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The GrandPad tablet is very suitable for many people, as it has many very impressive and useful features, but many will be disappointed by the subscription model.

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Several companies are now creating personal communication devices aimed exclusively at the most mature users; One of these devices is the GrandPad, which is an Acer tablet running on Android.

This device aims to connect more retired elderly people to the outside world through a number of bundled services in the device, which help them to better communicate with the outside world.

GrandPad services cover the United Kingdom with services focused on the United Kingdom; And US customers may get a different package.

The GrandPad tablet is now available for sale directly in the US for $ 696 a year when you pay up front, meaning you can pay about $ 58 a month billed annually, saving 26% with setup and shipping for free.

Techsilver is the exclusive partner in the United Kingdom and you can rent the device for £ 49.95 a month,

and customers can provide an additional 20% discount with VAT exemption.


  • Wireless cradle
  • The level of attention to detail
  • Family official
  • A real one-stop shop solution
  • 24/7/365 phone support with real people
  • Built from the ground up for the adult market


  • Expensive
  • Adhesive cover
  • The more stable the design the better

GrandPad Design: A tablet that looks like an Android phone

In terms of design, the GrandPad tablet looks like an Android device, as it comes in a size of 7 inches, and has a red foldable cover that turns into a stand and wireless charging stand, in addition to a stylish pen and cleaning cloth in the box.

One GrandPad is a deliberately lock tablet device that can sometimes get you off track, and you can send the device to sleep by folding the cover, not by pressing the power button; The foldable cover is affix to the tablet so that you cannot remove it.

GrandPad Tablet looks like android phone

The device also has a rear camera, microUSB connector and headphone jack, but there is no volume key or HDMI output ports.

The GrandPad has a slightly glossy oleophobic screen, and there is a pair of speakers on either side of the screen with the camera sensor on the left.

Concerning that the GrandPad is a core device that has ruggedness, but you must be careful of it falling from you on a hard surface, so we would have preferred to have a device with better protection.

However, GrandPad has accidental damage cover; You will need to replace your tablet device if it gets damage that’s a little reassuring.

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GrandPad Standard Features

With GrandPad you can make your own calls using the dial pad, for example the device includes the name of a person close to you as a family member in an emergency situation, for example. However, GrandPad cannot receive calls or SMS messages in the UK.

No text / SMS capability; There is no on-screen keyboard except for searching, and until you enter the Wi-Fi password, “emails” will be sent by voice as an audio clip.

GrandPad Tablet makes communication easier for the elderly

There are also some very standard features like Zoom Video Call which is a popular choice for video conferencing with family and friends.

The support team stated and explained that GrandPad users call all the time to discuss normal matters such as weather, and the help desk can remotely manage the device, which includes modifying the GrandPad at any time when a problem occurs.

Different calls are dealt with by the US team outside of normal UK business hours. Oh, and no interactive voice response, so our calls were answer within seconds.

GrandPad Central is the command center for the family admin, where you can get an overview of tablet usage and enable or disable specific apps and features.

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In Use: GrandPad Simple user interface

The GrandPad tablet comes with unlimited 4G internet and unlimited phone calls, you can also store unlimited private photos, and there is 24/7 support, in addition to GrandPad’s collaboration with 7Digital to provide streaming music without ads.

Three sells an unlimited batch of everything for £ 20 a month, while Spotify’s music streaming service sells for £ 9.99 a month.

4G performance was great; We were able to record a download speed of 13 Mbps and 3 Mbps.

The GrandPad tablet does not have heavy bandwidth applications such as video games or games that require a lot of graphics, for example that YouTube is not available and unlike the videos that I have recorded, only the BBC website is available where it is included.

The GrandPad is geared towards providing a simple, intuitive and straightforward user experience for a market with diverse needs for the older age group,

as young people, unlike the older age group, intuitively know how to use a touch screen but this is not always the case for the older generation, where the differences lie. In perception and physical condition.

GrandPad’s user interface is choppy, and it has large colored buttons set against a gray background.

The text is approximately 20 in size and is very readable, in addition to the ability to navigate using arrows and by swiping.

There are 15 buttons that are used as shortcuts to specific tasks, and you can access five reference sites, including three from the BBC, but you cannot go to any other websites.

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The GrandPad is a bit like the Pebble Gear Disney kids tablet, as it is a tablet that runs on the Google mobile operating system.

GrandPad works as a free service for the duration of the subscription, and unlike the tablets for children, it works on another level; The level of attention to small details is extraordinary.

It offers great value for money, as it suits the older age group to engage in the outside world better.

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