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Today we will talk about Health o meter nuyu Activity Tracker. a lot of individuals need to improve their shape. There are a lot of gadgets out there that case to assist you with arriving at your objectives.

Wellness trackers, pulse screens, and pedometers come in all assortments and all sorts of shapes and sizes. Wellbeing o meter as of late uncovered their nuyu line of wellbeing and wellness items.

I’ve had the option to get my hands on every one of the three of the current contributions. As for today, We will be reviewing the new Health o meter nuyu Activity Tracker.

So if you have any questions in mind you will have them answered in this review check them out.


  • Tracks steps, calories, distance, and sleep
  • Connected via Bluetooth to the Health o meter™ nuyu™ smartphone app
  • Displays stats and goal progression in real-time on an OLED screen
  • Designed to be worn on the wrist, or clipped to a waistband or shoelaces for enhanced accuracy
  • Both clip and wristband are included in black with purchase. But other colors are sold separately including Plum, Kiwi, Light Blue, Watermelon, Midnight Blue, and Charcoal.
  • Water-resistant up to 30 meters
  • Battery-powered for up to four months with a replaceable CR2032 watch battery

Health o meter nuyu Activity Tracker Design

The nuyu Activity Tracker itself. Is a little adjusted square roughly one inch wide and simply over ⅓ of an inch tall. The front of the gadget has a sparkly dark completion, while the sides and base are matte blacks.

The real screen just involves a generally little square shape in the focal point of the front of the gadget. The screen stays off more often than not to save money on battery life. You can enact the screen by swiping across the lower part of the essence of the gadget with your finger. 

Health o meter nuyu Activity Tracker Design

The side has a depression around the whole tracker where both of the included latches appends. With your decision of a wrist tie or attractive circle. The base has a huge cover for the battery entryway.

With a score on one corner for simple opening just as a marker showing which side of the tracker is the top. With no other distinguishing attributes showing what direction is up. It’s a smart thought to simply connect your clasp. Such that you can without much of a stretch recognize the direction of the tracker. 

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The included wristband is either dark or white. In spite of the fact that you can buy extra shades of wrist ties in the event. That you’d prefer to additionally redo your experience. The band is exceptionally slight and about ½ inch wide.

It connects to your wrist through a circle and pin, with eleven openings intended to fit almost any size wrist. I say almost on the grounds that individuals with greater wrists might experience difficulty.

I’m quite often on the absolute last or every so often close to the last opening. Yet as has been grounded by this point, I’m a huge man. 

The accessible attire band is intended to be cut to a waistband, pocket, collar, and so on. It can truly go anyplace there is a type of circle or piece of attire that it can clasp around.

The tie appends around the tracker in a similar strategy as the wrist tie. Yet, in any case, has a lot more limited circle. A the solid magnet that will connect to the rear of the tracker. Keep it cut to whatever you’ve joined it too.


The nuyu Activity tracker performs commendably. I’ve yet to discover any action tracker that counts steps 100% totally precisely, however, the nuyu does awesome work. In different tests counting my own moves forward and contrasting with what the nuyu showed. It was not unexpected spot on, or sporadically off by a couple of steps.

You can, obviously. Befuddle the tracker by thrashing your arms about fiercely, as you can with other movement trackers. However, truly you’re lucky to be simply attempting to hit your day-by-day step count the correct way. 

The swipe activity to turn the screen on. Cycle through the different presentations is a great option in contrast to little fastens. As referenced in the Ease of Use segment this generally functions admirably.

I’ve been wearing the nuyu Activity Tracker for a couple of months at this point. And it’s run like a champ. There was one day when the tracker was totally inert. I needed to pop the battery out to get it to work once more.

I lost a couple of hours of tracking. Yet that wasn’t the apocalypse. The battery, which I’ll discuss more in the following area, is really an enormous positive with regards to execution. 

The nuyu application functions as it ought to too. After a concise startup, and the essential synchronizing time the application is fast and simple to explore.

The four principle regions show you almost all that you’d need to see initially. All data in the singular segments are introduced in a simple to understand design.

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Health o meter nuyu Activity Tracker Software

Health o meter nuyu Activity Tracker Monitor

The action tracker is the thing that you’ll wear on your wrist/belt. Yet the nuyu application is the place where you’ll have the option to track the entirety of your advancement. The application is accessible for Android and iOS. Will match up with the Activity Tracker any time the application is opened. Upon introductory arrangement, you’ll make a record.

Enter some close-to-home data like tallness, weight, sex. So on altogether for the tracker to all more precisely track your exercises. The sync cycle takes approximately 30 – 45 seconds to finish, as it is matching up advances, distance, exercise, and sleep.

One thing to note, Exercise Mode should be enacted on the Activity Tracker from inside the nuyu application as it is by all accounts off of course. 

