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Focal Celestee headphones come at a high price, but the sound and elegance they offer makes them an attractive splurge.

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The new Focal Celestee headphones are the latest version of the French high-fidelity audio device, as they are a pair of closed-back headphones.

These headphones have great sound and manufacturing quality that surpasses even the best over-ear headphones, but they come at a really high price, at $ 990, and that price puts it below the luxury heavy hitters like Meze Audio Empyrean.

Some will argue that the design and technology fully justify MSRP, while others complain that some of the omissions relate to the physical controls and the obvious features.

The Focal Celestee headphones are price at $ 990 at select online retailers, and you can get them from Adorama and Moon Audio.

It’s only sold in one color: navy blue / copper and it also comes with a three year warranty.

Despite the higher price tag for the Focal Celestee, compared to some really expensive headphones like the $ 3,990 Utopia.

Focal Celestee headphones come loaded with accessories. A huge zipped carry bag features a tweed texture design inspired by the headphone color path, along with the leather handle gives you some portability, even if the entire packaging weighs on you.

Also there is the supplied aux cable and the 3.5mm gold-plated adapter there, and the cable is extremely durable, only if there is one complaint, it is that the cable has a little flexibility and gets in the way a lot.


  • Exceptional sound
  • Beautifully assembled
  • Great noise isolation
  • Three-year warranty


  • Big, bulky and heavy
  • They cannot be used for calls or voice assistance
  • There are no controls on board

Key Specifically

Driver size‘M’-shaped Aluminium/Magnesium dome full-range speaker
Size9.8 x 9.4 x 4.7 inches
Weight15.2 ounces
Accessories included1 x jack adapter, 1/8-inch point socket 1/4-inch point plug, carrying case, 1 x 4-foot OFC 24 AWG cable with 1/8-inch unbalanced TRS Jack connector.

Design: It resembles a beautiful piece of art

In terms of design, everything in Focal Celestee headphones looks luxurious, they all come together in one elegant package, and when paired with a headphone stand, they can be an incredibly beautiful decorative piece.

The Focal Celestee are closed-back headphones that close completely on the back to block out external sounds, so you can enjoy the full audio experience.

Focal Celestee headphone design

This design also makes Celestee a suitable choice if you want a model that can eliminate ambient noise in a more natural way than active noise cancellation; Some ears cannot handle the pressure or hissing that ANC produces.

Among the features also in the design are the ear cups, they have a durable plastic cover with some unique details, as this includes embossed fabric, rose gold rivets, and an embossed logo reveals the opening.

The inner part contains a honeycomb speaker grille and flexible leather wrapping around cups and headband, in addition to thin, sturdy aluminum strings that have some flexibility.

As for the controls, Focal Celestee doesn’t have anything. Also, there are no microphones built into the design, which means you cannot use Celestee to make calls or video conferences with co-workers or operate a digital assistant.

As for the wearer, Focal Celestee is extremely comfortable, as the plush padding on the ear cups is gentle on the skin and does not put too much pressure on the side of the head.

The incisors are also very wide, giving your ears more room to breathe.

But overall I suggest selecting the proper fit for your skull because the more flexible the fit, the more likely it will slip due to all that extra weight.

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Features: Great Noise isolation

Although the Focal Celestee headphones are designed for home listening, they have great quality at reducing external noises. When tested, common distractions such as Amazon delivery vans, gusty winds, and passing cars were mostly silent.

All you need to enjoy music in peace is a good closed-ear design to do the trick, which Focal Celestee demonstrates nicely.

Focal Celestee comfort headphone

When I was sitting with my relatives I was able to block Missus’ Zoom calls and any constant grumbling that occurred after nap time.

As for the leakage, loud music will produce a loud amount of volume, my friend had to pull my collar several times,

and he asked me to turn the music down, and lowering the volume by one or two levels wasn’t enough because it could still hear exactly what I was broadcasting.

And if you like audiophiles, then the size and weight alone make Celestee one of the least portable headphones.

the sound remains the same when moving from a laptop to a smartphone. Celestee will adapt to any changes you implement.

And if you want to watch YouTube videos on the go, fortunately there is no latency when watching videos. All audio is synchronized and pure.

Performance: Incredibly balanced sound

Focal Celestee headphones have a 40mm full-range dynamic driver with an aluminum / magnesium “M” dome, and the company has set its driver differently to give Celestee its own unique sound profile.

Thanks to the ventilation hole in the design of each ear cup, this allows for control of frequency response,

and tighter bass in particular, giving listeners an incredibly balanced sound,

as well as high fidelity and no distortion, even when blasting music at a high volume.

Overall, Focal Celestee has excellent sound quality, so you can expect enhanced audio output with an emphasis on clarity and bass.

When trying out Focal Celestee, we noticed that details and nuances emerged from my favorite recordings. Compared to the WH-1000xM4.

Celestee’s audio coil features some of the ventilation you might hear on premium open-back headphones, the headphones give you some layered harmony for more expression and distinction.

And we also heard Joe Pass “Ain’t Misbehavin” and the set was so powerful and great if the musician was giving advanced lessons in my living room.

Also, the low end in Focal Celestee is stable, not very aggressive, but it did produce enough kick to complement the overall sound.


Focal Celestee headphones have performance and craftsmanship that will make you think of breaking the bank,

as this set of boxes detects various elements in recordings that you may not have heard of before.

It provides you with a surprisingly effective isolation, so you don’t have to worry about not having ANC.

In addition to the amazing build quality and extremely durable,

which provides you with great comfort during playing for long periods.

Focal Celestee is mainly suitable for listening at home, as it has on-board controls, the ability to make calls, and use Siri or Google Assistant.

If you have space on the budget, Celestee makes a rewarding purchase.

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