Grado SR80x Review
(Image Credit: Grado)
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Grado is a family business company that start making handmade headphones in Brooklyn, it has a very good reputation, they upgraded their headphones numerous times since their first release till the Grado SR80x that I am reviewing today.

The family built its first headphones on their kitchen table in 1991 the business continues to succeed till now, and by releasing the prestige X series in 2014 there were a lot of improvements than the previous prestige E series.

Yet once more Grado didn’t pay any attention to their users, regarding the cable and making wireless headsets, it is something that is running in their blood yes they have improved the cord yet it feels like a garden hose, the quality this time is well built and you definitely can use it as jumping robes 

Grado SR80x Specs

Transducer Type: Dynamic

Operating Principle: Open Air

Frequency Response: 20 – 20,000 hz

SPL 1mW: 99.8 dB

Nominal Impedance: 38 ohms

Driver Matched dB: .1 dB

Grado SR80x Design

The Grado SR80x as all the previous products of the company are characterized by their open back, which means it leaks the sound of the music outside and the sound of the surrounding inside, yet if you look at the SR80e and the SR80X side by side you will definitely tell the difference between them.

Grado SR80x Design
(Image Credit: Grado)

The Grado SR80x has this vintage look all black, they are very lightweight, super easy to wear, they come with the adjustable fit on the ears and then there is their new developed cable it comes with an additional 3.5 mm jack, they have also added soft pillow headband which is way softer than the previous series as there was just this plastic arc with no pillows and we have these nice soft foams ear pads which are also very soft and comfortable 

For a more powerful magnetic circuit, the new Grado SR80x comes with larger drivers of 44mm, the newly designed voice coil, and a diaphragm to reduce distortion, the SR80x comes with a 3.5mm jack and 6.3 adaptors if you want to connect to a piano or other devices that support 6.3 jack.

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Grado earphones work hard furnishing adequate punch even with more moderate bass yield. The headset won’t ever cloud the sound mark with a swelled reaction, yet you’ll in any case get a lot of snap and effect. It’s a characteristic reaction that actually gives pieces of emphasis that gives the tone more shading. It stands apart as an exceptional reaction that prevails with regards to attempting to give you a solid bass with a more precise reaction that doesn’t forfeit loyalty.

The greatest news with the appearance of the ‘X’ series from Grado is the utilization of an all-new transducer. As opposed to the beyond 32-ohm/99.8dB drivers from the ‘E” series, the new models in the Prestige Series sport an invigorated 38-ohm/98dB driver, which recommends that the comparably specced Hemp Headphone delivered in 2020 was a preface of sorts to test Grado’s new driver innovation in front of an entire line-up upgrade.

Grado SR80x sound
(Image Credit: Grado)

From my experience just as numerous other people who invested energy with it, The Hemp Headphone a slight takeoff from the conventional Grado-sound, offering a more adaptable and ‘agreeable’ voicing that requests to a more mass crowd who may somehow discover Grado earphones somewhat splendid, exhausting or essentially too ‘specialty’.

In view of this, it’ll be fascinating to realize whether Grado has accepted the somewhat sure industry and public response to The Hemp Headphone, and proposition another contort on the exemplary ‘Grado sound’ in their entrance level Prestige Series line-up.

SR80x provide a very unique punish with more base output, yet you will receive a lot of impact because of its Nature response that gives the temper more color and also doesn’t sacrifice the fidelity, the knack is one of the highlights of the SP80x with unbelievable tonality and very noticeable in the push forward sound signature, you could really hear the vocals and instruments in a very clear way, the tonality brings more characters in the frequency, when it comes to high tones there is some added brightness in the temper yet smooth and enjoyable to listen to   

Unboxing the Grado SR80x

The Grado SR80x comes within a white box with the Grado logo on the top of it, sealed with an A5 sticker that has all the product info over it, after opening the box the backside of the led say “ Family runs for six decades, in Brooklyn, Newyork” and a paper with the picture of the family and their signature at the bottom of it, then the headset is embedded in dark grey black foam molded on the shape of the Grado.

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How I felt after using it for a while 

The wire was very difficult to control, yes they have improved it, and it’s way better than the previous versions of the Grado, yet it was very uncontrollable, and sometimes it kind of goes around my neck ( amazing, I might choke at some point ) yet I believe that it might get better by time, The soft foam covering both sides of the headphones attract lint and hair which makes my life difficult because of my dog hair.

To be honest, I am not a big fan of the open back, if my neighbor is using the vacuum cleaner I can still hear it loudly with heavy metal music in my ears, yet if the surrounding area is quiet, I would enjoy my music in a very decent quality.


The result for their particularly open and powerfully liquid conveyance is one that is really crack, yet in the event that you can live with the reality these are earphones most appropriate for calm conditions and personal time, you will not be disillusioned. 

Grado hasn’t destroyed its own rulebook and altered its incredible earphones, since it hasn’t expected to. The changes made to the SR80x have absolutely added esteem the correct way.

At this price range, the SR80 model remaining parts are the best on the lookout, and such is their strength in this specialty that we wouldn’t be amazed in case this were valid, however long wired earphones have their place in this world.

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Headphones Buying Link Price Store
Grado SR80x Check Price $125.00 Amazon


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