delete your data automatically on Google
delete your data automatically on Google

Google – Users always complain of security concerns with the Internet and the largest network platform Google and its likes, there always seems to be a possibility of theft of the user’s private information and personal activity on the Internet.

All of this prompted Google to introduce a new feature in our browsing services, which is the automatic deletion feature.

What is the automatic deletion feature

In May, Google proposed a feature that allows users to restore their confidence in them and maintain full control over their activity within the Internet.

Where many people forget to permanently delete their data and activity in the search engine, and even if they have not forgotten, doing so over and over is tiring and exhausting, so it was convenient for the company to give us an advantage that it does so for us automatically.

It is worth noting that the new feature does not allow you to delete everything you are browsing immediately – its time to use hidden browsing windows

but it allows you to save all archiving records after a maximum period of 18 months or a minimum of 3 months.

When you delete all your activity and data records from your account,

the company’s services will not be able to choose ads that suit you or advise content that suits you.

How to delete your data automatically on the browser

Most of us are surfing the Internet via computers, so it is important that we start with detailed instructions on how to activate this feature on desktop browsers:

Go to the account

After opening the browser on the computer, click on the icon for your account in the left top corner,

or click on the dots arrayed in a square shape and then click on your Google account.

Go to the appropriate settings

In the first window that appears when opening your own account link, you will find a list of options in the middle of it (specifically the third option) you will find the data and personalization section that you have to go to.

Go to the Controls Manager

In the data and personalization window a long list of options will appear, you do not have to go down too much, rather go down a little until you reach the management of your activity controls written in blue line to take you to a new link.

Activity management

In the next window in front of you there are several sections that you can manage and enable automatic deletion in,

for example in the first section which is “activity on the web and in applications” below you will find an option to manage the activity,

click on it to see the emergence of the option to enable automatic deletion and then you can customize it according to what you like. 2

Automatic deletion on iOS

Many of us also use smartphones to browse and explore the internet, and for this we will start with iOS to have their method as follows:

Open the application from the phone.

Tap the gear icon from the side of the screen to access the settings.

Click on the activity controls.

Now that we have reached the same last step of the previous guide, you can activate the feature for the data section you want in the geo-location or activity on the web and in the applications and others,

where under each section you will find an option to manage the activity
And in the activity management,

you will be able to customize the automatic deletion feature as you like as it was shown with us in the past.

Auto delete on Android

The steps are not very different on Android, but it is okay to explain them in particular in their own little advice as follows:

Click on the main phone settings (you will find one of its own apps).
Go from there to Google account.
Enter your Google account settings.
Click on data and personalization.
Go to your location history or activity on the web and in apps and activate the feature from there with the same previous steps.


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