Google Pixel 4a
Google Pixel 4a

this is finally here, Google pixel 4a and this is a really simple one. 

so the 3a was Google’s budget phone with a great camera. 

so this 350 bucks is Google’s budget phone with an excellent camera. 


  • The best camera in its class
  • Bright OLED screen
  • 128 GB storage
  • Attractive design
  • low price


  • IPhone SE outperforms it
  • Battery life could be better
  • 5G version coming later

Google Pixel 4a Features

  • Price: $349
  • OS: Android 10
  • Display: 5.81-inch OLED (2340 x 1080)
  • CPU: Snapdragon 730G
  • RAM: 6GB
  • Storage: 128GB
  • Rear camera: 12.2MP (ƒ/1.7)
  • Front camera: 8MP (ƒ/2.0)
  • Battery: 3,140 mAh
  • Battery life: 8:55
  • Size: 5.7 x 2.7 x 0.3 inches
  • Weight: 5.04 ounces

Google Pixel 4a Design

Google Pixel 4a Design

you can see there’s no seams anywhere on the sides or the top or the bottom simple. 

then there’s the spec sheet there is one size, one colour, one spec simple. 

the whole phone is about the same size as the iPhone 11 pro. but noticeably lighter, of course thanks to the plastic. 

and i like the size i think it’s a good one size to have. and with that on 

it’s all matte black everything, all the way around giving it not a soft touch feel, but more of like this power coated slight texture. 

and of course there’s a signature pixel accented light green power button. 

and actually these buttons are super clicky they’re pretty loud too. I think they’re best feeling part of this phone, and there’s an honestly pretty disappointing single mono speaker at the bottom. 

but in positive news there’s still a headphone jack up top. it lives on with the budget pixel line.


the front of the phone you’re getting a 5.8 inch 1080p OLED display flat screen, 60 Hertz. 

and that hole punch cut out for the selfie camera. Some people don’t like the hole punch to me honestly. 

really I’ve gotten used to it by now, and it’s better than a notch. it’s not the most incredible display but there’s definitely no big issues with it.

you’re still looking at well over 400 pixels per inch, and I’ve noticed a pretty decent range of brightness and some good viewing angles. 

The no high refresh rate at this price isn’t a deal breaker. The rest of this hardware package is simple. 


and yes it comes in matte black or literally any other colours. my favourite part of this hardware though and maybe it’s the best example of them truly keeping it simple. 

The fingerprint reader is still on the back, the same place it was on the pixel 3a and pixel 2 and the original pixel. The point is this is the tried and true place to put zero problems with this fingerprint reader on the back.

Google Pixel 4a Cameras

google pixel 4a Cameras

The cameras are really good spoiler alerts again with photos. so there’s a single camera on the back here, it kind of resembles the multi-camera setups with the rounded rectangle. 

by without spending the extra money for extra useless cameras. so it’s just one camera and a flash 13 megapixel sensor at f 1.7 with ois.

the numbers aren’t too crazy but the photos you get are exactly what we’d expect, right in the same style as pixel 4. 

if anything just a little bit softer but it has that confident, contrasty, high dynamic range look, and great colour that we’re used to from the pixel which is so awesome at this price. 

The night sight is still super clean, I mean those are great photos for a 350 phone and thanks to that I’m totally fine with it being the single camera on the back. 

I do miss the ultra wide a little bit, but at this price I’m not mad. With a single camera Google’s been doing really good portrait mode photos of animals and Humans.


The excellent Google Recorder app is also available, and it is my personal opinion that this year’s favorite app, because it conveys audio to text in real time and this is an easy-to-use feature, and it’s really good at that. The recorder can now export copies to Google Docs, taking notes more smoothly.

Pixel 4a buyers can expect a fast track to Android 11 when it becomes available in the fall.

Android 11 also includes other new features like Bubbles, push notifications for messaging apps, and one-time permission for apps.

One of the features I didn’t like about the previous Google Pixels device that I already miss in Pixel 4a is Active Edge are the pressure sensitive aspects of the device that you can press to call Google Assistant.

As this was an impressive and easy feature, it proved to be quite useful when sticking to memory. But Google deleted Active Edge in Pixel 4a and I think the reason is keeping costs low.

Google Pixel 4a Battery Life

Google pixel 4a comes with a 3,140mAh battery, which is modest by today’s standards. I tested the phone battery life and the new mid-range phone from Google lasted an average of 8 hours 55 minutes during four battery test sessions.

And if you want a better battery life even lower than the Pixel 4a, we will direct you to Moto G Power at $ 249, our current flagship for the best phone battery life in an amazing 16 hours and 10 minutes.

A very good feature is that the Pixel 4a is shipped at least fairly quickly, due to its packed 18W transformer. This brick got our unit from total death to fully half capacity in 30 minutes


it doesn’t take long using this phone to figure that out, by the time you see this I’ve been using it for almost a week now. 

and really the formula here is keep it simple, everything here is really clean and simple. 

i mean just for starters look at it you know it’s the plastic build. and it’s all one piece.

Also if you’re clumsy or worried about dropping your phone, you already know channel sponsored brand’s got you covered. 

with their Google certified grip case, it’s grippier than the naked phone. 

The device does it all pretty well practically, as it has a beautiful display, powerful performance, smart design, many basic volumes, good design and especially an amazing camera.

 Battery life is also fairly good, but until then, this is not a deal break.



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