Huawei Mate V Clamshell phone

Huawei Mate V-preparing to launch its first release of the clamshell design foldable phones, known as the Mate V phone,

today I spotted the first three-dimensional images that illustrate the design of this version.

After previous leaks revealed Huawei’s plans to launch a phone

with a clamshell design that mimics the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip phone,

the first pictures came today to provide more details about Huawei’s vision in the design of this category of phones.

screenHuawei Mate V

The secondary external screen appears in the design of the Mate V phone in larger size compared to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip,

and the Huawei version also includes quad settings in the rear camera compared to the Samsung phone that came with a dual rear camera.

The design of the main screen also differs between the Mate V phone and the Samsung version,

as the Galaxy Z Flip comes with a hole in the screen for the front camera, while the front camera in the Mate V phone

from Huawei comes in a large size bump in the screen.

Expectations indicate that Huawei is preparing for the official announcement of its folding clamshell phone in the fall of this year,


the LetsGoDigital website confirmed that Huawei has applied for registration of intellectual property rights in the EUIPO

for the brand “Mate V” for its upcoming phone, and the phone has received a rating Class 9,

so we keep an eye out for more details about the phone in new leaks or via Huawei when the official announcement.

Huawei Mate V (it is the expected name of the smartphone) is conceptually similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, but it also has its own differences.

Firstly, the external screen is clearly larger, and secondly, a camera with four sensors will clearly be better than the dual-camera Galaxy Z Flip.

there are noticeable differences in the part of the screen: if the Galaxy Z Flip uses an Infinity-O display with an embedded front camera,

then the front camera in the Mate V is located in a large notch.


Chinese manufacturing giant, Huawei, is trying hard to fix its issues with the American government. Since the beginning of last year, all Huawei smartphones does not use Google Mobile Services.

This makes its phones less attractive outside China. However, overall, the company is doing well, even better in the smartphone market.

Huawei toppled Samsung to become the largest smartphone manufacturer in April and May this year. Furthermore, its smartphone sales for 2019 exceed 240 million units


According to LetsGoDigital, Huawei applied to the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) for the “Mate V” trademark. The trademark is classified in category 9, and its description includes smartphones, mobile phones.

Losing not just access to Google Play Store

but even semiconductors for its Kirin processors will be a huge blow to Huawei’s plans for 2020 and beyond. It could set it back by a few months

phone models

it might be forced to cut down on unnecessary phone models or reduce its orders even for major ones like the upcoming Mate 40 series.

At the same time, launching another foldable phone would send a strong message that the company can not only innovate but also deliver despite all the odds.


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