Huawei is preparing to launch a special version of the P30 Pro
Huawei is preparing to launch a special version of the P30 Pro

Huawei-Monitoring in one of Huawei’s promotional offers is a special version of the P30 Pro phone,

which comes with different specifications from the main version in random memory and storage,

expectations indicate that this version is launched with Google services as well.

The Huawei branch in Germany started a new promotional campaign for the P30 series,

as the Chinese giant presented the MediaPad T3 10 tablet with a portfolio in a free offer when purchasing a P30 Lite, or the special version of the P30 Lite,

P30, or P30 Pro, as well as The promotional campaign,

features a special version of the Huawei.

special version of the P30 Pro has been monitored several times in the terms

conditions for the promotional advertisement,

storage capacity, while other specifications do not differ from the main version,

where Google services are available for this version as well.

special version


The promotional page indicates that the special edition of the P30 Pro will be available for pre-order on May 15th,

It has become clear in the last few years that Huawei does not aspire to be just a company that merely launches traditional phones every year

does not make a real change, as it strives to ascend the summit by providing continuous developments from year to year,

whether those developments are revolutionary and we see for the first time

as what happened with the Huawei P20 Pro phone last year or even through developments on previous work like what we will see today with the Huawei P30 Pro phone.

Google services


 No one can deny that the Huawei P20 Pro phone

that was launched the previous year has given the company a huge push forward through the technologies

that we were seeing for the first time in smart phones such as Night Mode in cameras,

which allows you to take pictures in the dark ankle and adjust images in a way My luck was through artificial intelligence,

but this year’s phone will not be as revolutionary as it was the previous year’s phone,

it is always difficult to provide comprehensive pivotal development at a continuous pace .. but continuity

development improvements to previous businesses are what drives companies forward especially in this changing market that is not merciful

Huawei built on what is provided in its previous phones,

preceding Apple in terms of market share size and the latest of these developments is what we will see with the latest P30 Pro phone from the leading P category.

The design of the P30 Pro

Phone this year from the category P does not provide a fundamental change in terms of design on the phone of the previous year Huawei P20 Pro with its full glass design from the front and back with a metal frame

but with the P30 Pro phone the frame comes with a glossy coating such as the one

that we saw with the iPhone X phones P30 Pro

It comes in the same colors that we were dazzled by the previous year with its wonderful shape

that we saw for the first time in a smartphone with the previous phone,

The amazing colors that Huawei introduced to the world of smartphones for the first time in the previous year are back again with the phone

Which comes in four brain colors This year’s roll is Amber Sunrise

  • Black
  • Aurora
  • Breathing Crystal and the last color is the version we have to review

P30 Pro with Google services

there is no need to talk about the beauty of those colors

make your phone a masterpiece instead of the dull colors

The phone addresses some of the shortcomings that were present in the previous version by introducing some minor adjustments in this copy the most important of these modifications is to shorten the front chin to the phone significantly by removing the fingerprint sensor

that was present at the bottom edge of the phone to be at the bottom of the screen while reducing the size The edges of the ceiling

Another slight change in the phone is the presence of the lower and upper edges in a beveled manner to be on one straight rather than having a circular shape in the previous version of the phone.


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