Garmin HRM-Pro
Garmin HRM-Pro
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The Garmin HRM-Pro Belt comes with an impressive stack of features. It is the most advanced heart rate belt that Garmin has to offer, and is designed for multi-sport use, but you have to pay a lot for it.

Garmin HRM-Pro: Fast Talk

The Garmin HRM-Pro has some smart things that a regular heart rate belt does not.

It has its own internal storage unit that is very useful for those who do not want to wear a watch all the time

or for those keen to collect heart rate data while swimming.

It also has Bluetooth and ANT + connections, and is happy to work with elaborate systems that include multiple devices or applications. Something that attracts Zwift users.

If you have a compatible Garmin watch and are keen to get additional operating dynamics metrics, this is a more reasonable option.

It also has the future protection inherent in owning something that communicates easily and can store data.


  • Bluetooth and ANT + connectivity
  • Inbuilt storage
  • Ongoing metrics


  • Some features are restricted to Garmin owners
  • Expensive

ٍSimple Design 

The Garmin HRM-Pro has a very nice shape with the smart portion of the unit built into the strap itself instead of being detachable, it’s also more robust than average.

Garmin HRM-Pro Design
Garmin HRM-Pro Design

And it comes with a single CR2032 battery, which means this should last about a year before needing a replacement.

With the charge shown in the app still, you don’t have to worry about finding it flat, as the emergence of a new battery is relatively minor,

the kind of thing that anyone with a small screwdriver can achieve and an extra five minutes.

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Why would you buy one?

The Garmin HRM-Pro is a gentle device, not as annoying as the optical sensors you’ll find on the back of many sporty watches, on the contrary it is an EKG strap.

It’s the only way to get a truly accurate heart rate measurement, meaning that even if your smartwatch is already “working” on your heart rate, you can still benefit from a single sync with it.

The Garmin HRM-Pro is specially design for serious athletes, as it is a heart rate belt that puts you goodbye to the need to call another device or carry a smartwatch, bike computer or phone, the Garmin HRM-Pro is one of the latest generation of heart rate monitors. Which includes an internal memory function.

It can record 18 hours of data before writing again from the start, so you can wear the strap on its own before syncing your data later with a host of devices.

As we said with the Garmin HRM-Pro, you don’t have to wear a watch or carry a phone.

Any metrics captured are broadcasted, making them viewable via the Garmin’s Connect app.

But the app will not only get the heart rate data, it will also calculate the steps taken with an estimate of distance and calories burned.

Generally, you can use the Garmin HRM-Pro as an activity tracker, and it will work just like a normal heart rate belt if left connected to any device you choose.

In short, the HRM-Pro will give you a lot of options when it comes to recording your indicator.

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Garmin HRM-Pro Features: Running Dynamics

Garmin HRM-Pro also has identical internal memory functions, other brands like Wahoo and Polar also make similar products.

This leaves the HRM-Pro’s Advanced Operating Dynamics capability a real standout, but is currently only available to modern Garmin watch owners.

Garmin HRM-Pro running dynamic
(Image Credit: Garmin)

Pairing the Garmin HRM-Pro belt will add metrics including cadence, vertical oscillation and ratio,

plus ground contact time and balance, as well as how well it is maintain during the run.

It will also give an appreciation of your running strength; For example, it will let you report on the level of effort you exert regardless of changes in inclination or terrain, and for serious runners this is great for the plunger.

But unlike heart rate data, Running Dynamics data captured by Garmin HRM-Pro cannot store and review later and this means that you will need a paired Garmin compatible watch to process the additional information.

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Garmin HRM-Pro Performance: Very accurate measurements

In terms of performance, once installed, the Garmin HRM-Pro will get off to a good start by pairing it with everything I mentioned, when it tested it paired with an iPhone and a smartwatch.

Connecting with Bluetooth with all of these was very synchronous, plus the unlimited number of ANT + connections, data addicts would be able to pair it with multiple apps and devices simultaneously, and this is suitable for anyone using online training platforms like Zwift.

As we said, the HRM-Pro has very high accuracy, although the accuracy between the EKG belts is negligible, but it seems that it does not miss a beat.

The Garmin HRM-Pro is also very suitable for swimmers, although smartwatches with optical sensors now work in the pool, the Garmin HRM-Pro gives better accuracy.

Also, straps with onboard storage units such as the Garmin HRM-Pro allow swimmers to capture their data while at the pool, before emptying it in an hour, which is really cool.

But with repeated exposure to chlorine it will accelerate belt wear.


The HRM-Pro is a chest strap that calculates heart rate changes faster than a watch, making it a great tool.

It is suitable for people who train according to heart rate zones.

The Garmin HRM-Pro is more than just measuring heart rate, it can also provide you with data about your stride length, ground contact time, cadence and vertical oscillation.

But if swimming is your main sport, repeated exposure to chlorine will cause the tape to degrade more quickly.

Heart rate belt Buying Link Price Store
Garmin HRM-Pro Check Price 129,99 $ Amazon


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