Gogoro Eeyo 1S
Gogoro Eeyo 1S

Gogoro Eeyo 1S is ready to add new transportation to their team. The Eeyo 1 electric bike is the new entryway for this method.

This bike is made of carbon fiber tires and is backed by an Eeyo Smartwheel located on a hub on the rear wheel, along with an electric motor and sensors.


  • All-in-one Smart Wheel drive
  • Thrilling, enjoyable ride
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • High tech display


  • Expensive.
  • Lacking basic accessories.
  • Depends on the application.
  • Market specializes in focusing on products and especially.

Gogoro Eeyo 1S Design

Gogoro bike is not the first type of bike to have a seat tube.

But the unbroken curves and lines of the frame make Eeyo 1s one of the most memorable memories and experiences if you go through the experience.

The bike has top tubular cans plus a seat chair that runs diagonally to the rear wheel.

The bottom tube naturally splits into two identical sections so that the chain extends along the bottom part towards the cassette and the rear axle.

In my personal opinion it is impressive and impressive, because it gives you countless double road trips and fun too.

The power supply is usually in plain sight – connected to the seat tube, under the rear shelf, or where the front carrier usually sits.

In Gegoro’s Eeyo 1s, the 123Wh battery is sealed inside a large metal cylinder located in the center of the rear wheel. 

It is an unconventional position that attracts the eye and keeps the frame skinny.

Gogoro Eeyo 1S Options

Gogoro Eeyo 1S Options

Gogoro is not the first to make an electronic bike without screen or physical controls.

It takes half a second for your phone to establish a Bluetooth bike connection

and this is a very good thing as you don’t get bored and wait for the connection.

Also, pressing for another long period of time will help you open the engine,

but I see it strangely ineffective if you are used to jumping on a bike and starting right away.

If the Eeyo 1s bike opens with a physical button sequence similar to VanMoof e-bikes, it will get much better.

And if Eeyo 1s is locked and your phone’s battery is completely depleted, you won’t have one choice and just ride home with a pedal.

During heavy winds and heavy rain, I wanted to keep my valuable mobile device somewhere safer.

But I soon disgraced my opinion. As the screens helped Ali Choishy easily

and found that her omission helped me stay on top of my focus and I was relaxing all the way.

Speed and Battery

She was able to test the Eeyo 1S bike in Europe, so she was able to easily set the American speed limit in the app.

 This allowed me to access pedal assistance at speeds of up to 20 mph (32 km / h) rather than the European limit of 25 km / h (16 mph).

When I was testing the bike outside of Amsterdam city center,

then most of the time I was getting Eeyo 1S full of vitality and ease

the highest maximum auxiliary speed causing Smartwheel to enter “protection mode”,

by cutting off the pedal assistance until the road speed drops to 12 km / h (7.5 mph) the clock).

This was annoying to me as Gogoro says the parts are very necessary to protect the battery from damage,

but an unexpected restraint on a bike called “sports car” for e-bikes, as it is considered a drawback.

Truthfully I was in doubt over the alleged 40-mile (64 km) range from the 123Wh battery in Sport mode (or 55 miles / 89 km in economy mode).

And the test that I did was surprisingly good: I did two tests: one of them runs fairly long distances, and the other in the real world city rides over four days.

Both tests were done on flat ground with very little headwind and almost opposite reflex.

Gogoro Eeyo 1S Performance

But there are some negative and imperfect details in the bike like removing a seat tube, for example, as it makes it difficult to adjust the height of the saddle.

But it is helpful that the company offers five different lengths of car seats when you buy them.

If you want to make adjustments to adjust the height of the saddle,

for example, you will need to open two panels on the underside of the frame

and they are different as one of them is attached to fairly small nails,

and the second frame must be dismantled the inner clamp that maintains the safety of the seat shaft to ensure your safety.

The second frame requires dismantling a hex key, and the correct angle must be found in such a small area because, in my view, it is difficult.

I was very happy with the soft, sticky rubber on the handle and also the phone holder was very useful

as I was not afraid of it falling while driving, but what I hate about the holder Hua is

that it really attracts the phone holder dust, sand and lint, but both clean quickly with some water and soap.

It is my personal opinion that placing the caliper installed near the pedals is an impressive part of the engineering, even if it comes to the simple Tektro V-Clip.

The front wheel is stuck with a disc brake called TRP.

Both brakes were completely reliable at stopping the bike throughout the test period.


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