Hand Sensor Drone
Hand Sensor Drone


Hand Sensor Drone

Good Stuff

  • speed adjustment with three gears
  • Easy to start, just lightly
  • Soft body, crash safety.
  • one hand can work

    Bad Stuff

    Hand Sensor Drone – These mini drone accessories are very cool for kids, as it is a remote controlled UFO equipped with a USB port, as well as an infrared charging screwdriver for hand sensors.

    Hand Sensor Drone: Inside The Box

    it comes with some tools like the USB cable, so that we can charge the tiny battery, it’s a 150 million battery 3.7 volts, so it’s going to last about 5 to 6 minutes approximately, and then it takes about almost an hour to charge completely. 

    inside of the USB port, we’re going to find a red light when it is turned red, it means that the battery is gonna charge, when it turns off, it means your drone is ready to go. 

    and then you have a screwdriver because we need to remove the plastic that came holding it in place, and you also have some manuals.

    About The Hand Sensor Drone

    Basically all you need is your hands in order to operate this thing, it doesn’t come with a remote controller and it doesn’t have an application.

    all you need to do is charge it up, and turn it on, put it on your hand, throw it up and that’s pretty much it this thing is going to be activated automatically. 

    i already used it for the past couple of days, it’s super lightweight, it is recommended for ages 3 and up and normally drones of any category are recommended for ages 14 up. 

    this one is a little bit different

    i will say it is suitable for anybody out there, and if it is for somebody younger than this age.

    make sure that you use caution and train your kids property because it does have some small parts inside of the box, so make sure that you are safe. but anyways this thing is really harmless in the sense, it’s lightweight, it’s protected by a cage, the blades are not exposed, which is a little bit safer. it comes in different colours, we had the blue colour version as well as the golden and the red colour. it does charge via a USB port, it has sensors to a void crash, and also it has some light built in. 

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    Brand NameMuwanzhi
    Control Channels2 Channels
    Package IncludesUSB Cable
    Age Range8-11 Years
    Flight TimeAbout 5 minutes
    Remote Distance5-10cm around helicopter
    Charging TimeAbout 50 minutes

    Hand Sensor Drone Performance: Very Easy , safe , and Flexible

    Basically all we need to do is remove the screw, and then get a little cure around this drone, first time you see on the bottom side here is the power switch.

    All you have to do is hold it for about a second and it’ll turn on.

    once you start flying, it returns blue, red, so it’ll change colours which is really really cool. 

    you have four motors on the inner side of the cage, and the cool part about this Drone other than being lightweight,

    which is about twenty thirty grams is the fact that it’s built with this flexible plastic all the way around it.

    so it serves as a bumper, so in case you crash it or something happens, it’s most likely not going to break. 

    On the bottom we have some sensors, so basically it’ll sense once you let it go,

    so for example I place it on the palm of my hand and I just let it go or throw it, it’ll just activate the motors and it’ll start flying. 

    and then we have some sensors on the side of the Drone which are the ones responsible for crash avoidance,

    and also you can use it with your hands, for example it’s flying and i place my hand on this side of the sensor

    remove the opposite way and the same thing goes here for the other sensor which is really nice. 

    so keep in mind that it only has two sensors on the side . 

    so sometimes it could drag a little bit and hit an object on the side that it doesn’t have a sensor, but he will try to either get back in place, or it’ll just turn off automatically. also as it is flying it’s gonna be spinning.


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