Hifiman Deva headphones will compete with their flagship components
Hifiman Deva headphones will compete with their flagship components

Hifiman Deva – Famous audio company Hifiman said it will soon ship the new Deva headphone next March,

 It is a flat open magnetic back-to-head magnetic headphone available with Bluetooth / USB module to broadcast HD audio wirelessly.

The company says,

 Hifiman Deva is one of its new line of Advanced Active Headphones (AAH).

 Which provides high-fidelity output compared to rival headphones by using leading components.

Its replaceable 3.5mm balanced inputs allow the user

to increase power levels and stereo separation when using balanced sources,


the company says

it will extract the best audio from almost any source.

 Including smartphones, digital audio players,

and laptops.

The included 6.5mm cable makes the headphones fully compatible with advanced desktop amplifiers.

“Like its predecessor ANANDA-BT,

HIFIMAN Electronics said,

 Deva raises the wireless sound level but at a moderate price. ”

“Regardless of whether it is used with a wired or wireless connection,

it will outperform every earphone in its price category every time.”

The Hifiman Deva Bluetooth dongle turns a wireless headset,

 It supports advanced HD codecs like LDAC and aptX-HD,

 This makes it suitable for most HD broadcasters currently available,

and the operating time is estimated at about four hours per charge.

In addition to wireless,

 Bluetooth dongle can be used as a DAC /

integrated amplifier for a high-performance performance

and the level of music lovers for headphones from smartphones

 And other low-power devices,

 By connecting the USB-C cable.

The built-in subwoofer unit provides up to 1 watts per channel,

Also, the DAC / FHD two-channel filter provides detailed audio output,

regardless of the source.

Using Deva,

 It is the direct extension of Susvara

and other advanced Hifiman magnetic headphones,

Your company’s Super Nano Diaphragm,

 This provides a fast response with low distortion.

The frequency response is mentioned as 20 Hz to 20 kHz,

 The sound sensitivity is 93.5 dB, and the electrical resistance is 18 ohms.

 Hifiman Deva will be available in March at $ 299.



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