Gmail application on iOS to provide a feature that everyone is waiting for
Gmail application on iOS to provide a feature that everyone is waiting for

Google – A new update has arrived in the Gmail iOS app to bring support for the device’s main files app

 What this means is that sending e-mail will be easier than ever on iPhone and iPad

 The fact is that using the app before this update is confusing while sending e-mail should be simple.

 However, the update has improved to improve the usability experience.

This major change is focused on the basic application files in the iPhone and iPad,

 As you will be able to attach files by writing your email and searching within the files application with ease, as this animation shows:

What drives us to talk about this news is that the new update will not be immediately apparent

Although its idea is simple, it is a huge update and is waiting for all users of the application, Google

All you have to do is click on the clip button above the message field in the upper right corner and then the last files on your device will appear in front of you,

You will find a section for pictures and so forth, but the new thing is that you will see the icon of the files button to view them from within the basic files application on iOS.

Google also stated that it started sending the feature to users starting yesterday.

If you are a Gmail user on iPad and iPhone, Google

you will know how important this feature is and what difference it will make to your experience.

 In any case,

you do not have to update the application or activate any of the settings, all you have to do is be patient,

Hopefully, it won’t wait too long as Google will depend on sending the update over an extended period, which means that it will take about two weeks for it to reach users completely.

Perhaps the reason Google relied on sending the update for a long time is to avoid the appearance of vulnerabilities and bugs,

so in this way the problems will not affect a large percentage of users,

 On the other hand,

 Google appears to be taking another step to develop the Gmail app,

 As recent reports revealed that Google is testing a new application intended for business to bring together its most prominent services

instead of providing them in separate applications,

and it may be an attempt to compete with the other famous applications such as Slack and others.


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