HP E27d G4
HP E27d G4
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The HP E27d G4 has a very impressive design, and combines the broad functionality of a USB-C hub with a decent 1440p IPS board.

Fast Talk (HP E27d G4)

The HP E27d G4 Monitor features a 27-inch IPS display full of useful features, allowing you to have impressive accuracy thanks to its included production panel.

It has a QHD resolution of 2,560 x 1440 pixels and limited color coverage, but the limited colors are a major concern of professional content creators.

It also has full USB-C docking functions with support for 100W device charging, Ethernet routing, and Daisy sequence, all in addition to a built-in webcam with Windows Hello’s infrared facial recognition system.

The HP E27d Monitor G4 features a high-quality, thin stand that matches your home décor.

And the HP E27d G4 Monitor is priced at $ 479 in the US and £ 478 in the UK.

But if you have a slightly limited budget but are looking for features at the same time, then you have the Lenovo Q27H-10 monitor, as it offers most of the features in the HP E27d G4 for significantly less money.


  • Elegant design
  • A universal USB-C hub
  • Powerful productivity feature set


  • Limited color coverage
  • Expensive for the QHD model

Key Specifically

Panel size27-inch
Panel typeIPS
Resolution2,560 x 1,440
Pixel response5ms
Color coverage99% sRGB
Refresh rate60Hz
Vesa100mm x 100mm
InputsDisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, USB C with 100W charging

HP E27d G4: Thin Design with Great Features

The design of the HP E27d G4 is considered one of the latest designs by HP,

as it has clear edges and ultra-thin frames on three sides of the panel,

giving it a stylish and modern look, in addition to simplified details and a great feel.

The screen has a powerful feature set that starts with a 27-inch IPS panel,

plus there is a QHD element of 2,560 x 1440 pixels, known as 1440 pixels, so it’s normal not to have a 4K action.

However, it is possible that this will require most users to increase the Windows expansion feature slightly to achieve reasonable ergonomics and clarity.

Picture resolution and color coverage aren’t the best, and HP claims the E27d G4 is 99 percent good at its modest sRGB series.

Read Our Monitor Review:

There is a screen that has wonderful color accuracy

which is the Lenovo Q27H-10, you can look at it later. Generally speaking, HP claims the E27d G4 has a conventional SDR board with 300cd / m2 brightness, 1,000: 1 contrast, and 5ms response.

HP E27d G4 Ports
Image Credit: Amazon

One of the great things here is the presence of a USB-C hub, as it combines video connectivity, charging, and peripheral attachments in one cable, and this allows you to connect a laptop, drive the screen, and charge devices such as a mouse with one cable.

It also has charging support up to 100W, and a DisplayPort socket to enable chaining.

Thanks to the support for DisplayPort 1.4 alt within the USB-C interface,

in addition to the presence of a built-in Ethernet port, which can be forwarded again via the USB-C interface.

One of the things that I liked a lot, is the presence of a pop-up webcam with infrared face recognition,

along with support for Windows Hello and a fully adjustable stand with rotation in the vertical position, but there are no speakers, only a separate speaker.

HP E27d G4 Performance: Limited Support

As for the available performance, HP stated that the HP E27d G4 performance is average, as it has limited support, and there is no HDR support at all.

You will get the traditional IPS panel that is well calibrated with vibrant natural colors,

and which has no pressure marks in either white or black shades, but overall it looks stronger than the modest 300cd / m2.

The HP E27d G4 has good viewing angles as expected, although it might show a slight IPS glow from some points of view, the pixel response is not a particularly strong point.

The screen also has an OSD menu, which contains four complete levels of pixel doubling, and upon testing we found that it is difficult to distinguish between the first three, but the fastest significantly improves the response, but it also presents some very ugly overruns and shadows.

The OSD menu is completely devoid of presets for commonly used color spaces,

there is no Adobe RGB or DCI-P3, as we have said that it is not a screen designed to create professional content.

It has a QHD resolution instead of the original 4K resolution, which in turn results in a loss of detail and sharpness compared to a 4K screen of the same size.


Overall, the E27d G4 has a very attractive package, in terms of productivity

and usability, it delivers real results thanks to a full USB-C hub with 100 watt charging, daisy-chain display and networking support.

The HP E27d G4 also has a well designed screen and provides good SDR image quality even if the color coverage is relatively limited.

But it is more expensive, as you can get a very similar screen from other major brands that matches the HP E27d G4 at a lower price.

Where you can get a Lenovo Q27H-10 monitor for $ 200 / £ 200 less, this screen has almost all of the features.

Monitor Buying Link Price Store
HP E27d G4 Check Price $492.99 Amazon
Live Streaming Monitor Check Price $601,37 Cliconstore
Monitor Small Full Hd Check Price $166,21 Cliconstore


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