Steps tracking

Steps tracking is really direct. The Activity Tracker counts the means that you take for the duration of the day. Step tracking counts all means taken during every 24-hour time span, 12 PM to 12 PM.

You can lay out your day-by-day step objective at one of the pre-laid out objectives: 4000 stages for amateur, 7000 for halfway, of 10,000 stages for cutting edge.

You can likewise layout your own progression objective at any number you pick. Distance tracking is by all accounts attached to the number of steps that you’ve taken, reasonably utilizing your tallness to decide your progression length. You will likewise see an estimation of the number of calories consumed for the duration of the day.

This will come from a blend of your stature/weight and your means/distance to show up at a number and incorporates both dynamic and aloof calorie consumption. 

I didn’t play with practice tracking all that amount. Yet I’m not actually a very remarkable sprinter, swimmer, or anything like that. The activity tracking can be turned on by twofold tapping on the running symbol on your Activity Tracker show. From here, a different count will begin. Permitting you to track your means, distance, calories, and time spent on whatever activity you are doing.

After exercise

Whenever you’ve finished that movement, you can pick the “finish” choice from inside the activity mode, and afterward. The entirety of the means and distance from that activity meeting will be added to your all-out count for the afternoon. While the sync cycle in the application says. That it is matching up work out. There is certainly not a different area in the application to show this data. It’s conceivable that it very well might be included a future application update, however. For the time being, everything’s basically lumped along with your standard day-by-day steps and distance. 


One area that doesn’t synchronize with the Activity Tracker, however, is accessible through the application is for your weight. I’ll discuss this segment in a lot more significant subtlety in the nuyu Wireless Scale survey. However even without the scale you can enter your present weight and your weight objective physically. This part of the application will monitor any updates you’ve made and show your advancement. 

Health o meter nuyu Activity Tracker Sleep tracking

The last quadrant of the application is for sleep tracking. I’ll likewise discuss the sleep segment a considerable amount more in the nuyu Sleep System audit. Yet sleep tracking is accessible utilizing just the Activity Tracker as well. On starting arrangement, alongside your stature, weight, and step objectives. You’ll likewise define an objective for the measure of sleep you’d prefer to get every evening. Eight hours would surely be extraordinary. However feeling more practical I put out my own objective at seven hours of the evening. The tracker focuses on your development — or the more precisely, your absence of development — to decide when you are sleeping. It then, at that point, tracks your profound, light, and anxious periods of sleep depending on how you shift around in your sleep and records all of that in a chart for you to see when you awaken.

Health o meter nuyu Activity Tracker User manual

The Activity Tracker itself is exceptionally simple to utilize. Basically, put it on your wrist or connect it to your garments/shoes and approach your typical exercises. Swiping the screen to turn it on is for the most part exceptionally responsive, however. Every so often it takes a couple of attempts to get things moving.

I found that when the screen wouldn’t react to a typical swiping motion, that setting your palm on the screen and moving it in a roundabout movement would generally shock it back into it. The twofold tap needed to open Exercise Mode worked without issue once Exercise Mode was actuated by means of the application. 

The nuyu application is additionally generally simple to utilize. There are a couple of arrangement things needed before you can begin. While later, you’re for the most part matching up and tapping through the various screens to see your advancement and objectives.


I referenced before that I needed to eliminate the battery at a certain point. Which leads quite well into this part of the survey. The nuyu Activity Tracker is not normal for some other accessible choices in that it utilizes a standard CR2032 watch battery.

Where most battery-powered wellness trackers will run for all things considered a week or something like that prior to waiting to be re-energized and removed from your wrist. Which means no following while at the same time re-energizing. The nuyu tracker will run for quite a long time without requiring any consideration in the battery office. 

Your outcomes will change dependent on how regularly you sync the tracker. How frequently you turn on the presentation to really look at your advancement, and so forth. In any case, I can say from individual experience that I’ve adjusted double a day. Every now and again check my advancement on the showcase. I’ve been continuing forward for around 90 days up until this point. On the off chance that your battery is beginning to get low, the nuyu application will let you know

I just, at last, got this warning after right around 3 ½ long stretches of activity. You’ll need to match up the tracker before you trade the battery. Yet when synchronized you can essentially fly off the back cover, eliminate the old battery, embed another battery, and becoming.

You will not have the option to follow your means and so forth for the approximately 30 seconds it will take to supplant the battery, however, at that point, you’ll be good to go for a couple of more months.


In case you are searching for a gadget to follow your exercise, calories, and sleeping hours. The nuyu Activity Tracker is certainly an awesome choice. On its own it’s a great gadget, however, it truly sparkles as a component of the, generally speaking, nuyu framework.

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