Garmin Enduro Smartwatch

The Garmin Enduro is an impressive watch, with an impressive 65-day charge in smartwatch mode and 80 hours of GPS, along with various other features.

Fast Talk

The Garmin Enduro is similar to the brutal Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar, but is slightly smaller, more comfortable and slightly cheaper than the Fenix 6 series.

But in general it offers the same specifications, as it has multiple sensors, a battery that can last for months, in addition to having most of the smartwatch features that come standard with high-end Garmins devices.

The Garmin Enduro is for a fairly small market, where solar charging is great, but you have to be outside for hours at a time to get the most out of it. It’s also a fairly bulky device that will make you stand out in the office or bar.

The Garmin Enduro is now available in the market in two versions, with a steel strap with a gray nylon UltraFit and a price of about $ 799, which has a stainless steel frame. It weighs 2.5 oz.

The other version, a Carbon Gray DLC Titanium with an UltraFit black nylon strap, comes at around $ 899 and comes with a diamond-like carbon frame.


  • Insane battery life
  • Huge screen
  • Nice nylon strap
  • Lots of features focused on super durability


  • price
  • No onboard maps for price
  • No music on board for the price
  • Huge size

Garmin Enduro Key Specifically

Display1.4-inch (280 x 280)
Water resistance330 feet
Battery life50 days/65 days with solar
Weight2.5 ounce (Steel), 2.15 ounce (Titanium)
Size2 x 2 x 0.6 inches
Smartwatch compatibilityiPhone, Android
Heart rate sensorYes

Large size design

In terms of design, the first thing that catches your attention in the Garmin Enduro watch is the size, as it comes in a relatively large size, and this design may not fit some, as large watches tend to feel uncomfortable, as they may slide around my wrist when I wear them, or I wear them too tight So much so that I end up causing a rash on my wrist.

But what is unique about the Garmin Enduro watch is that it’s rather comfortable for a 2.5-ounce watch, and it has a 26 mm nylon strap, which attaches with Velcro on the outside.

The face-to-skin portion of the belt is a single piece of material, with no metal clips or holes.

Overall, the Garmin Enduro is more practical than elegant, and the screw heads on the bezel and button labels make it clear that it is meant to be a durable sport watch.

But it is not a desk clock, it is designed to withstand the outside elements, and it also comes with a standard military rating of 810, meaning that it can withstand extreme heat, cold and submersion in water up to approximately 330 feet.

Basic Features (Amazing Battery Life, Easy Application)

One of the very impressive and impressive features of the Garmin Enduro watch is its battery life, as it has support from solar energy, Garmin Enduro will last with you for up to 65 days in smartwatch mode and up to about 80 hours in standard GPS mode.

Indeed, in our practical test, the battery used nearly 50% of its capacity, and we also enabled automatic motion recognition and SpO2 throughout the day.

Garmin Enduro battery life

Also, there were three half-hour outdoor activities using GPS during the test period, and frequent scrolling through the tools, reading notifications, and displaying various protocols on the watch made the screen brightness activated repeatedly.

You can use your Garmin Enduro watch without a smartphone, thanks to the included data cable, as the computer will continue to connect to your Garmin account and also install updates.

But if you connect it to your smartphone, then you need the Garmin Connect app for Android or iOS.

And you can control the training recording, select applications or menus, or move between data and tool pages using five keys on both sides, due to the lack of a touch screen.

Other Features

One of the things I liked very much is that the screen is not filled with all the widgets with Garmin. Instead, they form a vertical list, as each contains an informational overview of the corresponding app.

Pressing the Enduro key also opens QuickPanel to get important or often used options. You can also set a total of seven functions individually, and you can operate them either with a long press or by pressing two keys simultaneously.

With the Garmin Enduro watch, you can accept an incoming phone call including caller ID if the watch is connected to an Android smartphone, and you can also send an SMS to the caller. If you accept the call, then you should take it on your smartphone.

Performance: Activity tracking and sensors

The Garmin Enduro watch has a range of activities, you can nod towards trail running, cross-country skiing and other sports.

Garmin Enduro also allows you to set favorites for tracking; For example, if you practice yoga frequently, you won’t have to scroll to the end of the alphabetical list to find it.

The Garmin Enduro overall is easy to use for running tracking, quickly finds a GPS signal, pauses and resumes operation with the press of a button, providing an audible sound at every mile mark.

Upon tests the watch was comfortable on my long runs, and despite its size I hardly noticed it.

Garmin Enduro also comes with a range of sensors that you would find in the best fitness trackers, for example possessing an altimeter, compass, accelerometer, and thermometer. It also enables you to read weather information compatible with my smartphone’s forecast, and in addition to tracking the weather, Garmin Enduro will inform you of sunrise and sunset times.

But during tests, I found that the altimeter was not the best thing. During two weeks of wearing the watch, Garmin Enduro showed altitude at home anywhere from -50 feet to more than 200 feet, and the actual altitude in my neighborhood is about 30 feet.


The new Garmin Enduro watch is very similar to the 6 Pro Solar in many ways, but contains much more battery power – even without activating battery saving functions or using solar energy.

Garmin Enduro also has a large 51mm Fenix ​​6X screen, but if you want a solar-powered version like the Enduro, the 51mm Fenix ​​version will set you back $ 1,100.

The Enduro also misses the music significantly – which of course is the FR 645, 745, 945 and Fenix ​​6 music.

Overall, the Garmin Enduro is by no means a perfect watch, but it paves the way for a line of watches that are actually suited to the ultra-high distance crowd.

If battery and power management is the biggest sticking point with a smartwatch, then the Garmin Enduro is your watch.

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