Google Pixel 5
Google Pixel 5


Pixel 5

Good Stuff

  • camera software
  • change metal case in glass
  • Clean Android interface

    Bad Stuff

  • no telephoto camera
  • Average night photography
  • Google Pixel 5 comes at a low cost compared to smartphones on the market, it is a great phone with an amazing camera program and a clean Android interface.

    Fast Talk

    The story with Pixel 5 is that it’s a flagship, but not a flagship, this is the highest end phone Google is putting out this year. 

    we saw the pixel 4a, we saw the 4a 5g and this is the pixel 5 and there will be no pixel 5 XL. 

    this is the best phone they’ll offer, but at the same time it has a Snapdragon 765g instead of the highest end available chips, it’s got 8 gigs of ram and 128 gigs of non-expandable storage. 

    it doesn’t have tons of bells and whistles and there’s a 90 hertz display again instead of 120. 

    and so the result maybe the most interesting part about this is the price,

    it’s $699, so it’s amazing comparing in a world of all these phones flying north of a thousand, two thousand dollars, and the highest end pixel phone$700.

    Key Specifically

    Screen6in FHD+ 90 Hz OLED (432ppi)
    ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 765G
    RAM8GB of RAM
    Operating systemAndroid 11
    Camera12.2MP + 16MP ultrawide, 8MP selfie
    Connectivity5G, eSIM, wifi 5, NFC, Bluetooth 5 (AAC, AptX/HD, LDAC) and location
    Water resistanceIP68 (1.5 metres depth for 30 minutes)
    Dimensions144.7 x 70.4 x 8mm
    Specification Table

    Pixel 5 Design, metal body, Thin

    The Pixel 5 is already a little different than most other phones coming out,

    and that number one thing is this body is made entirely of recycled aluminum, so it’s unibody metal. 

    and then it has this soft touch feel to it in this sage green colour,

    so technically the build is a metal body and that’s sweet, no seams unibody just one piece, shiny button. 

    but it doesn’t necessarily feel like metal, it’s not cold to the touch or anything, it feels like hard plastic, which isn’t a bad thing. 

    and there’s even a tiny little bit of texture you can feel  on the back if you rub your finger across it. but it’s subtle.

    pixel 5 design
    pixel 5 design

    but there’s a couple more interesting things about this metal build.

    one is it still has wireless charging, and reverse wireless charging.

    Now as you know wireless charging works through glass and through plastic.

    but not through metal, so it seems like there’s got to be some sort of a cutout back on the back of the phone. 

    and then number two, there’s water resistance on this phone, so this phone will survive a little rain

    or a splash and then number three there’s also no more squeeze sensitivity on the metal body.

    so that squeeze for assistant features from the previous two years of pixel is cut .

    they did toss back a fingerprint reader on the back of the phone,

    which to me has been the safest best place to put a fingerprint reader, and it’s super fast.

    and they also cutting all that hardware out of the top has also left us with thin uniform bezels all the way around the phone, which look way better,

    it’s honestly the best looking front of a pixel phone in years.

    which maybe that’s not saying much coming from the line that gave us asymmetrical bezels and the bathtub notch but pixel 5 is a good looking, clean front of a phone for 2020. 

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    Performance, Features, Battery Life

    if you look very closely there’s no normal earpiece speaker at the top of pixel 5. 

    and we’ve seen this before, so pixel 5 looks to be doing that vibrating speaker underneath the glass thing.

    and in my opinion isn’t as strong of a stereo image with that bottom speaker if you really like listening to music very loudly. 

    pixel 5 performance

    but it’s not the worst thing in the world, and it works just fine especially as an earpiece. 

    and then last but not least getting rid of that soleil sensor array, also made room for more battery inside the phone. 

    so pixel 5 despite being smaller than the pixel 4xl has a much bigger 4080 milliamp hour battery up from 379, and the battery has been pretty good so far.

    Pixel 5 has a new software feature, Extreme Battery Saver,

    which appears to bypass dark mode and temporarily turn off background activity to turn off Wi-Fi hot-spotting and other battery-draining activities.

    As for charging, it comes with an 18-watt fast charger in the box,

    and also supports Qi wireless charging, and you can also use the phone to reverse charge other devices wirelessly.

    The Pixel 5 has a Snapdragon 765G chipset, but it’s not as top-tier as the Snapdragon 865, but it performs well enough.

    It also has a powerful processor with 8 GB of random access memory (RAM),

    and we tested the performance of the Pixel 5 and found it great for doing basic tasks such as browsing the web, playing games and media.

    In terms of space, the phone has 128 GB of storage in its only configuration, and you cannot expand it via a micro SD card.

    One of the distinctive things about the Pixel 5 phone is that it contains the Android 11 operating system,

    where you will be benefiting from new features including the built-in screen recording,

    and the chat feature that collects all your messages that come to you from different applications in one place, and you can also control Your smart home controls.

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    Pixel 5 Cameras

    The cameras are the real draw of the pixel phone and they have been for a few years. 

    we have again in pixel 5 the same 12 megapixel sensor from the last few years of the pixel, and it’s joined this time by an ultra wide. 

    so they’ve doubled back on the whole ultrawide are fun, but telephotos are a more useful stance. 

    pixel 5 camera
    pixel 5 camera

    so we finally get a pixel ultra wide now. and I’ve been looking forward to seeing what pixel 5 cameras could do both on the regular camera because they’ve stuck with this winning formula for so long that the rest of the smartphone world is kind of starting to catch up. 

    and then the ultra wide because I was waiting for so long to see what Google could do with an ultra-wide and night sight. 

    all their image processing on an ultrawide because frankly I thought they’d do it best. 

    and really the biggest changes that they’ve actually promised from this camera were for video. 

    As long as photos have been a high point for pixel cameras, video has been a notoriously lower point.

    Conclusion (Pixel 5)

    The Pixel 5 phone is characterized by its small size, where you can hold it with one hand relatively easily,

    it is light in size and small and will not take up much space in pockets or bags,

    but its small size has an effect on the size of the screen,

    as it contains a screen size of 6 inches, and this is relatively small compared to the number From phones in the market.

    The phone has its own photo program and is great to use by all accounts,

    Especially in terms of the ways you can edit your photos after you shoot them,

    but it doesn’t have the most advanced set of lenses though.

    The Pixel 5 phone contains Android 11, and it was considered one of the first phones to add this system.



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