Google Home Mini
Google Home Mini

The Home Mini is extremely cheap for those looking to purchase in a Google smart home system Speaker.

It also has a unique and elegant design and contains special and useful features, but its audio performance is not good.

Just a glance

The Google Home Mini is fantastic, it’s as smart as the original,

but at just thirty eight point five percent of the cost, it’s just 50 bucks.

Design wise, the Google Home Mini nails it. 

it’s smaller than a donut, weighs only a hundred and seventy grams, and comes in three distinct colours. 

Mini has no visible buttons, relying instead on a touch sensitive fabric top

to adjust the volume and craftily stealthed indicator lights for visual feedback. 

there’s a hardware switch for disabling the mini’s microphones out right when you want some definite privacy. 

the mini’s single 40 millimeter drive emits equally in all directions.

and for the music, there are only a handful of phones that I’ve used with “acceptable speakers”. 

the quality is more on par with, or even exceeding what you might expect from a laptop, and it’s surprisingly loud, so you could use it instead of your Bluetooth speaker. 

Broadcast is an upcoming feature that lets you send messages throughout the house in the assistant voice, that’s pretty cool.

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  • Integrates with Google Cast
  • Offers bluetooth support
  • IoT friendly
  • Incredible value


  • The sound performance is poor


Product TypeSmart Speaker
ManufacturerGoogle, Inc
Product NameHome Mini Smart Speaker
Package ContentsHome Mini Smart Speaker ,Quick Start Guide , Power Adapter and Cable
CompatibilityAndroid 4.2 and Higher, iOS 9.1 and Higher ,Mobile Device
Specifications Table


The Google Home Mini is characterized by a unique, elegant and extremely stylish design,

as it is characterized by the texture of the fabric on top of this device

with the matte plastic in the lower half, and the mesh cloth is not just a sight,

as it actually conducts your touch in a few areas.

The Home Mini is small and lightweight, the size of a palm and shaped like a donut.

Originally you could tap the middle to play and pause,

For example, clicking on the upper pause and resume play,

and to hail the assistant without using your voice,

but that functionality has actually since been disabled. 

And possibly forever, according to a Google statement,

since some kind of bug was causing the Mini to record audio without you asking.

That means physically, there’s really not much to it anymore.

Placing your finger on the left and right sides of the speaker reduces or increases the volume, as you might expect.

A very nice feature is that the Home Mini lights up four LED lights at the top to show that your action has been recorded, when you move with your voice or touch the device.

And on the back of it, you can see a round rubber mat, in order to install it on any surface you place it on.

As for the Home Mini colors, they are available in chalk (gray) or charcoal (black) and distinctive orange.


As for the ports, the Home Mini features a micro-USB port at the back to save energy, as the device is completely battery-free.

Google Home Mini Ports
Google Home Mini Ports

There is also a microphone switch and its purpose is to turn off active listening, making this a must-tap loudspeaker to interact with it.


One of the advantages and features of the Home Mini is that you can make a call for free in the United States, a feature that was recently launched in the United Kingdom.

Also, there is a feature to stream music through a variety of music apps like Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube Music.

It can send a request to pull a YouTube video to your Chromecast to start watching effortlessly.

The Home Mini is also extremely functional, as it can also integrate with Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as TP-Link, Philips Hue, Wemo and more.

But regardless of its clever capabilities for a moment, the Home Mini boasts an impressive array of features available right out of the box for those who can’t be bothered by talking to their speakers or connecting to external services.

Connecting is easy with the Google Home app and it’s quick to teach you a thing or two about Home Mini, such as how it works and resources that provide instant access to a variety of free audio content.

If you only want to use the Home Mini as a set of Bluetooth speakers,

the Google Home app offers pairing settings.

One of the features I really liked about this device was that Google Home combined the sound bar connected to Chromecast Audio and Google Home Mini to create a surround sound setup.

Through our testing of the device, we found that the Google Home Mini should not be used by more than an office companion, or just hearing the latest news.

The Google Home Mini is the cheapest Google Assistant enabled speaker available, thankfully.

Our Verdict

The Google Home Mini is characterized by its low price with more advantages and different and useful features, apart from being very smart, but it is not ideal, Google Home Mini is less than half the price of the larger Google Home, and half its size as well; However, there is of course a noticeable difference in performance.

Home Mini is known to be Google’s attempt to get the assistant into as many homes as possible.



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