Huawei Patents a Foldable Clamshell Phone design

Huawei-Samsung and Motorola launched the premium versions of the foldable clamshell design in the Galaxy Z Flip and Razr 2019,

and today a patent for Huawei for a phone of the same class appears.

It has spotted the patented invention of Huawei in the design of foldable shell phones at CNIPA in China,

where it registered a patent that may move to the implementation phase soon or may not exceed sketches only.

The leaks of the patented Huawei clamshell phone reveals a distinctive design with a front camera in a large bump in the top frame of the phone,

which also includes a biometric sensor.

The right side of the Huawei clamshell phone also comes with the operation buttons and the volume control button

on the other hand the phone includes multiple settings for the back camera, which comes in the left side from the back,

and the flash also comes independently from the camera unit the background.

Huawei patents a foldable

The phone also includes a secondary screen to the bottom of the back camera, as the phone appears with a flat design when opening the screen,

with breaks in the middle to link the two sides of the screen, but the leaks did not provide more accurate details about the phone specifications,

so we look for new details about Huawei’s patent during the coming period.

why could this be a game-changer? Huawei

My guess is that if Huawei really does make a clamshell phone like this, that it will throw everything at it. It will have a solid build

(the Mate Xs is beautifully designed with strong build quality) and the latest processor, cameras, and so on.

So, it could really change how people feel about folding phones. The pocketability of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, for instance, is sensational.

If Huawei can sort issues such as the display itself

(there’s a curious flexible protective cover on the Z Flip and the join between the two halves is visible),

then it has a shot at creating a folding phone that’s popular and usable, instead of just eye-catching and expensive.

Of course, in the current situation, it’s unlikely to have Google Mobile Services on it,

but with each day, Huawei’s alternative app store gets more and more diverse.

The just-published patent dates from 2019, so it’s possible the real thing could be released this year. Maybe before the Mate 40 series expected in the Fall.

Industry experts

Industry experts believe that Huawei is indeed pursuing both clamshells and Galaxy Fold-style in-folding phones.

In fact, the Chinese company is expected to launch an aggressively priced foldable phone later this year.

It has also reportedly purchased ultra-thin glass, such as the one used on the Galaxy Z Flip, to use on its own foldable devices.

Meanwhile, folks over at LetsGoDigital recently came across a new Huawei trademark application mentioning the name “Mate V.”

It’s unclear if the name refers to a smartphone or some other device.

However, going by previous Huawei smartphone names such as the Mate X

the Mate S, it’s very much possible that the Mate V moniker is reserved for a high-end smartphone.

Does it belong to this patented clamshell phone or a Galaxy Fold-like in-folding handset? We’ll have to wait and watch.


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