How can you activate the dark mode on Instagram?
How can you activate the dark mode on Instagram?

 Instagram – It also helps protect your eyes especially when reading or using the phone at night, in addition to its wonderful appearance.

There are a lot of applications such as Facebook, Google Chrome,

 And Twitter has already got the dark mode feature,

This mode can also be activated now on the Instagram app thanks to the new versions of iOS and Android.

Before activating the dark mode on Instagram, you should pay attention to two points:

You will need to update your phone OS to iOS 13, Instagram

 Or Android 10 in addition to updating the Instagram app itself to the latest version.

Once the operating system has dark mode activated after updating it;

You will also find Dark Mode enabled in many other applications, not Instagram alone.

Here’s how to activate the dark mode on the Instagram app:

First, enable dark mode on iPhone: Instagram

Once you install iOS 13 on an iPhone, you can follow these steps to activate the dark mode:

Go to Settings.

Click on Display and brightness.
Press the (Dark) option to change the mode.

To quickly turn the dark mode on or off, swipe from the upper-right corner of your phone, then long-press Display.
 Then click on the (Dark Mode On) option to enable it, or (Dark Mode Off) to turn it off.

You can also set the dark mode to turn it on automatically at sunset or at any time you specify:

Go to settings on the iPhone.

Tap Display & Brightness.

Under the Appearance section, enable the automatic switch setting by pressing the switch button next to the Automatic option.

Click the Options button below to set a timeline for dark mode operation.

Choose either Sunset to Sunrise, which uses your phone’s location to change between the bright interface at sunrise,

 And dark at sunset, or set your custom schedule from the custom schedule option according to the dates that suit you.

Second, how to activate the dark mode on Android phones:

Go to Settings.

Click Accessibility.

Under the Display section, enable (dark mode).


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