Garmin Venu Sq
Garmin Venu Sq

The Garmin Venu Sq Watch is great value for those who are health-conscious, exercise-conscious, and want an inexpensive fitness tracker.

Just a glance

This is the brand new Garmin Venu SQ which expands the garmin venu lineup of Smartwatches with more budgets-friendly options. 

but it still packs in a lot of fitness features for the money.

so there’s going to be two different versions of the Garmin Venu SQ.

there’s going to be a version without music as well as a version with music. 

the version without music that’s going to start at 200 and then the version with music is going to start at 250 dollars. 

but i think both watches are going to be really good options around that 200 to 250 price range if you want a pretty capable smartwatch that has some really good fitness capabilities.


  • Huge range of fitness and health features
  • GPS accurate and fast
  • Great battery life
  • good price


  • Poor choice of application
  • Feeling cheap


Display1.3 inches, 240 x 240 pixels
Water resistance5 ATM
Battery life6 hours (GPS+ music), 14 hours (GPS)
Mobile PaymentsYes
Size40 x 37 x 11.5mm
Weight1.3 ounces
Specifications Table


From Smartwatch features you’ll get one-way notifications when you pair the Venu SQ up with an iPhone. 

but when you pair with an Android device you’ll be able to reply to text messages using one-way responses that you’ll set up in garmin connect. 

and then on either type of phone, you can choose to answer or decline a call,

but you’ll speak on your phone and not the watch itself. 

there’s also contactless payments using garmin pay,

and then you’ll also be able to see your calendar events and weather information on the watch itself. 

Garmin Venu Sq features
Garmin Venu Sq features

With the music version of the Garmin Venu SQ you’ll be able to sync playlists from a bunch of the popular streaming music services like Spotify, pandora, deezer as well as Amazon music. 

but you can also choose to save that 50 bucks by going with the non-music version. 

and being that it does have music storage and playback,

the Garmin Venu Sq does pair up with Bluetooth headphones and i paired up the Airpods pro as well as the jaybird vistas with no problems.

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Design and Display

The Garmin Venu SQ has a rounded off rectangle design which takes the departure from the round design, that’s found on the original Venu. 

It has a nice bright, LCD display which is going to be different from the original Venu which has an AMOLED display. 

but I still found the display on the Venu SQ to be nice and vibrant.

out of the box the Garmin Venu SQ uses a raise to wake gesture to wake up the display but SQ also does have an always-on display mode, just like the original Venu that you can enable in the watch settings. 

Garmin Venu Sq Design
Garmin Venu Sq Design

i find that the always-on display is nice where you can take a glance at your watch without having to raise your wrist to wake it up. 

but just keep in mind that it’ll drain the battery faster using the always-on display. 

on the back of the device you’ll find the charging port along with Garmin’s elevated heart rate sensor. 

and the Garmin Venu SQ also does have a blood oxygen sensor. and the Venu SQ uses industry standard 20 millimeter watch straps.

so you’ll be able to mix things up if you’d like with tons of different watch straps to choose from.


for daily activity tracking on your watch there’s your steps, your calories burned as well as your tracked hydration. 

you’ll be able to enter this widget where it gives details of the activities including the calories burned and some other details like distance and time. 

you can see your intensity minutes which is basically how much time you spent doing moderate to vigorous activities along with your weekly goal as well as a breakdown of those minutes throughout the week. 

you’ll be able to view your step details and how it compares with your daily goal. 

you can be your step history and whether or not you met your step goals on a particular day, the distance traveled each day. 

you’ll also be able to see your calories for the day and this is broken down by your active as well as resting calories. 

and again you can dive in to see the history and then you’ll have a hydration widget where you’ll be able to track the amount of water that you’re consuming in a day. which can be a nice reminder to hydrate.

Health and fitness tracking

For Health tracking, the Garmin Venu SQ can track your heart rate 24 hours a day,

your stress level, body battery, respiration rate as well as your blood oxygen level and you can dive into any of these to view more detail. 

like with a body battery which gives an indication of your energy levels throughout the day, and this is going to be based on your sleep as well as the activities you’ve done. 

so it shows you a nice graph over the last eight hours and how it compares with your stress levels as well as your body battery since midnight. 

you’ll also be able to see your respiration rate along with a seven day average,

and then you can also view your blood oxygen saturation level that uses the spo2 sensor.

Garmin Venu Sq Health and fitness tracking
Garmin Venu Sq Health and fitness tracking

the Garmin Venu SQ also has sleep tracking which I find to be fairly accurate.

You’ll be able to dive into lots of details about your sleep including the time spent in different sleep stages. 

you can see a timeline along with your movement throughout the night,

your blood oxygen levels as well as your respiration rate. 

for activity profiles the Garmin Venu SQ comes with a good selection

where you can use it for running both outdoors and indoors, cycling both outdoors and indoors as well. 

there’s some walking profiles, pool swimming, golf, winter sports like skiing,

snowboarding and cross-country skiing, stand-up paddle boarding, and strength training. 

there’s going to be yoga pilates and breath work as well as the elliptical,

stair stepper, rowing both outdoors and indoors and navigation function. 

and then you can also add activity profiles by copying an activity that may be similar to whatever activity that you’re planning on doing.

Battery Life

As for the battery life, the Garmin Venu Sq watch lasts up to six days in smartwatch mode,

and its life reaches about 14 hours using GPS, and when using GPS and playing songs, it reaches six hours.

And I tested that watch where I wore it for four days,

I wore it for two nights and ran for half an hour with GPS and the battery dropped to 27 percent.


In terms of how the Garmin Venu SQ performed in a fitness capacity,

so for example the running, on this run the Venu SQ did a great job at tracking the total distance, really good stuff. 

if we take a closer look at the actual GPS tracks, it was kind of interesting

where most of the run was pretty much spot on and then on the last half mile or so,

it veered off slightly where it still followed the same shape as the other devices. 

but it thought i was about 20 feet north of where i actually was,

and this seemed like an anomaly just because when we look at the cycling GPS tracks here in a second, the Venu SQ was nearly perfect.

for Heart rate it was pretty close to the external heart rate straps over the course of the run, but i did encounter a handful of spots where it tracked about six to eight beats per minute high. 

and then for running indoors the Garmin Venu Sq also does have that treadmill profile,

so it’s kind of important to go run a handful of times outdoors first. 

so the watch can kind of learn your running dynamics, so it’ll be able to give a better estimation of indoor running distance. 

and the Garmin Venu SQ did a really good job coming in quite close to the distance recorded on the treadmill. 

and what’s also nice is that when you complete your run, you’ll be able to fine-tune that distance if for some reason it’s off. 

for cycling the Garmin Venu Sq will collect your time, distance, calories burned as well as more details that you can view in Garmin connect.

for the heart rate accuracy the average and max lined up pretty closely on this road ride, and it did really well.

Our Verdict

With the Garmin Venu SQ Watch you’ll get nearly all the health and fitness features.

The Garmin Venu Sq watch costs $ 199, the Venu Sq is available in Orchid / Orchid Metallic, White / Light Gold, and Taupe / Slate Venu Sq Music Edition is offered in Light Sandy / Rose Gold, Dark Blue / Light Gold, Moss / Slate and Black



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