Google has Decided to Remove the search suggestions

Search suggestions – There is always a problem we face with the terms that appear automatically in Google,

and that is trying to write a new search. Even if some of the phrases are just for entertaining celebrity interviews.

Others sometimes direct users towards problematic, strange, and fake news,

in addition to harmless things like spoilers for movies, series, and various video games.

Ultimately, the suggestions are based on what other people are looking for in any field, after all.

But in the context, Google start to change its autocomplete policies to theoretically get rid of a certain category of suggestions,

and that decision was due to the preparation for the US presidential elections for the year 2020,

as that problem can be interpreted as preference for a particular candidate or political party.

Where the predictions that can be interpreted as a position with or against any candidate

or political party should not allowed, nor should they be interpreted

as allegations about participation in the electoral process

so that the presidential elections do not lose their integrity and validity.

But despite this decision, Google actually claimed in 2016 that “autocomplete does

not favor any candidate or issue,” when it was accused of hiding negative

autocomplete results about Hillary Clinton during her candidacy against US President Trump.

Therefore, Google decided not to repeat this problem again and work to solve it before the next election,

instead of making sure that searches for candidates and political parties are not bias in any way,

Google will simply remove search suggestions that may prefer any party or candidate. at all.

The company presented some examples in a blog post: It said it would apparently remove both the terms

“you can vote over the phone” and “you cannot vote by phone” by Google, in order to achieve balance and full credibility.

It also stated that it mainly relies on automated systems to approximate

its policies and prevent the emergence of contrary expectations.

If we receive reports or otherwise identify any violations,

our Trust and Safety team enforces these policies.

A clarification added from Google that this will apply automatically

and proactively through its systems before the upcoming presidential election.


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