Fujifilm X-T4 review without inner mirror
Fujifilm X-T4 review without inner mirror

Fujifilm X-T4 announced the X-T4 without an internal mirror, which launches the feature in the camera body,

with continuous shooting support up to 15 frames per second,

and supports shooting up to 600 sounds at a time from charging, and launches at a price of $ 1700.

Fujifilm is expanding today its production line of distinctive cameras without an internal mirror, with the X-T4 camera unveiled today,

which includes a 26.1-megapixel sensor that was previously used in the X-T3,

while the new version comes with the feature of installing in five axes in the structure The camera.

The Fujifilm X-T4 features a compact design to support video recording with a 6.5-stop pause for installation,

and includes XF lenses, and the X-T4 camera enables shutter speeds with sharp and clear
shots when shooting in low light.

Fujifilm also introduces the X-T4 camera

with a mechanical shutter at a speed that exceeds any version of the X series of cameras,

as it allows shooting 15 frames per second and also includes a feature of full autofocus and exposure,

also supports electronic shutter up to 20 frames per second.

The camera’s autofocus system comes with a faster performance of up to 02. From the second,

the camera also supports the feature of detection and eye and face tracking with new performance improvements,

while the rear screen in the camera accurately 1.62 million pixels,

and also allows full rotation to support selfie photography.

The camera also includes electronic lenses with new improvements,

as the camera comes with a capacity of 2200 mAh battery,

supports shooting up to 600 shots at a time from charging.

The X-T4 camera is also characterized by a weight of 607 grams, and supports 4K imaging at 60 frames per second, or 1080 pixels at 240 frames per second,

also supports 10-bit video recording with F-Log mode and enhanced dynamic range, and a camera is scheduled to be available X-T4 this spring at $ 1,700.

In addition, there’s a ‘Boost IS’ mode. This can be applied on top of whichever IS mode you’re using, and tells the camera that you’re trying to lock-off your shot,


meaning it provides its maximum possible correction against all movement (rather than assessing whether the camera movement might be intentional).

In addition, the camera offers a ‘Fix Movie Crop Magnification’ option that imposes a 1.29x crop on all the camera’s video modes,

meaning that you can shoot everything from high-speed 1080 and stabilized 4K / 60p through to 4K / 24p with consistent framing. We’ll look at the quality of these crop modes as part of our full review.

240 fps 1080 capture

One of the only core spec changes,

relative to the X-T3 is the addition of up to 240 fps shooting in Full HD mode.

The high-speed 1080 mode is a separate menu option and creates footage output as anything from 1/4 speed 60p footage down to 1 / 10th speed 24p output. PAL users get 200 or 100 fps capture slowed down to 50 or 25p.

Interface improvements

Along with dedicated control for switching between stills and video modes, the X-T4 features separate menus for the two modes.

The video mode does not need a tab dedicated to flash control which means the Audio and Time Code settings have been broken out and given their own tabs in the video menu.

This is an excellent move, since it frees up space in both menus,

making them less densely packed and making them easier to navigate.

The X-T4 also gets its own Q.Menu, that’s configured independently from the version in stills mode. Just as in stills mode,

you can configure the Q Menu to offer 4, 8, 12 or 16 settings, and whether you want it to appear on a gray or transparent background.

The separated stills and video menus also mean there are separate ‘My Menu’ tabs that can be populated with the settings you change semi-regularly.

The only major piece of customization that’s carried over between the two modes is button configuration.

Movie Optimized Control

The camera’s touchscreen-led user interface for video shooting has been renamed and refreshed in the X-T4.

It’s now called ‘Movie Optimized Control’ rather than Movie Silent Control,

with the key distinction being that you can now use the camera’s control dials in this mode if you wish.

The touchscreen interface has been made slightly larger, though we still find it a little fiddly but, as before, you can use the joystick to navigate the interface if you prefer.

The option to use the camera’s command dials is a hugely positive step, meaning you can, for instance,

set shutter speed in the touchscreen menu but have an aperture on the front dial and ISO on the rear dial for immediate access, without having any impact on the camera’s stills setup.

Focus Check Lock

Another small addition is a ‘Focus Check Lock’ option. This maintains the magnified ‘Focus Check’ view when you start recording,

so that it doesn’t immediately jump back out to the whole-image view.

Even with the option engaged, you can still hit a button to jump back from this punched-in view whenever you wish.

F-Log View Assist

The X-T4 also gains the ability to show a corrected preview when shooting or playing-back F-Log footage.

This applies a gamma correction to the EVF and LCD, making it easier to visualize the end result. It doesn’t appear to apply a gamut/saturation adjustment,

though, so the image with View Assist turned on looks like a slightly more desaturated version of Eterna.

Line-level mic input

The X-T4 now has an option to accept line-level audio input,

instead of the level of an un-powered mic. It’s a menu option that expands the range of audio sources that can be used with the X-T4.

Backup recording

The X-T4 lets you configure how its two slots are used with separate options for stills and video.

In movie mode you can shoot sequentially to one card then the other, or to both simultaneously, to provide redundancy.

You can set the camera up to shoot movies to one card and stills to the other,

but if either card fills up, it’ll start recording everything to the card that still has space remaining.


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