Fnatic React Plus gaming headset
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The Fnatic React Plus is a gaming headset that has nearly everything you need to succeed in most games and is quite affordable.

Fast Talk

The new Fnatic React Plus headphones are a great gaming headset that provides you with a great user experience.

Comes with 53mm drivers in any of the earbuds, to prevent the bass frequencies from overpowering the mid / high frequencies, it has better performance in your favorite online multiplayer games.

As for the design, although it’s not the most comfortable headphone, it does come with memory foam, and protein-leather earpads that match the shape of your head and isolate sound very well.

The Fnatic React Plus has great controls that have a pleasant feel as well, as there is a dedicated audio wheel and microphone mute button.

Fnatic React Plus also has a great microphone to use, as it makes your voice crystal clear during voice chat.

With these headphones you will get a lot for your money here, which makes it incredibly easy to recommend this gaming headset.


  • Great sound
  • Great microphone
  • Affordable, affordable, affordable
  • It works on most platforms


  • Slight build-up of heat
  • Directional sound comes short in shooters occasionally


The React Plus headphones are extremely affordable, at around $ 74.99 / £ 84.99 / AU $ 140.

It can face both the Razer Blackshark V2, HyperX Cloud Alpha, and other other speakers in the same price range.

Inside The Box

The React Plus headphones come with their own cable, and the cable extension that comes with this headphone is over 6 feet.

There’s also a detachable 3.5mm boom microphone and a 3.5mm audio splitter cable – that’s it.

Fnatic React Plus Outlook: thoughtful design

As for the design, the Fnatic React Plus Gaming Headset has a pleasant but thoughtful design.

The all-black color scheme is decorated with silver accents and elegant trademarks, and is intended for gamers.

Fnatic React Plus gaming headset design
(Image credit: (fnatic.com)

Fnatic’s distinctive orange Find inside the earcups, which have large “L” and “R” indices that let you know how to wear the headset in a jiffy.

Fnatic React Plus also has a high-protein leather earmuff, but there is also an option for a pair of plush earmuffs in the box if you prefer more ventilation and a more open theater sound, and overall you will enjoy as much of the passive isolation and comfort they have provided.

Fnatic React Plus comfortable
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The headphones are a bit light when it comes to fixation strength, but we noticed that the bottom of the earpieces tilted out slightly unless we put the headphone strap directly over our head.

But we were pleased with the overall durability of the headset and found it remained comfortable during hours of gameplay.

Features: Great Microphone

Another highlight of the Fnatic React Plus headphones is the microphone, and it is not only detachable, and this is a feature related to the gaming headset.

And the cardioid design and pop filter ensure that we always hear loud and clear when calling, as we tested the performance of the microphone and my friends could hear my voice clearly.

Fnatic React Plus mic
(Image credit: (fnatic.com)

But Fnatic React Plus does not include microphone monitoring, so if you prefer to hear yourself again when you speak to avoid screaming, you may have to raise your voice louder than you want it to, which is also the reason the ear cups do a good job at isolating noise.

But to solve this you can switch to plush headphone earbuds, which in turn provide you with less insulation from negative noise.

Performance: It gives you a clear and detailed gaming experience

As for the audio performance of the Fnatic React Plus gaming headphones, they are great as they focus on esports, and to be honest we expect high heights with a harsh whistling sound.

Overall, however, Fnatic React Plus provides a seamless voice signature full of detail.

The headphones also avoid bass bleeding thanks to the headphone’s dedicated frequency chambers that deliver a tight bass.

We have tested the headphones in many different games such as PUBG and Call of Duty: Warzone, and the result was great as we did not face any problems of any kind in determining where the enemy is stationed, and Fnatic React Plus helped us a lot in hearing the most important audio information that we need. And it also provided a natural sound.

But what bothered us a little was that there was a noticeable difference between these headphones and other headphones that we were relying on when playing.

Fnatic React Plus comes with a 23 ohm impedance and a frequency response from 20Hz to 40kHz, you won’t have any problems when it comes.

These cases are loud and can be operated by the PS5 DualSense controller while saving a lot of overhead space.

It also provides you with a virtual 7.1 sound that comes when connected to computers via a USB sound card, however, the effect creates a much wider audio range that some players may enjoy, so you don’t need to download any additional software or specific drivers.


The Fnatic React Plus Headset is designed for gaming, it is reflexive based on the Playstation 4 console with the Xbox One controller in the background.

Sadly it lacks surround sound in something geared up, but overall this is a solid stereo gaming headset.

Fnatic React Plus also has a microphone with clear and precise call quality, and has thick, very comfortable pads.

If you are in the market for something affordable with very good performance, then Fnatic React Plus is for you.

If you want to find a gaming headset with surround sound, something like Razer

And if you are looking for some alternatives, the Kraken X is a solid affordable option for your PC, with great surround sound.

There’s also a HyperX Cloud Alpha, it has a much higher microphone and a pretty ergonomic design.


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