Honor 9A
Honor 9A

If you are only looking for Honor 9A from the perspective of modern devices with a stylish design, it offers exceptional value. 

For £ 160, you’ll get a premium, clear, multi-lens camera, a fingerprint scanner, and a long-lasting battery. Unfortunately, you will do without Google services if you want this phone.


  • Good battery life
  • Excellent screen for the price
  • Compact, well built body


  • Micro-USB and no fast charging
  • Basic camera
  • No Google services support

Honor 9A Features

  • Body Glass Front, Plastic back, Plastic Frame
  • Screen 6.3-inch LCD (720×1600 resolution, 278ppi pixel density)
  • Processor Helio P22
  • Memory 3GB RAM – 64GB storage
  • Camera Triple-lens (Wide, Ultrawide, Depth-sensor)
  • Battery 5,000mAh
  • Biometric Face recognition and Fingerprint sensor at the back
  • OS Android 10 and Magic UI – No support for Google Play Store
  • Retail Price at Launch £190

Honor 9A Design

honor 9a Design

This is an entry-level smartphone from honor. this design when i first looked at it, it’s very reminiscent of the owner 8x, it’s more towards that side here with two flat panels one at the back, one at the front. 

and also a fingerprint scanner at the back here, which i really like real facing fingerprint scanners, because I really got used to this kind of design. 

overall the design is very simple, the one that we have here is in black colour and one amazing thing there’s no camera bump, and it’s totally flat.

On the right side of the phone you will find the controls represented by the lock and volume, and at the bottom of the phone you will find a headphone jack.

Honor 9A also comes with a pair of wired headphones.

Without the headphones, you get a single speaker at the bottom of the phone, which only causes one-sided audio if you’re watching videos with the screen in landscape mode.


the display, this is a six point three inch IPS LCD screen, and it comes with only 720p in terms of resolution. 

i would say it’s not bad that I would give it a pass because this is an entry-level after all. 

and the colours look nice, it can go really bright or dim as well. and there’s also another water drop much at the top center which also reminds me of smart phones from earlier generations.

Honor 9A Cameras

honor 9a Cameras

the camera the honor 98 does come with a triple camera setup at the back of the phone. 

and one of them is a depth sensor, so i would discount that. and two cameras that you can use here is the main 13 megapixel camera. and also another wide-angle camera, ultrawide angle mind you. 

overall picture quality for the main camera is kind of okay, i would say the colours are okay. 

it’s kind of dim but overall clarity details, it’s really good if you want to post your pictures into social media for people to see. 

and as for the ultra wide angle camera, it’s disappointing to say the least because it is very fuzzy and you can see them at the corner part of any pictures, it just shows you all smudged up. 

so i wouldn’t even say, it’s usable for day-to-day usage maybe in bright daylight. you can capture the middle pile but other than that it’s just not good enough.

Battery Life and Charging

This fall it comes with a five thousand milliamp hour battery. and it lasts for a very long time.

like about two days. Once again the benchmark apps just don’t work at all so we can’t really test the battery life in a controlled environment. 

so we just have to give you our estimates. and the charging time is a bit disappointing, it does only come with a 10 watt charger and it takes about two hours.

Honor 9A Connectivity

honor 9a Ports

Honor 9A is capable of 3G and 4G. This smartphone has a built-in GPS receiver.

It also contains GPS, a satellite-based navigation system that allows precise geolocation on the ground.

The Honor 9A comes with a NFC function to transfer any content with other devices that support NFC, but unfortunately this Huawei smartphone does not have an FM radio receiver.


The honor 9a is using magic UI 3.1, and what you should know here is that it’s technically emui but just renamed into magic UI. 

and it also uses a web gallery which can be seen at the box. and if you wanna more about it all we have gallery we have an article at the top right corner.

which you can click on there. and overall there’s a lot of apps that are unavailable in the hallway app gallery.

but if you are a power user and know where to get your apks and how to deal with stuff, maybe you can live without the Google mobile services.


This comes with a Helio p22 chipset, which is kind of data at this point i would say because we did try some other smart phones with that chipset. 

but this smartphone has us running some sort of better phone way, so we cannot have any benchmark and we don’t have any benchmark scores for you to see. 

so we’ll try to find our archive if we have and show you on the screen. si throughout our day-to-day usage of the online, it doesn’t like i would say it’s super forms as we intended to do.

so overall a very usable experience if you don’t play games because the hello peter need to is just not really suitable if you’re not play pop, or really mobile’s all of those kinds of titles of games.



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