Garmin Instinct Solar
Garmin Instinct Solar

Garmin Instinct Solar – The garment instinct series is essentially like a garment Phoenix light, it’s got a lot of the navigation and kind of hiking and sport functions of a Garmin Phoenix.


  • Exceptional battery life
  • Well designed interface
  • Great range of activities, including triathlon


  • Plastic case looks a little cheap
  • Black and white display

Garmin Instinct Solar Features

  • Display: 23mm diameter 128 x 128 pixels resolution monochrome, sunlight-visible
  • Watch materials: Fiber-reinforced polymer with silicone band
  • Water resistance: 10 ATM (100 meters)
  • Bands: Supports Quick Fit 22mm bands.
  • Connectivity and sensors: Bluetooth, ANT+, GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO, Garmin Elevate optical HR, pulse Ox, barometric altimeter, three-axis compass, accelerometer, thermometer
  • Battery: Rated for 30 hours in GPS training mode or 38 hours when using solar charging. 
  • Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 15.3 mm and 53 grams

Garmin Instinct Solar Design

Garmin Instinct Solar Design

Garmin Instinct Solar has a body made of durable and stable polymers as it is recycled from fibers.

It has a standard silicone strap that can be easily changed.

 It’s a very practical and tough design that I think is not smart enough to wear everyday off paths, paths, lakes, and sea.

This watch uses a photoelectric on the face, Garmin devices use a technology called Power Glass, which takes energy without sacrificing the look of the watch.

 But Power Glass is not quite as strong as sapphire glass, but it’s still very strong and resistant to shocks and scratches and that’s a very good thing.

It weighs 53 grams, and its condition is identical – 45 mm in diameter, not excessively wide, but 15.3 mm thick, strangled on the wrist.


Garmin Instinct Solar Display

The screen is a monochrome memory in pixels, which some users may find intermittent as they do not have bright colors such as red for example.

It also features a permanent playback feature, you can access the backlight by quickly clicking the left button at the top.

You can also customize the power of the backlight through the same watch with ease, and you can customize the Garmin Connect app. The final touch of the lens means that it is easy to read in direct sunlight, which is very important.

Like most modern fitness trackers from Garmin, Instinct Solar charges via a mini USB cable

that connects to the back of the case, a design that feels safer and less likely to be shifted while charging.

 It comes in black, tropical blue, orchid, Sunburst and Flame Red), but there are also plenty of special releases on the way later in.

Garmin Instinct Solar Battery Life

GPS Instinct Solar battery life is 38 hours visibly chunky, up from 30 in the standard watch version. In clock mode.

Instinct Solar lasts 54 days, which is a serious improvement over the 24 you get without the panels.

You can find out how much sunlight the panels are exposed to by using a tool

called the solar energy density on the watch, which is a very good feature.

It is amazing how I found that the watch records sun exposure, even on cloudy days.


The Garmin Instinct Solar watch is not a sport watch that my gameplay is limited to, it is thin and elegant GPS,

but rather it focuses on providing a solid and strong device that can face different environmental conditions for days and weeks in different countries depending on the weather, whether cold or hot.

Personally, I am a fan of big watches and find Instinct Solar works well on my wrist.

Upon testing I noticed that Garmin Instinct Solar has no color display.

I have never found color screens to be a staple of the GPS sports watch but there are only official and strict colors.

I just need an outdoor reading screen with backlighting available when needed

and Instinct Solar provides just that, it’s amazing and impressive.

Garmin Instinct Solar features a small screen.

I liked this detail as I find this shaded area useful in providing basic information and clarifying what one click will provide on the GPS button.


You can pause and resume activities with just a quick click of a button,

but finishing your activity and syncing with Garmin Connect requires several clicks,

as this reduces the possibility of accidentally stopping tracking before you have finished the exercise.

But there is an issue that we sometimes encountered with less-designed fitness trackers, especially those with touch screens.

You can also lock buttons, which it is great for ball sports such as squash

and tennis where they could be hit by cross roads.

Garmin’s excellent navigation, the GPS / Galileo / GLONASS helps literally cover you virtually anywhere on Earth and not in certain spots.

The device also provides a thermometer, altimeter and compass, but it is my personal opinion to never use it with a smart watch as the only means of travel when exploring the countryside.

Garmin Instinct Solar Performance

Garmin Instinct Solar has many improvements inside the box.

These include the SpO2 sensor, which is a very important feature for studying

and knowing changes in blood oxygen saturation, and also knowing the customizable battery saving modes so that you can prioritize the features that you use most.

However, anything you’ll still need to give Instinct Solar an initial charge, but then it’s great to check the battery meter and see it barely budge.

Garmin says that the watch can keep working indefinitely if I keep it in power saving mode and from my personal opinion so this is amazing, it can withstand without having to hook up at all.

But this performance feature is only possible with direct exposure to sunlight for at least three hours a day.

A nice feature of this watch is that there is a fairly large limit to the intuitive screen,

with a small circular cut that displays various icons, showing you what the upper right button will do at any given time you want it, it’s amazing.


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