Google Nest Mini
Google Nest Mini

Google Nest Mini is a great speakerphone in every new and smart home, it gives you a great experience with the Google Assistant, but even so it lacks the music of the best speakers, and you will need to subscribe to songs apps such as Spotify or Google Music Play.

Just a Glance

Google Nest Mini is a multi-purpose device, as it works as a gateway to the smart home via the Google Assistant, and also works as a powerful speaker that can be controlled with your voice or through your phone using Bluetooth.

It has a smart and high sound, but it does not have the power and clarity as an Amazon Echo Studio device, but despite that it has many different features, such as the elegant design and the application that it contains, which offers many services, and finally the great price as it has a very low price, the price is $ 49.99.


  • Relatively cheap
  • Built-in Google Assistant
  • Great mid-range clarity


  • There is no stereo separation
  • No free music on request
  • There is no 3.5mm line / port output


Dimensions: 1.65 x 3.85 inches
181g (6.38oz) 
WIFI and Bluetooth support
Google Assistant built in
Supports Android and iOS apps
Rear keyhole for mounting
Specifications Table


One of the main features in the Google Nest Mini is the Google Assistant, it is considered a powerful assistant that can take advantage of your calendar to set various appointments and set reminders and timers, and it can also control music from popular broadcast services, connect to some smart TVs and answer many .

The existing app (Google Home) will enable you to do a lot of things by setting it up first.

For example, you can select the services that are set to default on Google Nest Mini when you ask it to play music – which is very important.

google nest mini features
google nest mini features

It includes your choices within Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, or Deezer,

but unfortunately, in order to get the Nest Mini to play a particular song,

it requires a subscription to one of the services that we mentioned, which is really unfortunate.

Where both Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max can play YouTube Music songs on demand without any compulsory subscription, but it will adapt to many ads.

If you have more than one speaker for Google Assistant,

through the application you can also set up multi-room groups that enable you to hear the same song over different speakers.

For example, if you want to hear a song on YouTube, search for it on your phone and then connect via Bluetooth to hear that song on the Google Nest Mini.


Google Nest Mini features a very elegant design, as this design does not suggest to you that the product is really cheap, as it has a modern, clean and unobtrusive design.

It also contains many different and refreshing colors, there are elegant and simple colors such as chalk (light white) or charcoal.

There are refreshing and new colors such as pink, red and light blue, so you can easily choose according to the taste of your home.

google nest mini Design

The Nest Mini has a web mesh on the top, and this grid covers three touch buttons that increase and decrease the volume and play or pause.

Also on the underside is a rubber-shaped base that complements the mesh fabric

and hides the microphone mute button on the back near the power outlet.

On the underside of the device, there is a universal mounting place for easy hanging on the wall, which, as we said, is the first of its kind for Google speakers.


As for the ports, there is a 3.5 mm output jack and it can connect to any other speaker

or also connect to the built-in aux port that allows you to connect your phone or MP3 player to boost your music.

google nest mini ports

Google Nest Mini also connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0 so there’s always that option too, if you need it.


As for the volume of Google Nest Mini, it has good clarity in the mid-range which is ideal for reproducing speech, but despite this we cannot say that it is very musical, especially at high ranges or bass ranges and levels.

The device is loud, but the exhausting treble and weak bass don’t make the sound go smoothly.

But you will get 360-degree sound, which allows you to place the speaker anywhere in the room in your home, such as the office, although you will also not get any stereo separation when listening to the speaker.

But we shouldn’t lose sight of the many improvements that Google has made with this headphone

as the Nest Mini now uses three speakers, but has twice the bass response as the original Home Mini.

This version beat the original Google Home Mini in some points.

While music isn’t exactly the strong suit of a woofer, it really proves

The Google Nest Mini has a midrange range, which is really nice if you’re trying to hear daily news about the faint roars of kitchen conversations, which is also great for podcast fans.

But you can try and add in this triple or bass response through the Google Home app, but don’t expect much.

Buy it for

The Google Nest Mini is a great and powerful speaker that will give you a nice addition in your home, as it has an incredibly low price.

One of the main features that it possesses is the Google Assistant,

as it has an unparalleled ability to take advantage of other smart devices.

The Google Nest Mini will help you get many of your work done,

as it is a solid work colleague. It has the ability to see your schedule from front to back, and it has answers to most of the questions you can ask.

Don’t buy it for

Despite the features included in the Google Nest Mini, it does not interact much with any Amazon product or service.

As we said the Google Nest Mini is very cheap, and we love it.

But in return, it does not support the songs app and if you want to take advantage of services like Spotify Premium,

Google Nest Mini will provide you with a playlist or mix an artist for free, but this privacy will cost you.



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