Twitch has managed in the past few years to enter the competition stage between different websites;

Especially those related to video games, but the matter did not last long

until the interests and services that Twitch met along with the video games expanded,

so the noise of the questions began to fill the sky of search engines what is Twitch

and how to use it, and based on the increasing interest in it,

it will be recognized soon on Twitch service in this article

What is Twitch ?

A service offered by Amazon in 2011 to provide assistance to those interested in watching

the direct broadcast digital video of various forms related to video games over the Internet,

and the range of services and interests covered by the Twitch service began to gradually expand;

It has become a focus of interest for everyone who wants to set up a video broadcast on artwork, TV series,

dialogues and music as well.

Tweetech started attracting over 2 million users and viewers of popular channels every month,

as online earners pioneered attention to making money from Twitch along with other methods,

accordingly the information indicates that the number of Twitch Partner users

for the purposes of earning money from Twitch has exceeded 17. A thousand users,

as they rely on this service that gives them the opportunity to get paid ads and subscriptions from their channels.

Twitch service is unique in its support for a large number of devices unlike other services and applications,

the user has several options of devices that can be used in this regard,

including IOS, Android, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 platforms, PlayStation 4,

Google Chromecast, NVIDIA Shield, And many more, which increases users’ access to it.

It is free and does not require you to log in to view the videos.

How to create a Twitch account

Twitch Account
Twitch Account

To start using the Twitch service, it is necessary to create an account for the user to be his window to the site’s pioneers. Here are the steps for creating a Twitch account:

  1. First of all check internet connection.
  2. Head to the browser and visit
  3. Click on the Sign Up option on the far right of the screen.
  4. Enter your username and password the you choose.
  5. Fill in the date of birth and email address to use.
  6. Click on the Sign Up option at the bottom of the form.
  7. The ability to shorten the registration steps by clicking on Connect with Facebook
  8. Check user emails, and wait for verification message.
  9. Click on Verify your account.
  10. A screen appears showing the most viewed videos.
  11. It is necessary to select a number of videos displayed before pressing the Next option.
  12. Move to the Next option.
  13. Start viewing high-visibility videos that may be of interest to the user.
  14. Click on the Done option on the top right of the screen.

How to use a Twitch account

After learning about what Twitch is and making an account with him, not after learning about how to use it,

and here are the options that allow the user to control what he will accomplish through this service, through:

Go to the username shown on the top right of the screen.

A drop-down menu appears with the following options:

Online, Invisible

It allows the user to determine whether or not it appears for other users.

Share My Activities: It is to allow others to see what the user is watching, games

he plays or even what he is currently listening to.

Dark Mode

Control the background of the screen. If this option is enabled, the wallpaper appears black,

and if not activated, it remains white.


This “channel” option comes to show all the details of the activities and videos that the user has done through his channel, from follow-ups, videos, groups, events, etc.,

as the right of the screen shows the option of (Chat ).

Video Producer:

When this option is pressed, the site automatically moves to another page,

through which it appears that the videos can be uploaded

and produced in a professional manner to be shared with other users,

it is only necessary to click on the download icon in the middle of the page (Drag and Drop or Select Files to Upload).


This option represents the video dashboard, whether created in advance

or during its production, the title, tags, and other visible features can be changed.


The Friends icon reveals the friends who are physically located on the user’s page and friend requests.


Payment Methods: Show the payment methods on

which the user depends on purchasing service offers such as increasing the speed in the offer,

broadcasting and other services paid for the purposes of making money from Twitch,

and the means are added by clicking on the Manage with Xsolla option,

Setting: The screen shows a large number of options the user actually needs to adjust his channel or profile.


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