Fitbit Versa Lite
Fitbit Versa Lite


Versa Lite

Good Stuff

  • Excellent battery life
  • Fun color options
  • Track health on board

    Bad Stuff

  • Limited app store
  • There is no GPS on board
  • no music storage on board
  • The new Fitbit Versa Lite contains many useful features and provides the basic functions of Fitbit’s Versa at a more affordable price.

    Fast Talk (Versa Lite)

    Smartwatches are available in many types, shapes, and capabilities, but at very high prices,

    and buying a watch has become like buying a TV or a smart screen.

    But Fitbit has tried to change that perception with Versa releases,

    it is one of the best smartwatches under $ 200 that has hit the shelves.

    For only $ 139.97, you can get the Versa Lite smartwatch, a watch that provides elegant style and the intuitive and advanced software for which Fitbit is famous.

    However, Versa Lite lacks some of the features you’ll find in competitors like the Apple Watch.

    And if you must choose the Fitbit Versa Lite over the original Versa watch,

    it’s hard to recommend buying the Lite when it’s roughly the same price as the Versa in the UK.

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    Versa Lite Features: App, Basic

    The Fitbit smartwatch platform contains a variety of third-party apps along with the company’s own apps and services.

    There are plenty of examples like Strava and The New York Times.

    Fitbit has a lot of major fitness features to look out for, and you’ll also receive notifications via your wrist,

    but you won’t be able to do much with it other than reading it.

    fitbit versa lite features List
    fitbit versa lite features List

    And if you are on the Android operating system, you will be able to make quick responses to some of the messages you receive, but in a limited way.

    Versa Lite contains a large variety of watch faces that you can download to give your watch a more unique look that expresses you more than basic faces.

    Unfortunately, the watch does not include contactless payments,

    and you cannot download music to the watch and listen to it via Bluetooth headphones.

    Versa Lite Design, light, Bright Display

    The Versa Lite watch is very similar to the Fitbit Versa in terms of design, shape and screen,

    as for this version it is considered one of the most lightweight smart watches of the company so far,

    it is very comfortable when wearing and you did not feel any discomfort from it,

    and it is very suitable for people who have Small wrist. It will definitely be more suitable for you than Fitbit Ionic.

    fitbit versa lite Design
    fitbit versa lite Design

    The watch has a water resistance of 50 meters, but it is not designed specifically for the swimming pool because it does not feature a swim tracking feature.

    But this feature can be taken advantage of when you are out in the rain or accidentally submerge your wrist.

    The Versa Lite has a touch screen in the front, which is a full color screen with a resolution of 300 x 300,

    and is bright and clear, but it never looked as vibrant as the Apple Watch 4,

    and the screen works well enough to navigate and use the various Versa Lite applications and functions.

    There are thick edges around the screen here, and this is seen in colored watches but if you are using a black watch face,

    it is difficult to notice that, and there is the Fitbit logo along the frame in an ornate shape.

    The watch has only one button on the left edge of the watch,

    which wakes the watch to be ready to move between the menus.

    The watch has these colors, as it is white, purple, raspberry and blue,

    and the case is the same color, providing an exciting effect that we did not see on previous Fitbit products.

    Fitness Tracking: For the health of your body

    The Versa Lite smart watch is similar to the standard Fitbit Versa,

    as the watch is designed with a global positioning system,

    so if you plan to use it you will have to take your phone out of exercises to track your location and route while running or cycling.

    Versa Lite also offers you a lot of the same functionality as Versa from Fitbit’s fitness tracker lineup with several upgrades.

    It also has a PurePulse 24/7 heart rate tracker, which is a powerful tool on the watch,

    and is very accurate in results like other wrist-based devices in tracking our heart rate.

    fitbit versa lite Fitness tracking
    fitbit versa lite Fitness tracking

    The PurePulse 24/7 heart rate tracker tracks throughout the day at various intervals, to give you a picture of your overall heart health and during exercise.

    The watch has Versa Lite to track your workouts automatically,

    for example if you stop while running, the watch will realize and pause you until you start moving again.

    What gets better with it and what are the things you need.

    The Versa Lite watch contains many other features such as guided breathing exercises,

    cardio fitness level, sleep monitoring, tracking female health in terms of when or when the menstrual cycle is late.

    You’ll also get a clear picture of your daily stats on the watch, but the app is where you’ll be able to split data over a longer period.

    Battery Life and Charging

    As for battery life, the Versa Lite smart watch will give you at least four days from a single charge, and this is fine,

    but you have to keep in mind that this will change depending on how much you use it.

    If you use the watch constantly for training, tracking your heart rate, and turning on the GPS feature, you will not get great battery life.

    fitbit versa lite charging

    You will also notice that sometimes it will drop between three and four days,

    but this is still fine considering that a lot of other smart watches last for a day or so.

    As for charging, you can recharge the Versa Lite with its own charger included in the box,

    so you have to remember to take this with you when you go away, as there is no wireless charging.

    Versa Lite Performance: Easy, simple

    The Versa Lite smart watch is easy to use, as you can turn on the screen by clicking on the screen

    or by pressing the button on the edge of the left part of the watch,

    and you can click what you want to activate from the main screen or swipe to the right to find other applications you want.

    Each page contains four applications, which is great and very useful,

    as sometimes you will not have to scroll to find what you need,

    and although it is not considered the smoothest interface, it works when you are trying to find a particular feature.

    By opening the watch application, you will then scroll through the different pages present to find the feature you want inside it, for example, it starts with Run,

    but there are other options like Treadmill or cycling if you scroll through the different menus.

    The clock performance is quite good, as we have tested the loading of applications, and found that everything loads smoothly.

    We also found the software to be stable by itself, and we haven’t encountered any glaring difficulties

    or issues that will disappoint you when you wear the Versa Lite on a daily basis.

    Versa Lite includes the Fitbit app, which is a great hub app for all the information you’ve recorded on your watch,

    you can download new apps and watch faces, and search the data your watch has recorded.


    The Fitbit Versa Lite smart watch is a product based on fitness,

    but you should be aware that this watch will not offer you the style

    or functions of other devices such as the Apple Watch smartwatch range.

    But compared to other watches available in the market, it is a smart and low-cost watch,

    it will provide you with enough Versa Lite compared to the original Versa to sacrifice some key features.



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