How to save your phone when falling into the water? – The smartphone is often wet during the winter season in particular because of rain or falling into a water pond,

As well as cases of spills on the liquid in the office or cafe,

for example. How can he be saved in such cases?

To deal with such situations,

 German technology magazine “t3n” explained that the user should immediately stop the device to prevent electrical faults,

with the need to remove the battery if possible.

The next step is to dry the smartphone,

by disassembling the body of the phone and removing the SIM and memory card,

Did he wrap the phone in a paper towel, How to save your phone when falling into the water?

 He then placed the phone for several days in a closed plastic bag with dry, uncooked rice, German Press Agency reported.

 And warned “t3n” from using a hairdryer, oven,

microwave or hot sunlight to dry the smartphone,

stressing the need to show the phone after that to the specialized technicians to take the necessary repair procedures.


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