perfectly fine.

i mean except tunnels and bridges those it does not like very much but for the most part everywhere else i want it wasn’t too bad the track all that kind of stuff was basically in the ballpark of most other watches in this price point.

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More Features

Fitbit Sense has the electrodermal activity scan and essentially this is basically another word for a galvanic skin response sensor. 

and so the way you activate it is that you go on to the watch itself, you swipe to the right and then hit EDA scan.

and then you can walk through either a two minutes test or a longer test or scan as they call it. 

so i tap this and cover the watch just a minute or two, and then you’ll see the all done message right there. 

now again this year measuring essentially like your sweat a little bit of your palm, and from that i can determine a bit more. 

I’ll click log that and I’m going to say I’m neutral right now, and it gives me a bit of how many times I’ve done this week so far, EDA response. 

now it doesn’t give you any context for what this means, there’s a start and a two minutes marker. 

but that’s it you can’t like look into this data anywhere that i can find on the watch or on the app. 

and if you go on down, you can see your heart rate sensor.

Once you take this data, the idea is that you go into their stress management app there. 

so if you open the Fitbit app from your phone, you’ll find your stress management button on the top. 

if you tapped that you’ll see how many times you feel stressed or calm or neutral today in detail, and your heart rate and your sleep stages.

So there’s a ton of data that Fitbit’s gathered and they give you these scores, but they don’t tell you how to do anything with it. 

so this is just the explainer, this is just a help screen, it’s not actual data.

Design and Display

The Fitbit Sense watch has a nice look, as it has a design very similar to the Fitbit Versa line, which is a square face and rounded edges.

The case itself is made of pure stainless steel, giving the feel a premium look,

and with a small touch button on the left side you can set it up for quick access to your most used apps.

Just one click will open one app, which is Alexa by default,

and a double tap will show you four shortcuts for other apps.

We found this especially helpful for accessing our favorite workouts without scrolling through the watch’s menus.

fitbit sense Design With ECG Heart Monitoring
fitbit sense Design With ECG Heart Monitoring

As for the Fitbit Sense screen, it is colorful and covered with elegant Gorilla Glass, which is bright, sharp and responsive.

Swiping to the right leads to many different settings, including access to sleep mode,

which dims the screen and deactivates the vibrations caused by a notification that comes to you,

and also dims the volume, brightness of the screen, the always-on screen, and the do not disturb mode.

Swiping down from any screen will display a shadow containing your notifications.

The Fitbit Sense comes with the Infinity Band, which is made of sleek and soft silicone without hard buckles or grabs, to provide complete comfort in your hand when wearing.

Fitness Tracking

Fitbit Sense includes a variety of fitness-related sports exercises such as bike,

boot camp, circuit training, golf, hiking, martial arts, Pilates, spinning, running,

swimming, climbing stairs, tennis, and walking.

The Fitbit Sense watch is designed with a water resistance of 50 meters,

which makes it very suitable for swimming in the pool or the sea.

As for the heart rate measurement feature, we did not notice any unexpected drops in the heart rate indicating a problem with the fitness trackers.

fitbit sense Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Sense reflects the heart rate shown on the watch face,

but with only a slight delay as you would expect from any monitor.

This feature vibrates to indicate that you are moving between heart rate zones, which is very useful for training.

The only problem we ran into during our testing was that the Fitbit Sense watch recorded a few steps while riding a stationary bike, even though we were using the dedicated Spin Mode feature.


Another feature on the Fitbit Sense is the skin temperature tracking, you will find it on the app in today ‘s page.

There’s a little temperature icon next to it, and that’s showing my skin temperature over the last few nights. 

Now it needs three nights to baseline data to start with, and that can include up to 30 nights of baseline data.

fitbit sense Fitness Performance
fitbit sense Fitness Performance

and then it shows you the difference from the baseline each night that you sleep. 

so on my testing i look at Sunday which is actually Saturday night,

you can see there i am pretty close to my baseline which makes sense.

and then if we look at Monday night you can see it dips down towards the end of the night, it gets a bit cooler. 

This is just measuring the temperature of skin, not your core temperature, that’s different. 

What is interesting about this though is that the last two nights had the window open in the room, so I noticed that drop in temperature.

there’s a new Purepulse optical heart rate sensor,

that’s what they brand their optical heart rate sensor and this one is the purepulse 2.0.

you can see that optical heart rate sensor on the bottom, the green lights just turned off. 

and that’s going ahead measuring the heart rate with the green lights and then when you see the red lights which you wouldn’t be able to see unless it’s nighttime. 

then that would be the spo2 sensor doing its thing. That’s the new optical heart rate sensor and Fitbit made kind of a big deal.

Our Verdict

The Fitbit Sense watch is a premium watch and is considered better than the Versa 2.

The watch has an EDA sensor that can provide useful insights into your stress levels, but it isn’t there yet.

The skin temperature sensor feature is also useful if you are feeling paranoid about having an illness or need some peace of mind.

But one of the things I didn’t like was the lack of Google Assistant and Bluetooth connectivity support at launch.



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